Seven PVCC graduates accepted at University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce

Seven Piedmont Virginia Community College graduates were recently accepted at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. Students included business administration majors Kane Springer, of Barboursville; Jennifer Hawley, Charles Long, and Serena Meintzschel, of Charlottesville; Andrew Shannon, of Faber; and Taylor Seibert, of Keswick; and general studies major Clarissa Ribeiro Bittes, of Brasilia, Brazil.

UVA’s McIntire School of Commerce is considered one of the nation's finest business schools and has been ranked as the number three business school in the country by U.S. News & World Report. The school offers both graduate and undergraduate programs of study in areas such as finance, accounting, marketing, management and information technology.

According to Mahmood Moghimzadeh, PVCC professor of economics, the McIntire School received over 500 transfer applications from students across the country this year and accepted approximately 27 for admission. Seven of those students came from PVCC.

“We’re extremely proud of these students,” said Moghimzadeh. “It’s always exciting when our students are accepted into McIntire but to have so many accepted in a single year is truly an accomplishment. It speaks to the value of PVCC’s programs and the dedication and hard work of our students.”

Of the seven PVCC students accepted, all were active members of the PVCC Investment Club, a student-run organization that is dedicated to educating and improving members’ knowledge of investing in the financial market as well as fostering a deeper understanding of the business community. Many of the students served in leadership roles during the 2017-2018 academic year with Andrew Shannon serving as president, Kane Springer serving as vice president and Clarissa Ribeiro Bittes serving as vice president of operations. All seven graduated from PVCC in May 2018.

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