Investment Club


To educate and improve our members' knowledge of investing in the financial market as well as foster a deeper understanding of business.


  • "Market Watch"- A virtual reality investment game (highest two earners each month win a cash prize!)
  • Stock and bonds fundamental and technical analysis
  • Trip to New York City to meet professionals in the area
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Trip to the Federal Reserve Bank in Richmond
  • Analysis of investment vehicles (using Value Line)

Facebook Page: @pvccinvestment

Staff Advisor:
Mahmood Moghimzadeh

Our 2017-2018 Committee:

Andrew Shannon -President

Kane Springer - Vice-President

Connor Pearson - Vice-President of Communications

Clarissa Ribeiro Bittes - Vice-President of Marketing

Tanner Elphee Chief Technical Analyst

Jim Zieleman - Student Government Association Representative and Vice-President of Finance

Meetings for Fall 2017:

Every other Tuesday, from 3:30-4:30, in room K207.