Emergency Procedures

Incident Report For accidents, injuries or incidents.


In the event of a tornado or severe windstorm requiring shelter, all persons should evacuate to one of the following interior rooms:

Keats Science Building (490 College Drive):
Upper and Lower Level Hallways; Restrooms

Main Building (501 College Drive):
M155, M158, M159, M160, M174, M175, M248, M249, M251, M607, M701, M813, M822, M823, M832, M834, M849, M850

Stultz Center (600 College Drive):
S100, S101, S109, S111, S113, S119, S131

V. Earl Dickinson Building (400 College Drive):
D102, D106, D129, D130, D132, D222, D223, D226

Off Campus Locations:

Giuseppe Center (Greene County):

All persons should move to an interior hallway, restroom or other interior room without windows.

Jefferson School (Charlottesville):

All persons should move to an interior hallway, restroom or other interior room without windows. PVCC’s designated “safe rooms” are on the first floor in the family bathroom across from J111, the family bathroom on the left past the JABA Mary Williams Community Senior Center and through the emergency back hallway to the right of J112.


In the event of an earthquake or structural damage, please follow these  Earthquake Guidelines.


In the event of a fire, gas leak or bomb threat, Parking Lot 3 is the designated evacuation area for both the Main Building and the V. Earl Dickinson Building.

When the fire alarm sounds (in case of fire) or when verbally instructed (in case of gas leak or bomb threat), all persons should immediately leave the building by the nearest exit. With the exception of emergency personnel, all persons must remain at least 500 feet from the building until such time as authorization is given to return to the building. All persons without exception must leave the building when instructed to do so by authorized personnel.


"911" is a free call from pay phones on the PVCC campus. Pay phones are located outside the South Entrance of the Main Building and near the vending machines in the V. Earl Dickinson Building Commons.  Community or "house" phones are located in the Bolick Student Center and in the V. Earl Dickinson Building Commons. It is not necessary to dial "9" for an outside line when calling 911.

First Aid Kits

Only employees with the proper training should ever attempt to administer first aid. First aid kits are available in each laboratory and shop, the receptionist's desk in the Main Building; the Admissions & Advising Center (Room M144); the Business Office (Room 240); the Department of Public Safety & Campus Police (Room 218); and the Humanities and Social Sciences Division Office (Room 317) in the V. Earl Dickinson Building.

Medical Updates



Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is the Administrator on Call?

When classes are in session, an Administrator on Call is assigned to handle evening and weekend emergencies that require an executive level response, such as a decision to close the College. The Administrator on Call rotates between members of the President's executive staff. The security officer on duty has telephone access to the Administrator on Call.

What is the Safety Committee and who are the members?

PVCC's Safety Committee investigates and monitors safety conditions at the College and recommends corrective actions to the Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services, who has oversight responsibility for PVCC's safety program.

The Safety Committee members are:

  • Edward Funck, Chemistry Lab Manager
  • Giuseppe Center Site Coordinator (position currently vacant)
  • Yanina Goddard, Asst. Professor of Physics
  • Susan Hannifan, Special Needs Counselor
  • Bill Hurd, Arts Coordinator/Technical Theater Director
  • Kim McManus, Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services, ex-officio
  • Malena Smith, Jefferson School Site Coordinator
  • Dennis Weir, Facilities Manager
  • Teresa Willis, Human Resources Director
  • Chris Wyatt, Chief of Campus Police & Public Safety