Administrative Services Committee

The purpose of the Administrative Services Committee is:

  1. Works in conjunction with the Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services, who is ex-officio
  2. Reviews and makes recommendations to the Senate on policies and procedures in the following areas:
    1. Physical facilities, including construction and renovation
    2. Buildings & Grounds
    3. Business Office
    4. Security
    5. Copying
    6. Auxiliary enterprises such as the bookstore and food services
    7. Other administrative services
  3. Oversees the following subcommittees:
  4. Physical Facilities
  5. Building Renovation


  • Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds
  • 1 Dean
  • 3 teaching faculty (1 from each division)
  • 1 professional faculty (counselor or librarian)
  • 3 classified staff
  • 1 student
  • Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services, ex-officio
  • (Chair and Secretary elected by membership)

Administrative Services Committee Minutes Archives

To access the Minutes Archives Folder on-campus, copy the link below, paste it into your browser's Address box and hit the Enter key.