IT Industry Certifications

PVCC encourages you to become certified in your chosen profession and can advise you about the process. Certifications are proof of your expertise, attest to your credibility and differentiate you. Moreover, certifications are well known throughout industry, which may result in compensation increases and/or professional advancement, so check out the information below and contact the designated PVCC faculty for additional information.

Exams *Exam Preparation Courses
Course Number - Course Description
Faculty Contact
MCAS - Microsoft
Office 2013 Suite
ITE 215 - Advanced Computer Applications Mike Ferero
CompTIA Network + ITN 101 -Network Concepts Mike Ferero
CompTIA Security + ITN 260 - Network Security Basics Mike Ferero
CompTIA Linux + ITN 170 - Linux System Administration Mike Ferero
Cisco CCNA ITN 151 - Routing and Switching Mike Ferero
CompTIA A+ Certification ETR 149 - PC Repair Mark Fitzgerald
CompTIA A+ Certification ITN 106 - Microcomputer Operating Systems Mike Ferero

MCAS - Microsoft Certified Application Specialist.

* Some Exam Preparation Courses have prerequisites. For additional information please contact the Business, Mathematics & Technologies Division at or call the Division office at 434.961.5429.