Summer Academies at PVCC

KidsCollege at PVCC 2018 Summer STEM & Arts Academies

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KidsCollege at PVCC 
Summer Academy Schedule

9 weeks / 116 Academies / 3 locations - PVCC, CATEC, and Fluvanna

KidsCollege at PVCC Summer Academy Status
Check this table to see if the academies you are interested in are still open for enrollment.
Students on the wait list for FULL academies will be selected first if an opening occurs.

Week 1: June 11-15
ID # Academy Status
10870 Code Your Own Adventure! Full
10977 The Invisible World All Around Us Open
11001 How Stuff Works: Small Engines Full
10868 Game Labs Open
11606 ACE Open
11608 ACE Open
10869 Minecraft Designers Full
10978 Fantastical Drawings & Designs Full
10871 Code Your Own Adventure! Open
10979 The Human Cyborg  Open 
Week 2: June 18-22
10959 Robot Challenge Adventure Full
11619 Lego Video Games Full
10958 Mix It Up: Glasslike Art Creations with Resin Open 
10873 Advanced Robotics Challenge Open 
10980 CSI: In the Dining Room with a Candlestick?  Full 
10872 Advanced Robotics Challenge Full
10974 What's a Three-Dimensional Book? Open 
10878 Video Game Animation Open 
Week 3: June 25-29
10960 Mix It Up: Glasslike Art Creations with Resin Full
10882 App Attack Open 
10961 EV3 Robotics Space Mission Open 
10874 Virtual Reality: The Future is Now (Rising 6th-9th Grade) Open 
10876 Virtual Reality: The Future is Now (Rising 3rd-6th Grade) Full
11017 Vamonos! Let's Travel to Spain (Rising 3rd-9th Grade) Full
11620 Invent Your World with 3D Printers Open 
10875 Python Programmers: Make Your Own Game! Full
Week 4: July 9-13
10965 E3 Robotics Space Mission Full
10966 Dance to a New Beat: It's Modern! Open 
10880 Make Your First Multiplayer App! Full 
11005 Kinetic Art: An Automata Workshop Open 
10981 Awesome Sculpture Design from Real Life or Imagination Open 
10877 Advanced Robotics Challenge Open 
11006 Photography: Eyes on Your World Full 
10968 Blast Off: Rocketry for Everyone! Full
11007 Fun with Photography Full 
10884 Creative Design & Robotics Open 
11002 iPad Movie Open 
11019 Intro to Engineering & Design Full 
10898 Make Your First Multiplayer App! Open 
Week 5: July 16-20
10885 Minecraft Animators Full
10969 Glass Blowing without the Furnace Full
10936 Drone Escape & Rescue Missions Full 
10970 Electronic Design Protyping with Arduino Open 
10899 Virtual Reality: The Future is Now Open 
10983 Digital Comic & Manga  Full 
11607 ACE Open 
11609 ACE Open 
11009 Kinetic Art: An Automata Workshop Full 
11004 Studio Art Workshop Full
10900 Virtual Reality: The Future is Now Open 
10901 ROBLOX Makers-Coders-Entrepreneurs! Open 
10937 Fly, Race & Pilot: Drone Obstacle Course Challenge Full
10987 Real Life (or not) Drawing Open 
10989 Be in a Rock Band Full 
Week 6: July 23-27
10990 Awesome Sculpture Design from Real Life or Imagination Full
10939 Ultimate Drone Obstacle Challenge Full
10972 If I Ruled the World...Tell Us! Freestyle, Rap & Poetry Open
10886 Minecraft Modders Full
11011 Art, Create & Experiment! Voice Through Theatre Open
10902 Python Programmers: Make Your Own Game! Open
10973 Catapult into Engineering Open
10992 Original Electronic Designs with Arduino Full
11012 You can be an Actor! Create a Show Full
10888 Code Breakers Open
10991 Digital Comic & Manga Full
10940 Drone Coding Wizards Open
10890 Minecraft Modders Open
Week 7: July 30-August 3
10903 Game Labs Open
10904 ROBLOX Makers-Coders-Entrepreneurs! Full
10996 CSI: In the Dining Room with a Candlestick Full
10994 Awesome Sculpture Designs from Real Life or Imagination Open
10907 Make Your First 3D Video Game Open
11013 Invent your World with 3D Printers Full
10934 ROBLOX Makers-Coders-Entrepreneurs! Open
10997 The Human Cyborg Open
Week 8: August 6-10
11015 Fashion Designers for a Week Full
10891 LEGO Films & Stop Action Full
10935 Advanced 3D Video Game with Unity Open
11014 New Inventions with 3D Printers Open
10998 Fantastical Drawings & Designs Full
10942 Advanced 3D Video Game with Unity Open
10943 Code Your Own Adventure! Open

See our How to register page for more information.


  • Over 60% NEW STEM & Arts academies
  • Early Bird Discount if registered by April 2
  • STEM: Virtual Reality, Arduino, Coding, Drones, Engineering, Minecraft, Physics, Small Engines,, Roblox, Rocketry, Robotics, and more!
  • ARTS: Photography, Acting, Drawing, Dance, 3D Art, Fashion Design, (Almost) Glassblowing, Rock Band, Sculpture, iPad Movies, Mixed Media and more!
  • Exciting instructional partners:  Black Rocket, McGuffey Art Center, Piedmont Launch Rocket Club, Open Bio Labs, Drobots Company
  • KidsCollege at CATEC: STEM & Technical academies in cooking and cupcake decorations, firefighting, engineering, physics, beauty & hair, certification in CPR/First Aid, Auto maintenance/tech and more!
  • KidsCollege at Fluvanna: STEM & Arts in Coding, Cooking, Physics, CSI, Arts, Minecraft, Construction and more!
  • High Schoolers: ACE (assistant counselor education) job and leadership training
  • Special Health Science Academy at Martha Jefferson Hospital.

Happy Students & Happy Parents!

“My son became even more passionate about science!”

“It was AWESOME!  Don’t change anything. I loved all the things I could invent with 3D printing.”

“The teacher really let me express my feelings and develop my own designs.”

“Tell all the people that help with the scholarships that it really means a lot to us.”

  • Over 115 enriching, fun and educational hands-on morning and afternoon workshops.
  • Weeklong and project-based Academies provide an in-depth exploration into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) and Arts areas.
  • Taught by experienced instructors with expanded support from summer counselors.
  • Half or full day! Bring a lunch and stay all day with our After-Academy Club.
  • Last day student presentations. Students receive a Certificate of Completion and a PVCC student ID.
  • 10th-12th Grade ACE (Assistant Counselor Education) leadership program.
  • Academies located at PVCC and CATEC.