Fall Classes Start August 24, 2020

Fall 2020 Credit Class Schedule
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Paramount to your success is your learning experience. PVCC is a leader at delivering quality education that engages and challenges students. PVCC provides the opportunities and access necessary to help you succeed. 

Earn your degree, certificate or next credential however it works best for your life. We understand that times are different and everyone's lifestyle is too. That's why we leave how you choose to learn up to you.  

For the fall semester, PVCC will be offering courses in three formats.  

Online Anytime classes give you the flexibility of learning when it suits you. Students participate on their own schedule and complete coursework each week as assigned.  

Online Scheduled Time courses keep you connected to your instructors and classmates and engaged in real-time discussion and learning. Students are required to attend live class sessions delivered via Zoom, at a set time, on specific days.  These sessions are supplemented with coursework students complete each week as assigned.  

Hybrid classes include hands-on work in small groups with in-person meetings on campus, coupled with online coursework. Hybrid classes include classes in studio arts, lab sciences, health sciences, culinary arts, industrial electronics, and physical education.

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