Student Services Assessment

Assessment of Student Services and Student Engagement is essential to continuous improvement of PVCC's programs and services.

PVCC Student Satisfaction Survey

On the PVCC Student Satusfaction Survey, currently enrolled students answer questions about their use of and satisfaction with, college services including: Welcome Center, Financial Aid, Advising, Learning Center, Testing Center, Writing Center, First Quadrant, Counseling and Career Services, Library Services, Computing Services, Food Services, Bookstore, Student Activities and Safety. Survey results provide a baseline assessment of student services effectiveness and are used to identify services that are working well and areas in need of improvement.

2012 Student Satisfaction Survey
2011 Student Satisfaction Survey
2010 Student Satisfaction Survey
2009 Student Satisfaction Survey
2008 Student Satisfaction Survey
2007 Student Satisfaction Survey

Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE)

Findings from the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) provide important guidance for college initiatives to improve student retention and success.

2011 CCSSE Executive Summary with highlights
2010 CCSSE Executive Summary and Highlights
Executive Summary and Highlights: 2009 CCSSE
2009 Special Focus: Social Networking
Executive Summary: 2008 CCSSE
Executive Summary: 2007 CCSSE
Benchmark Comparison: 2005-2007
CCSSE 2007 Benchmark Reports