Increasing Student Access and Success

Group of StudentsPVCC is committed to helping all students succeed, regardless of their circumstances. 

Nearly 50 percent of students at PVCC receive need-based state or federal financial assistance, but most still have unmet financial need. In addition to school, students balance work and family obligations. Expenses such as housing, transportation, and childcare often prevent students from persisting. More than 80 percent of PVCC students work while enrolled in classes, which has made the events of COVID-19 particularly devastating. With businesses closing and entire industries shutting down, hundreds of students have lost the jobs that support their families.

Pathways will allow the college to provide scholarships and financial assistance to ensure that everyone can afford the education they need to make a better life for themselves and their families. Your investment will put a PVCC education within reach for all individuals in our community and assure that once enrolled, they have the resources they need to successfully complete their education and goals.

Your campaign gift will allow PVCC to:

Provide scholarships and educational assistance to help deserving students alleviate financial hardship and promote study toward careers critical to the future of our region.

Expand successful initiatives like the Student Financial Resources Center, which connect students and their families to public, community and campus resources to ensure they complete their programs of study.

Create additional financial resources for students like the Kathy Hudson Student Emergency Fund, which provides emergency grants to students facing a short-term financial crisis that may hinder their academic progress or cause them to withdraw from school.

Expand innovative programs like PVCC4U 100%, a tuition assistance program covering the full cost of tuition for qualifying students from households with income of $100,000 or less.