Network2Work@PVCC Wins COABE National State Innovation of the Year Award

Charlottesville, VA – March 24, 2021 – Network2Work at Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC) has won the “State Innovation of the Year Award” presented by the Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE), a national organization dedicated to advancing the field of adult literacy. Each year, COABE highlights excellence in the field of adult education by providing competitive, national-level awards to encourage and promote best practices in the field through special funding provided by The Dollar General Literacy Foundation.
"The Network2Work@PVCC team is thrilled to win this prestigious national award for innovation. This is truly a community success, brought about primarily by the hard work of the job seekers themselves, made possible by the quality employers who hire them, and propelled by the social and material support supplied by family, friends and a network of community-based organizations and agencies," stated PVCC Dean of Community Self-Sufficiency Programs Ridge Schuyler.

In the PVCC region, 10,940 families, or 17 percent, do not make enough money to pay for the essentials of life—food, shelter, clothing, and utilities, and the added costs associated with childcare and transportation. The Network2Work@PVCC goal is to help these families become self-sufficient by identifying jobs within their reach and positioning them to secure and excel in those jobs.
Network2Work@PVCC matches quality job seekers to available jobs that pay a decent wage and lead to a career. Once an employers’ needs are specified, a network of community “Connectors” is mobilized to identify individuals who are a fit for the job. These Connectors are at the center of social networks in neighborhoods, schools, places of worship, and immigrant communities. They are trusted individuals to whom people turn for information and advice. Using award-winning technology, Network2Work connects job seekers directly to the training and resources they need to help them get and keep that chosen job—resources like core skills education offered by Thomas Jefferson Adult and Career Education at PVCC, technical training offered by PVCC, and affordable childcare, reliable transportation, legal assistance, health care and more.   

To date, 85 percent of job seekers completing the Network2Work program have found jobs and 59 percent of those jobs pay more than $25,000 annually. Single moms represent 40 percent of participants. The program serves the entire PVCC service region, which includes the city of Charlottesville and the counties of Albemarle, Buckingham, Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa, and Nelson. Learn more about Network2Work@PVCC at

While the initial Network2Work program started in Charlottesville, Governor Ralph Northam has committed $1.7 million to a statewide initiative over the next two years, with Ridge Schuyler advising the municipalities.

About the Coalition on Adult Basic Education
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