Creating State of the Art Facilities

Advanced Technology and Student Success Center
PVCC Advanced Technology and Student Success Center (Construction began mid-2022)

Since opening in 1972, PVCC has grown from a one-building campus with enrollment of 682 students to a multi-location institution serving over 7,100 students. Pathways will fund the construction of a new state-of-the-art Advanced Technology and Student Success Center. The building will include facilities for rapidly growing technology programs aligned with high-demand occupations. Blended with a comprehensive one-stop center for student services, this space will become the heart of our campus. Just as important as the new construction will be the conversion of vacated space in the Main Building to upfit classrooms and labs with the latest technology and equipment, create new learning and study spaces, enhance academic support services, and expand the Jessup Library.

Your investment will lead to a better overall student experience, as well as increased collaboration and social engagement. Together these improvements represent a once in a generation opportunity to make a difference for all residents in our community.

Advanced Technology and Student Success Center

Advanced Technology and Student Success Center- Interior

Advanced Technology and Student Success Center- Exterior



Specifications: 45,000 square feet

Technology Programs:
Cybersecurity, Advanced Manufacturing, Electronics, Welding

Student Services:
Admissions, Advising, Financial Aid, Cashier, Career Services

Student Life:
Café and Dining, Meeting Rooms for Clubs, Student Government Association, Student Newspaper, Veterans Center, Multi-Purpose Event Center


Total Construction Estimate: $26 Million

Commonwealth of Virginia:
• $15 Million for building
• $4 Million for Net Zero Energy building

The new center will be the first in the Virginia Community College System to use 100 percent alternative energy.

Pathways Campaign:
• $5 Million for building and site development*
• $2 Million for renovation of Main Building

*Includes $1 million of local jurisdiction contributions for site development