Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between credit and noncredit classes?

Credit classes are classes that you should take if you want to:

  1. Complete your associate degree then transfer to a four-year school to finish your bachelor’s degree.
  2. Earn an associate degree, certificate or career studies certificate that will give you marketable credentials to help you enter an occupational or technical job immediately after graduation.
  3. Change careers and want credentials in your new profession.

Workforce Services (noncredit) classes are classes you should take if you want to:

  1. Upgrade skills in your current job in a short period of time.
  2. Take continuing education classes to advance your chosen profession or field.
  3. Take personal enrichment classes for the joy of learning.
  4. Take classes at your own pace.

What is a credit hour?

 A PVCC credit is equivalent to one collegiate semester hour credit. Usually one credit for a course is given for approximately three hours of study weekly by each student as follows:

• One hour of lecture plus an average of two hours of out-of-class study;

• Two hours of laboratory plus an average of one hour of out-of-class study;

• Three hours of laboratory with no regular out-of-class assignments; or

• Fixed credit and variable hours with course objectives assigned to each developmental course (courses numbered 1-9).

Who is my academic advisor?

PVCC does not assign academic advisors to individual students.  For academic advising, simply stop by or contact PVCC’s Admissions and Advising Center in the Main Building, room M144, to meet with an advisor on an appointment or walk-in basis.  Call the Center at 434.961.6581 or 434.961.5264. All of our academic advisors are trained in providing advising assistance across all PVCC degree and certificate programs.

Where do I find out information about student resources?

See the Student Services section of our Web site. Also, the Admissions and Advising Center located in the Main Building, room M144, is your “go-to” place while enrolled at PVCC.  Staff there can apprise you about student services and resources available to help you succeed while enrolled at the College. You can make an appointment or simply walk in for assistance.  Call 434.961.6551 or email  Center hours are posted here.

When should I send PVCC my high school transcripts?

Recent high school graduates are encouraged to submit their high school transcripts to the Admissions & Advising Center prior to enrolling in classes, as it may exempt them from placement testing in English and/or math. You can find more information on the High School Steps to Enrollment and the Measures for English and Math Placement

If you are more than 5 years out of high school or have previously completed college-level English and/or math at another college, then you do not need to submit your high school transcript.

Do you have services for students with disabilities?

Yes, we do. PVCC is dedicated to the belief that students with disabilities should have equal opportunity to develop and extend their skills and knowledge.

  • PVCC strives to:
    • Maintain a barrier-free environment.
    • Provide appropriate support services necessary to access our educational programs.
    • Provide referral services if you need updated educational testing.
  • We have a dedicated Disability Services Counselor in PVCC’s Admissions and Advising Center.  Make an appointment by calling 434.961.5281 or emailing
  • PVCC is a Virginia Relay partner. 
  • PVCC complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

How do I get my international transcript evaluated?

Have your international transcript(s) evaluated by a professional organization or agency that is a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluators or is approved by the Virginia Department of Education. The fee for this evaluation and the time required for completion of the evaluation varies with each agency and is the responsibility of the student. The student must meet all college residency requirements to receive an academic credential. 

Request a course-by-course evaluation.  Document-by-document evaluations will NOT be accepted by PVCC for transfer credit.

Instruct the evaluation agency to mail an official report directly to:

Piedmont Virginia Community College
501 College Drive
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Suggested Course Evaluation Agencies

Global Credentials Evaluators
P.O. Box 36 7211
28 Westhampton Way
Richmond, VA 23713
Telephone: 804-617-2629
Fax: 512-528-9293
Web address:

SpanTran Educational Services
Regency Square Blvd., Suite 205
Houston, TX 77036
Telephone: 713-266-8805 Fax: 713-789-6022
Web Address:

World Education Services
P.O. Box 5087
Bowling Green
New York, NY 10274
Telephone: 212-966-6311
Fax: 212-739-6120

Station International Education Research Foundation
Credentials Evaluation Service
P.O. Box 3665
Culver City, CA 90231
Telephone: 310-258-9451 Fax: 310-342-7086
Web Address:

What is required when sending a transcript to PVCC for admission to the College?

