PVCC Gallery: Trish Crowe, The Firnew Farm Artists Circle & Sherice Paige

Alizarin Rooster, detail, Trish Crowe
Feb. 12-April 6

North Gallery: 

Trish Crowe, Saints and Angels

South Gallery: 

The Firnew Farm Artists Circle

KAG GALLERY: Sherice Paige

image: Alizarin Rooster, detail, Trish Crowe

Opening Reception Friday, Feb. 12, 5-7 p.m.

The North Gallery features “Saints and Angels,” a series of watercolor paintings by Trish Crowe. Inspired by the terrain that surrounds her Madison County home, Crowe’s work depicts fields, farms and the animals within. Rendered with her signature strong lines and vibrant colors, the works evoke the energy and beauty of nature.
Crowe brings another project, the “Firnew Farm Artists’ Circle,” to show in the South Gallery. The circle is a group of 35 artists who work in a variety of artistic mediums and also find inspiration in the Virginia countryside and culture. Crowe founded the group as a way for fellow artists to come together to make, show and talk about art. Over the past 12 years, the group’s mission has expanded to include providing scholarships and mentoring to area art students.
The Firnew Farm Artists Circle includes works by Leslie Barham, John Berry, Maria Festa Carter, Anne Dean, Frances Kloker Lacy, Sue Linthicum, Lou Messa, Jon Perry, Lis Piatt, Carole Pivarnik, Chee Kludt Ricketts, Janice Dunn Rosenberg, Mack Rowe, Bertha Scholten, Patricia Temples, Tina Wade, Fran Wohlfelder, Richard Wyvill, Richard Young and Sharon Zarambo.
The KAG Gallery, located on the second floor of the Dickinson Building, will feature the black and white photography of PVCC staff member and artist Sherice Paige in an exhibit entitled, “Sherice's Pieces.” The photographs explore the intersection of the natural and man-made world.