Institutional Effectiveness

PVCC's Institutional Effectiveness Framework integrates strategic and annual planning and budgeting, evaluation and assessment and use of resulting institutional knowledge for decision making and continuous improvement of programs and services.

In the framework, indicators of effectiveness and associated target outcomes are established at multiple levels: institution, department and program. At regular intervals, through planned assessment and program evaluation, data is collected and analyzed to determine the extent to which the College (or department or program) has met, exceeded or fallen short of the target for each indicator.

Department and Program Level indicators are maintained in SPOL.

Institution Level indicators, including student achievement goals, are maintained in a dashboard.

Results are used to identify strengths, areas in need of improvement, and opportunities for change. Assessment informs strategic and annual planning, planning informs budgeting decisions and budgeting allows for the implementation of new and continuing programs and services. Outcomes are again assessed and reviewed and plans are revised or developed in response to findings.