Name Department Title Phone Building Office
Cave, Chris Department of Public Safety & Campus Police Security Officer 434.981.6362 Main Building M218
Cersley, Tracy Business Office Business Manager 434.961.5211 Main Building M234
Chilton, Erin Marketing & Media Relations Graphic Design Specialist 434.961.6512 Main Building M300
Clark, Ethan Health & Life Sciences Program Director/EMS 434.961.5438 Keats Science Building K123A
Clark, Melinda Health & Life Sciences Assistant Professor of Biology 434.961.5266 Keats Science Building K230
Clarkson, Tom Humanities, Fine Arts & Social Sciences Professor of Art 434.961.5219 Dickinson Building D116
Claxton, Rebecca Business, Mathematics & Technologies Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics 434.961.5429 Main Building M270
Climer, Lisa TJACE @PVCC PluggedIn Coordinator 434.245.2824 IX Art Building
Coffey, Carol TJACE @PVCC Director, TJACE at PVCC 434.961.5468 IX Art Building
Collins, Lorraine Health & Life Sciences Associate Professor of Nursing 434.961.5383 Keats Science Building K133
Copeland, Benjamin Finance & Administrative Services Vice President of Financial and Administrative Services 434.961.5207 Main Building M241
Coulibaly, Aminata Health & Life Sciences Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology 434.961.5431
Cowherd, Matthew Health & Life Sciences Adjunct EMS Clinical Instructor
Critzer, Nykki Business Office Accountant 434.961.5209 Main Building M234
Cross, Stephen Health & Life Sciences Adjunct Instructor of Geology
Daniel, Angela Humanities, Fine Arts & Social Sciences Adjunct Assistant Professor of Religion
Dass, Wendi Business, Mathematics & Technologies Professor of Mathematics 434.961.6592 Main Building M166
Davis, Cherrelle Marketing & Media Relations Social Media and Marketing Specialist 434.961.5202 Main Building M302
Davis, Gigi Career Services Office Job & Internship Coordinator 434.961.5336 Main Building M129
Davis, Ronnie Business, Mathematics & Technologies Adjunct Instructor of Economics 434.961.5429
Day, Melody Humanities, Fine Arts & Social Sciences Adjunct Instructor of Music 434.906.3919 Dickinson Building
Decker, Kit Humanities, Fine Arts & Social Sciences Chair of Humanities & Social Sciences / Professor of Spanish 434.961.5373 Dickinson Building D209
Detert, Natalie TJACE @PVCC Instructor 434.961.5461 IX Art Building
Dick, Jennifer Admissions & Advising Center Administrative Assistant 434.961.6581 Main Building M144
Dickerson, Sherry Learning Center Proctor 434.961.5320 Main Building M607