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PVCC Main Campus, Main Building, West Entrance

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Piedmont Virginia Community College considers the safety of our College community to be of paramount importance. The College is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for students, employees and visitors.

PVCC has a formal emergency response plan and emergency procedures which are reviewed regularly. Public safety officers are on campus 24/7, augmented by closed-circuit cameras in strategically placed locations. The College has a public address system in all buildings, a telephone in every classroom, emergency call boxes prominently located in the parking lots, electronic messaging capability and other measures in place to help ensure the security and safety of everyone on campus. We also maintain a collaborative relationship with the Albemarle County Police Department and other local and state law enforcement agencies.

Emergency Preparedness

PVCC Emergency Procedures   
Procedures to follow in the event of an emergency. These procedures are posted in all campus classrooms. 

Emergency Operations Plan   
The purpose of this plan is to direct actions intended to preserve life and protect property from further destruction in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Response Plan   
Under the Clery Act, PVCC is required to immediately notify the campus community upon confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or employees occurring on the campus. An “immediate” threat as used here encompasses an imminent or impending threat, such as a fire currently raging in one of our buildings, an active shooter, a terrorist attack, or an earthquake.

Threat Assessment Manual   
The purpose of the threat assessment procedures is to provide guidelines for threat assessment on the Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC) campus and identify resources, programs, procedures and safeguards that will ensure the safety and security of the PVCC community.

PVCC also maintains a confidential Continuity of Operations Plan which serves as a recovery plan after an event.

Statistics & Information

2014 Annual Security Report
Clery Crime Statistics
Virginia Sex Offender Registry

Public Presentations by Chief Harrison

A Conversation about Personal Safety - Presented to the PVCC Community on October 22, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do I get a student photo ID?

A student photo ID card is a student's official Piedmont Virginia Community College identification and is provided to students through the student activities fee. The photo identification cards can be obtained from the Department of Public Safety & Campus Police (Main Building, room M218) during normal business hours of the College. 

Students must bring:

  • A copy of your current class schedule
  • A valid form of ID (i.e., valid driver's license, passport, military/government ID, birth certificate, social security card, voter registration card)

Photo ID cards must be presented for admission to special student activities, obtaining parking decals and to purchase discounted bus passes. Photo ID cards can be used for library material use and discounts at local merchants.

More Information for Students:

  • Students should have only the most current photo ID card in their possession.
  • Contact the Department of Public Safety & Campus Police if your photo ID card is lost or stolen. An incident report will be filed and a new card issued.
  • If a card is damaged or unusable, return the damaged card to the Security Office for issuance of a new card.
  • Cards are non-transferrable to another person.
  • Students must present their student photo ID card if requested by College personnel. Failure to present a photo ID is a student code of conduct violation and may result in disciplinary action.
Where is student parking?

PVCC Eugene Giuseppe Center:  Free parking is behind the Center. You do not need a parking decal.

PVCC Jefferson School Center:  Free parking is available in the deck adjacent to the Center. You do not need a parking decal.

PVCC Main Campus:  Students can park in lots 3 and 4. In addition, student parking is available in parking lot 2 after 6:30 p.m. Student parking is also available in parking lot 1 after 5 p.m. You must display a PVCC parking decal on your vehicle or you’ll receive a ticket. 

Parking Map

How do I get a parking permit or decal?

PVCC Eugene Giuseppe Center and PVCC Jefferson School Center:  A parking permit is not required for students taking classes at these locations.

PVCC Main Campus:  Day, evening, weekend and part-time students must register their vehicle(s) and obtain a parking decal. There is no charge for decals. They are available from the Main Building receptionist at the south entrance, the Cashier's Office (room M237 near the north entrance) and the Department of Public Safety & Campus Police (room M218 across from the Library). Registering for classes online does not excuse a student from the requirement to register their vehicle and secure a parking decal. Each vehicle a student operates must have a decal in order to park on the PVCC campus. It is the student's responsibility to ensure the decal is visible on the left side of the rear bumper or on/in the rear window. Students who are employed by the College on a part-time basis are not eligible for employee parking permits.

Students are responsible for any violation committed by the operator of a vehicle registered in the student's name. Not registering a vehicle is itself a parking violation subject to the same fine as other general parking violations.

PVCC is not responsible for loss or damage to motor vehicles or their contents while they are on College property. Drivers should use caution and good sense while in the parking areas.

Note: The fine for general parking violations is $30.00 per ticket. The fine for parking in a handicap space is $100.00 per ticket.

Where is lost and found?

PVCC Main Campus:  Turn in found items or claim lost ones at the Department of Public Safety & Campus Police, Main Building, room M218 (near the Jessup Library), or call 434.961.5319 or 434.961.6362.

PVCC Eugene Giuseppe Center:  Contact PVCC staff at the entrance to the Center or call 434.990.1131.

PVCC Jefferson School Center:  Contact PVCC staff at the office in room J128, or call 434.961.5255.