New Books List

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Brock, Stephen Louis The philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas: a sketch B765 .T54 B76 2015
Groothuis, Douglas R. Philosophy in seven sentences: a small introduction to a vast topic BD21 .G76 2016
Hanna, Donncha Psychology statistics for dummies BF39 .H2646 2012
Schaie, K. Warner Handbook of the psychology of aging BF724.55.A35 H36 2016
Kalb, Claudia Andy Warhol was a hoarder: inside the minds of history's great personalities BJ1470.5 .K35 2016
Campbell, Joseph Goddesses: mysteries of the feminine divine BL473.5 .C36 2013
Bailey, Julius Down in the valley: an introduction to African American religious history BL625.2 .B35 2016
Jacoby, Susan Strange gods: a secular history of conversion BL639 .J33 2016
Volf, Miroslav Flourishing: why we need religion in a globalized world BL65.G55 V66 2015
Nhất Hạnh, Thich Silence: the power of quiet in a world full of noise BQ9800.T5392 N4547 2016
Bissell, Tom Apostle, or, Bones that shine like fire: travels among the tombs of the twelve BS2440 .B57 2016
Pitre, Brant James The case for Jesus: the biblical and historical evidence for Christ BT303.2 .P58 2016
Guillen, Michael Amazing truths: how science and the Bible agree BT50 .G845 2015
Reeve, W. Paul Religion of a different color: race and the Mormon struggle for whiteness BX8611 .R44 2015
Riddle, John M. A history of the Middle Ages, 300-1500 D118 .R53 2016
Manco, Jean Blood of the Celts: the new ancestral story D70 .M363 2015
Spencer, Charles Spencer Killers of the king: the men who dared to execute Charles I DA396.A22 S665 2016
Purnell, Sonia Clementine: the life of Mrs. Winston Churchill DA566.9.C48 P87 2015
MacGregor, Neil Germany: memories of a nation DD17 .M33 2015
Gelvin, James L. The Israel-Palestine conflict: one hundred years of war DS119.7 .G3895 2014
Ephron, Dan Killing a king: the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin and the remaking of Israel DS126.6.R32 E54 2015
Desai, Ashwin The South African Gandhi: stretcher-bearer of empire DS481.G3 D39 2015
McMeekin, Sean The Ottoman endgame: war, revolution, and the making of the modern Middle East, 1908-1923 DS63.04 .M38 2015
Ricks, Thomas E. The gamble: General Petraeus and the American military adventure in Iraq DS79.76 .R53 2010
Perl-Rosenthal, Nathan Citizen sailors: becoming American in the age of revolution E182 .P435 2015
Greenbaum, Susan D. Blaming the poor: the long shadow of the Moynihan Report on cruel images about poverty E185.86.U52 G74 2015
King, Coretta Scott My life, my love, my legacy E185.97.K47 A3 2017
O'Donnell, Patrick K., Washington's Immortals: the untold story of an elite regiment who changed the course of the Revolution E263.M3 O36 2016
Willis, Sam The struggle for sea power: a naval history of the American Revolution E271 .W66 2016
Josephy, Alvin M. The longest trail: writings on American Indian history, culture, and politics E77 .J788 2015
Wylie, Paul R. Blood on the Marias: the Baker Massacre E83.866 .W95 2016
Douglass, James W. JFK and the unspeakable: why he died and why it matters E842.9 .D68 2010
Chait, Jonathan Audacity: how Barack Obama defied his critics and created a legacy that will prevail E907 .C454 2017
D'Antonio, Michael A consequential president: the legacy of Barack Obama E907 .D37 2017
Randall, David K. The king and queen of Malibu: the true story of the battle for paradise F869.M27 R36 2016
De Moll, Cathy Think South: how we got six men and forty dogs across Antarctica G850 1989.I58 D4 2015
Stenn, Kurt S. Hair: a human history GN193 .S74 2016
Turchin, Peter Ultrasociety: how 10,000 years of war made humans the greatest cooperators on Earth GN360 .T87 2016
Gilbert, Steve Tattoo history: a source book : an anthology of historical records of tattooing throughout the world GN419.3 .G56 2000
Manco, Jean Ancestral journeys: the peopling of Europe from the first venturers to the Vikings GN803 .M36 2015
Brunvand, Jan Harold The vanishing hitchhiker: American urban legends and their meanings GR105 .B72 1981
Murai, Mayako From Dog bridegroom to Wolf girl: contemporary Japanese fairy-tale adaptations in conversation with the West GR340 .M87 2015
DeMello, Margo Bodies of inscription: a cultural history of the modern tattoo community GT2346.U6 D45 2000
Conefrey, Mick The ghosts of K2: the epic saga of the first ascent GV199.44.P182 K182626 2015
Vecsey, George Baseball: a history of America's favorite game GV863.A1 V43 2008
Williams, Jay Life is not an accident: a memoir of reinvention GV884.W548 A3 2016
Long, Howie Football for dummies GV951 .L744 2015
