Hope Club

Hope Club at PVCC

We are Hope at Piedmont, an outreach-based club, and our mission is to provide knowledge and support to those facing pregnancy, stand against sexual violence by holding Self Defense Classes, train up students to be Peer-Advocates, and cultivate a community on campus that actively lifts-up and provides hope to those in crisis. We look forward to partnering with our fellow group at UVA called Hope on Grounds to do outreach, have fun events and host speakers throughout the semester.

We know many of our classmates are not familiar with local places that can help, like the Pregnancy Centers. We know that students can feel trapped when an unexpected situation like pregnancy or a sexual assault happens; we want to show them there is hope and options just outside of the classroom. Whether you’re facing pregnancy, sexual assault, or in need of support--Hope is here for you!

For more information about our meeting times or upcoming events email us at: HopeAtPiedmont@gmail.com