To receive credit for previously completed college courses, send your academic transcripts* and a completed Transcript Evaluation Request Form to:

Piedmont Virginia Community College
Admissions and Records
501 College Drive
Charlottesville, VA 22902-7589

*Send an official transcript if your previous college coursework was obtained outside the Virginia Community College System.

What is MyPVCC and why do I need it?

MyPVCC is a gateway to these important online services that you’ll need as a PVCC student:

  • Blackboard (for doing your coursework, seeing grades, communicating with your instructor, etc.)
  • Student Information System (the SIS – through which you register for classes, make credit/debit card payments for tuition and fees, track progress toward your degree or certificate, view your financial aid account, view transcripts, keep your address and phone number updated, etc.)
  • Student email (a Gmail account powered by Google) through which you’ll receive official communications from your instructor and the College administration.

To access MyPVCC:  Click on the MyPVCC icon (the gold ribbon at top right of any PVCC Web page), then log in with the unique username and password that you received when you applied to the College. After logging in, you’ll see the menu selection for Blackboard, VCCS Student Information System (SIS) and Gmail. 

What is Blackboard and how do I use it?

The Blackboard Learning System is a web-based course management system used by the Virginia Community College System. Blackboard provides a convenient method for students to access course materials and communicate with the class instructor. For more information, see Blackboard.

How do I find out my student ID number (EmplID) and username?

When you complete the online application to PVCC, you receive your Student ID (also referred to as your EmplID) and username. If you have forgotten these, contact PVCC’s IT Support Services at 434.961.5261 or, or contact the Admissions and Advising Center for assistance.

How do I access the PVCC College Catalog?

How do I change my class schedule? How do I add/drop/swap classes?

The instructions for doing this are provided in the MyPVCC instructional brochure. Follow the instructions shown under the following categories:

  • To Access MyPVCC SIS (If you need to look up your username and set your password, follow the instructions under To Change/Reset Your Password.)
  • Add Classes
  • Drop Classes
  • Swap Classes

How do I find out my grades?

Go to the online MyPVCC instructional brochure and follow the instructions under “View My Grades”.

What courses do I need to take in order to graduate?

Required courses for your program of study are listed on the program Web page of the particular associate degree, career studies certificate or certificate in which you enrolled.  You also can find the courses for your program of study listed in PVCC’s College Catalog. An advisor in the Admissions and Advising Center can inform you of the courses that you need to take in order to graduate. We highly recommend that you confer with an advisor throughout your enrollment at PVCC, at least once each semester, to ensure that you’re on track with the proper courses to graduate. You can make an appointment or walk in for advising.

Are online classes harder than face-to-face classes?

The only difference is the environment in which the course material is delivered. Once you understand how to navigate the Blackboard environment, the rest is just a matter of time management. The best way to approach an online course is to schedule time like you would a face-to-face course. If you schedule several hours throughout the week dedicated to completing assignments for your online courses, you’ll find that the work is done in a timely manner without becoming overwhelming. For more information, see Blackboard.

What if I need to withdraw from PVCC?

If you feel that you cannot finish a class (or classes) in any given semester, it is important that you officially withdraw from the class (or classes) by the withdraw deadline.  (See the Academic Calendar for the “Last day to withdraw without grade penalty”.)  If you stop attending the class without officially withdrawing, this could result in a grade of “F” on your record. To officially withdraw from a class, go to the online MyPVCC instructional brochure and follow the instructions under “Drop Classes”.  Withdrawing from a class results in a grade of “W” (no grade penalty towards your cumulative GPA), but you will not receive a tuition refund.  If you are receiving financial aid to pay for classes, check with the Financial Aid Office in Room M136 in the Main Building BEFORE withdrawing from classes to find out how this may impact your financial aid.

What is my transfer timeline?

