Academic Program Assessment & Review

Annual Academic Program Assessments and Program Reviews are important components of PVCC's Institutional Effectiveness Framework.

Annual Academic Program Assessment

Every degree and certificate program at PVCC has an annual assessment plan. Plans are developed and maintained in SPOL. For assistance in developing annual plans, please contact us.

Academic Program Review

Comprehensive reviews of Academic Degree and Certificate Programs are conducted every five years by program faculty and deans. Each program review is a two-semester process, beginning in the fall and concluding in the spring. In reviewing programs, faculty examine indicators of program viability and effectiveness such as enrollment, persistence, and graduation rates; measures of student learning; transfer and employment rates; and student satisfaction. Where applicable, input from curriculum advisory committees and external experts from the field is also considered.

Faculty and deans responsible for program reviews will be provided review templates pre-populated with data on enrollment, retention, completion, satisfaction, transfer and employment. Also provided are copies of annual assessment plans and curriculum maps. The templates are structured to reflect the content and requirements that were originally established by the academic deans in the Guidelines for Review below.

Program Review resources include:

Curriculum Maps

Curriculum Maps are a tool for [1] examining current academic programs to verify that all identified student learning outcomes (program and general education) are adequately addressed by the program of study, [2] identifying where and how student learning is, or can be, assessed and [3] structuring curricula for new programs. Each map is a matrix of program courses (down the left side) and student learning outcomes (across the top). Maps contain all required courses for each program as well as examples of electives from the program of study.

Associate of Arts Degrees

Associate of Science Degrees

Associate of Applied Science Degrees


Career Studies Certificates

Graduation Assessments