Graduation Success

Graduation success is measured by degree completion by group (also known as a cohort) and the number of awards earned annually from PVCC.

Number of Awards Earned Annually from PVCC

Goal: PVCC will increase the number of awards earned annually compared to the previous year.


Conclusion: For five consecutive years, PVCC has increased the number of awards earned annually.


Degree Completion by Cohort

Goal : The average 150% time graduate rate nationally for all 2-year public colleges in the United States was 22% in 2013.  Therefore, PVCC aims to graduate 22% of first-time, full-time, program enrolled students within three years of first enrollment.


Conclusion: For the most recent cohort available, 2014 first time, full time, program placed students, the graduation rate was 31%.

**Data on State and National Statistics from the Chronicle of Higher Education,