Summer before PVCC:
oApply for financial aid (FAFSA) at
oAttend SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration) event
Semester 1: Fall
oMeet with your Advisor for a proactive advising appointment to plan out your coursework 
oResearch the application requirements of your prospective transfer schools
oSet a graduation date goal
oBegin thinking about a major. If you're unsure, make an appointment with Career Services. 
 To schedule an appointment, visit
oRegister for spring classes in the last week of October
Semester 2: Spring
oApply for scholarships by Februrary 1st at
oSelect a major and meet with a Transfer Advisor to discuss transfer school options
 and create an academic plan for next year 
oIf you are still unsure about your major, make an appointment with Career Services
oRegister for summer (if needed) and fall classes in the last week of March
oTake a class or two to stay on track for your associate's degree (optional)
oGet an internship in a field that interests you (optional)
Semester 3: Fall 
oChoose at least three transfer schools to apply for transfer
oResearch application deadlines and mark them on your calendar
oMeet with a Transfer Advisor to evaluate your transfer school options
oMeet with an Academic Advisor for a degree check for graduation
oRegister for spring classes in the last week of October 
Winter Break
oBegin working on your transfer applications (including the essays)
oResearch scholarship opportunities at your transfer destination(s)
Semester 4: Spring
o(Jan-Feb) Compete the FAFSA and send the results to your prospective transfer schools
oComplete transfer admissions application(s) by the posted deadline(s)
oApply to graduate from PVCC by March 15th 
oReview admissions decisions
oSelect a school and transfer!
oSend final PVCC transcript to your new school after you graduate from PVCC

How many credits do I have to take to be eligible for financial aid?

You may take as little as one credit hour per semester toward a program. If you would like to receive financial aid assistance, classes need to be a part of an approved degree or certificate program. If you would like to borrow a student loan you will need to register and maintain six credit hours throughout the semester.

1 - 5 credits is less than half-time enrollment.
6 - 8 credits is half-time enrollment.
9 -11 credits is three-quarter time enrollment.
12+ credits is full-time enrollment.

How do I apply for financial aid and when is the deadline?

Are there any scholarships available for new or current students?

Yes! The PVCC Educational Foundation awards thousands of dollars in scholarships every year to PVCC students who apply and qualify. Scholarship applications open the first week of January at and the spring deadline for applying depends upon whether you are a graduating high school senior or an adult. Awards are made for the upcoming academic year. Other types of scholarships may be available, too, which you can find here.

How do I establish Virginia Residency (Domicile)?

As required by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia guidelines, you must establish by clear and convincing evidence that you were domiciled in Virginia (were a resident of the state) for a period of at least one year immediately prior to the first day of the enrollment semester/term. The following are used as clear and convincing evidence to determine your domicile (residency) status:

  • Continuous residence in Virginia
  • State income tax payment
  • Driver's License or Identification Card
  • Motor vehicle registration
  • Voter registration
  • Military records
  • Additional information if required or requested

If I am below the age of 24, is my residency classification different?

If you are legally and financially dependent on your parents, a legal guardian or spouse, your eligibility for in-state tuition is based on their domicile (residency). You will be classified as a dependent student if you are under age 24 on the first day of classes unless you are:

  • Married
  • A veteran or active-duty member of the U. S. armed forces
  • In graduate school
  • A ward of the court or were a ward of the court until age 18
  • Have no adoptive or legal guardian when both parents are deceased
  • Have legal dependents other than a spouse

If you are under the age of 24 and do not meet any of the independent student conditions noted above, you are considered dependent and must demonstrate through clear and convincing evidence that you are independent. Your parents will need to provide documentation that they do not claim you as a dependent on their federal or state income tax return and have ceased to provide you with substantial financial support.

How is my domicile determined if I am married?

If you are married, you may establish domicile (residency) like any other student. Your domicile is not automatically altered by marriage; however, if you receive substantial financial support from your spouse, you may claim domicile through that spouse. In such cases, PVCC will look at your spouse's domicile to determine if you are eligible for in-state tuition.

How is my domicile determined if I am active duty military or a military dependent?

The domicile (residency) guidelines issued by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) provide that all dependents of active duty military personnel assigned to a permanent duty station in Virginia and who reside in Virginia shall be deemed to be domiciled in Virginia for the purpose of eligibility for in-state tuition. Due to frequent changes to military policies, please contact the Admissions & Advising Center for additional information.

How do I request a review or appeal for an out-of-state tuition classification?

If you are a new student at PVCC this semester or are returning after an absence of at least one year and you have been classified as out-of-state for tuition purposes, you may request a review of the initial determination without submitting a full appeal. If you have already registered, be sure to submit the review request no later than one week before the tuition payment deadline. Please contact PVCC's Admissions & Advising Center (room M144 in Main Building) at 434.961.6581 to discuss your situation and documents required. You will be notified of a decision and if you desire to appeal your tuition status, you may do so until the day before the first official day of the term.

