Reconstructed: The Rebuilding of African-American Communities Through Faith and Education

A small white church with arched windows and doorway sits beneath bare winter trees and a blue sky with clouds
Sunday, Feb. 19, 2023, 3 p.m.
Free Admission
General Admission

Musician, educator and filmmaker Horace Scruggs follows up on his Saturday, Feb. 18 concert with a free screening of his latest documentary. Scruggs digs deep into local history, connecting with church members and community leaders to uncover and document the role of Fluvanna County's churches in providing for a newly emancipated population after the Civil War. Enjoy the trailer here.
The film explores the ten distinct yet overlapping African-American Communities in Fluvanna County, all of which are anchored by Baptist churches that were founded during America’s reconstruction period. As these sacred places provided refuge, they also became the gate keepers of African-American culture.  
The film also offers insight into the history of education in the region, shares stories and experiences of attendees of the schools, shows the value placed on education in the Black community and highlights the role of the Black church in establishing the Washington-Rosenwald schools, which educated African-American students in Fluvanna and elsewhere from 1921 to 1958.

Main Stage Theatre, V. Earl Dickinson Building

"Reconstructed: The Rebuilding of African-American Communities Through Faith and Education" was sponsored by The Fluvanna Arts Council and funded by a grant from Virginia Humanities. Media support provided by CBS19 News.

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