CANVAS Login Instructions

NOTE: There is a delay between enrolling in the Pre-healthcare class in WES and it appearing in MyPVCC website. Please wait 2 hours before trying to access your CANVAS class. 

STEP 1: 

MyPVCC access is located at the top right-hand corner of the website main page. Click on the MyPVCC tab.

My PVCC login

STEP 2: 

Enter your MyPVCC Username & Password.

Forgot Username or Password?
If you do not know your Username click the "Forgot Username" button and enter the information to retrieve your username.

myPVCC login portal

Don't have a MYPVCC account?
If you do not have a MYPVCC login or password follow these instructions to setup a new MYPVCC account

Select Setup My Account, if you do not have an account already set up.  Follow instructions for setting up your MyPVCC Login. 
You will need your EMPLID. 

   Where do I find my EMPLID?
To retrieve your 7-digit VCCS SIS ID (also known as EMPLID in SIS).  To find your VCCS SIS ID, log back into your WES profile and select Menu > My            Profile and you will see your VCCS SIS ID.  This VCCS SIS ID is your 7-digit Student EMPLID for CANVAS. 

This is your VCCS SIS ID.  NOTE: Do not use your Social Security Number.

  1. Your username on this site is the first half of your VCCS email address.  Example: if your VCCS email is then your user name is asmit123.
  2. If you do not know your VCCS email address, select “Forgot Username”. 
  3. You will need to create a password for your MyPVCC account to logon.

STEP 3: 

To log into your CANVAS class click on the CANVAS button. 

myPVCC login portal