If requesting an appeal after being denied after the review process, in addition to the Application for Virginia In-State Tuition Rates you must also provide supporting documentation and a letter addressed to PVCC's Dean of Student Services, 501 College Drive, Charlottesville, VA 22902. You may mail it or deliver the letter in person to the Admissions & Advising Center (room M144 in PVCC's Main Building). Evaluation of the appeal will be completed by the first day of classes for each enrollment term. Retroactive domicile status cannot be granted. Written notification of the college decision will be mailed within fifteen (15) calendar days of receipt of the completed application. If you are denied in-state tuition status, you will be notified of the reasons and be given information on how to either file a request for reconsideration of the decision or how to appeal the decision further.

When are PVCC's holiday breaks?

Where do I get my PVCC student ID card?

Get your photo ID from PVCC’s Department of Public Safety & Campus Police in the Main Building (room M218 near the Jessup Library). More details about the ID can be found here.

Where do I get a parking decal for the main campus?

Free decals are available in the Main Building from the Department of Public Safety & Campus Police (room M218 near the Jessup Library), Cashier’s Office (room M237 near the north entrance) or from the receptionist at the south entrance.

Is the library, testing center, cafeteria, cashier open in the evening and/on weekends?

Some PVCC student services are open on selected evenings and weekends. Hours can be found here.

Where can I study with a group of students where we can talk?

Group study rooms are available in the Jessup Library of the Main Building. Visit the Jessup Library Web page to sign up to use them, or you may ask a librarian.

Where can students go to use a computer and get access to the Internet?

See the IT Support Services Web page for the location of computer labs on the main campus. Also, wireless Internet access is available in all buildings on the main campus, in the PVCC Jefferson School Center and in the PVCC Eugene Giuseppe Center. If you have questions or need help, contact the IT Services Desk at 434.961.5261 or

Where can I get copies or photocopies made, and how much does it cost?

Main Campus:  Black and white and color copiers are available in the Jessup Library in the Main Building and the Computer Lab in the Technology Wing, room M832. There is a minimal cost for making copies.
PVCC Eugene Giuseppe Center: Black and white copies are available for a minimal cost at the front desk.
PVCC Jefferson School Center:  Black and white copies are available in the PVCC Office, room J128, for a minimal cost.

Where are students allowed to park their vehicles on PVCC’s main campus?

Refer to this map that shows student parking lots, and you must display a PVCC parking decal on your vehicle and park only in student parking areas or you’ll receive a ticket.

Where do I catch a local bus to PVCC’s main campus and to the PVCC Jefferson School Center?

Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT) provides bus service to these locations. See specific times here. You may also find transit information on the CAT Web site. Bus ticket books may be purchased in PVCC’s Cashier’s Office in the Main Building (room M237 near the north entrance).

Where do I park at the PVCC Eugene Giuseppe Center in Greene County?

Free parking is behind the Center. You do not need a parking decal.

Where do I park at the PVCC Jefferson School Center in downtown Charlottesville?

Free parking is available in the deck adjacent to the Center. You do not need a parking decal.

Where can I buy food at PVCC?

Main Campus: Perk Up Café & Coffee Bar is located at the south entrance to the main building. See Hours of Operation. Vending machines are located in all buildings. Perk Up offers coffee, tea, fruit and light snacks at the west entrance of the Main Building, across from the Jessup Library.
PVCC Eugene Giuseppe Center: Vending machines with light snacks are located at the Center.
PVCC Jefferson School Center: Several eateries are within walking distance.

Where is lost and found at PVCC?

Main Campus: Turn in found items or claim lost ones at the Department of Public Safety & Campus Police, Main Building, room M218 (near the Jessup Library), or call 434.961.5319 or 434.961.6362.
PVCC Eugene Giuseppe Center: Contact PVCC staff at the entrance to the Center or call 434.990.1131.
PVCC Jefferson School Center:  Contact PVCC staff at the office in room J128, or call 434.961.5255.

Where is a cash machine on campus?

There is a Wells Fargo ATM cash machine on the main campus at the south entrance of the Main Building.