Step 3: Meet with an Advisor

Make an appointment with an advisor in the Admissions & Advising Center. Advisors will help you determine your program of study and will let you know what additional steps you need to take to register for classes.

After you meet with an advisor, continue with step 4 in the enrollment process.

When to send official transcripts to PVCC: This is necessary if you want to receive transfer credit for previously completed college coursework obtained outside the Virginia Community College System. Only students applying or entering alied health programs (nursing, surgical technology, emergency medical services, sonography or radiography) need to send high school transcripts. Send your official academic transcripts along with a completed Transcript Evaluation Request Form to the mailing address above right. If you attended another Virginia community college, the completed Transcript Evaluation Request Form is still required, but we do not need an official transcript.

*If you are a student with a documented disability requiring classroom accommodation, please inform the administrative assistant when making your appointment.