Information Technology Committee

The purpose of the Information Technology Committee is:

  1. Works in conjunction with and advises the Chief Information Officer, who is ex-officio and the Coordinator of Computing Services.
  2. Makes recommendations to the Senate regarding policies and procedures related to computing and other technology services at the College.
  3. Assists the CIO and the Coordinator of Computing Services in implementing the College's strategic technology plan and its annual goals relating to information technology.


  • 3 teaching faculty (1 from each division)
  • 2 administrators from Instruction and Student Services
  • Coordinator of Computing Services
  • 1 representative from Library
  • 1 representative from Admission and Records
  • 1 representative from Business Office
  • 2 representatives from classified staff
  • Chief Information Officer, ex-officio
  • (Chair and Secretary elected from membership)

IT Committee Meeting Minutes 2015-2016 Academic Year
December, 2015

IT Committee Minutes Archives