Faculty Evaluations

Towards the end of every course, students are given an opportunity to provide anonymous feedback to the instructor and administration regarding the quality of the course and instruction by means of the CoursEval system. Students receive emails when course evaluations are available in the CoursEval system. A link to the course evaluations exist on the Blackboard PVCC tab. The link will automatically log students in to the CoursEval system and present the appropriate evaluations. Instructors also receive an email informing when course evaluations have been made available to students (usually after 80% of the course has been completed). Instructors are urged to encourage their students to complete the surveys and remind the students that surveys are completely anonymous. Instructors can offer extra credit for completing surveys and can request a list of students who have done so after the evaluation period has ended.

Students have up to the last day of regular classes to complete the evaluation. Students will receive periodic reminder emails regarding uncompleted evaluations up to the last day of class.

Instructors will be given access to their course evaluations only after all course grades have been submitted. Instructors use the same link in Blackboard as the students do to view their evaluations. The CoursEval system also allows instructors to view all their evaluations from previous semesters.



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