Clery Act Crime Statistics

Federal legislation requires that campus crime data be reported to the federal government on an annual basis. Data are maintained for three years. These data are to be made available to all students and current employees.

Colleges are required to disclose data on crimes that manifest evidence of prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability or ethnicity ("hate crimes").

PVCC had no reportable occurrences during the latest reporting period.

Colleges are also required to report the following three types of incidents if they result in either an arrest or disciplinary referral: 1.) Liquor law violations; 2.) Drug law violations; and 3.) Illegal weapons possession.

PVCC had no reportable occurrences of liquor law violations, drug law violations or illegal weapons possession during the latest reporting period.

PVCC is also required to report violent crimes against women (VAWA) including dating violence, stalking, and domestic violence. PVCC had one reportable occurrence of stalking during this reporting period.