Skidelsky, Robert Jacob Alexander Keynes: a very short introduction HB103.K47 S5728 2010
Winter, Harold Trade-offs: an introduction to economic reasoning and social issues HB171 .W764 2013
Flynn, Sean Masaki Economics for dummies HB171.5 .F645 2011
Goodwin, Neva R. Microeconomics in context HB172 .G632 2014
Pepall, Lynne Microeconomics for dummies HB172 .P36 2016
Goodwin, Neva R. Macroeconomics in context HB172.5 .G663 2014
Stein, Judith Pivotal decade: how the United States traded factories for finance in the seventies HC106.7 .S74 2010
Rushkoff, Douglas Throwing rocks at the Google bus: how growth became the enemy of prosperity HC79.I55 R87 2016
Gramm, Jeff Dear chairman: boardroom battles and the rise of shareholder activism HD2744 .G73 2015
Hyatt, Michael S. Living forward: a proven plan to stop drifting and get the life you want HD4904.25 .H93 2016
Pittampalli, Al Persuadable: how great leaders change their minds to change the world HD57.7 .P585 2016
Duarte, Nancy Illuminate: ignite change through speeches, stories, ceremonies, and symbols HD58.8 .D82 2016
Bohnet, Iris What works: gender equality by design HD6060 .B64 2016
Flynn, Pat Will it fly?: how to test your next business idea so you don't waste your time and money HD62.5 .F59 2016
Desmond, Matthew Evicted: poverty and profit in the American city HD7287.96.U6 D47 2016
Hauter, Wenonah Foodopoly: the battle over the future of food and farming in America HD9005 .H358 2014
Willyerd, Karie Stretch: how to future-proof yourself for tomorrow's workplace HF5381 .W695 2016
Zimmerman, Jan Social media marketing all-in-one for dummies HF5414 .Z56 2015
Jiwa, Bernadette Meaningful: the story of ideas that fly HF5415 .J58 2015
Meister, Jeanne C. The 2020 workplace: how innovative companies attract, develop, and keep tomorrow's employees today HF5549.5.R44 M45 2010
Reamer, Norton Investment: a history HG4516 .R43 2016
Cohen, Andrew Wender Contraband: smuggling and the birth of the American century HJ6690 .C56 2015
Graeber, David The utopia of rules: on technology, stupidity, and the secret joys of bureaucracy HM806 .G73 2015
Galbraith, James K. Inequality: what everyone needs to know HM821 .G35 2016
Best, Joel Social problems HN28 .B45 2013
Neumann, Ann The good death: an exploration of dying in America HQ1073.5.U6 N48 2016
Vanek, John The essential abolitionist: what you need to know about human trafficking & modern slavery HQ281 .V38 2015
Cherlin, Andrew J. Labor's love lost: the rise and fall of the working-class family in America HQ536 .C439 2014
Downs, Jim Stand by me: the forgotten history of gay liberation HQ76.8.U5 D69 2016
Martínez-San Miguel, Yolanda Trans studies: the challenge to hetero/homo normativities HQ77.9 .T71534 2016
Archer, John Making suburbia: new histories of everyday America HT352.U6 M34 2015
Wainwright, Tom Narconomics: how to run a drug cartel HV5801 .W325 2016
Bowden, Mark Killing Pablo: the hunt for the world's greatest outlaw HV5805.E82 B69 2015
Lansky, Sam The gilded razor: a memoir HV5805.L36 A3 2016
Bowden, Mark The finish: the killing of Osama Bin Laden HV6430.B55 B69 2012b
Bergen, Peter L. United States of Jihad: investigating America's homegrown terrorists HV6432 .B4624 2016
Cockburn, Patrick The rise of Islamic state: ISIS and the new Sunni revolution HV6433.I722 C64 2015
Carr, Howie The brothers Bulger HV6452.M4 C37 2006b
Gross, Kali N. Hannah Mary Tabbs and the disembodied torso: a tale of race, sex, and violence in America HV6534.P5 G76 2016
Kaplan, Fred M. Dark territory: the secret history of cyber war HV6773.15.C97 K37 2016
Latzer, Barry The rise and fall of violent crime in America HV6789 .L38 2016
Katz, Samuel M. The ghost warriors: inside Israel's undercover war against suicide terrorism HV8242.2.A2 K38 2016
Cecil, Dawn K. Prison life in popular culture: from the Big House to Orange Is The New Black HV9466 .C43 2015
Harvey, Philip D. The human cost of welfare: how the system hurts the people it's supposed to help HV95 .H327 2016
Hibbing, John R. Predisposed: liberals, conservatives, and the biology of political differences JA75.7 .H53 2013
Diener, Alexander C. Borders: a very short introduction JC323 .D54 2012
Gottfried, Paul Fascism: the career of a concept JC481 .G585 2016
Hancock, Larry J. Surprise attack: from Pearl Harbor to 9/11 to Benghazi JK468.I6 H365 2015
Gardner, Lloyd C. The war on leakers: national security and American democracy, from Eugene v. Debs to Edward Snowden JK468.S4 G37 2016
Gerber, David A. American immigration: a very short introduction JV6465 .G47 2011
Merino, Noël Illegal immigration JV6465 .I449 2015
Cohen, Adam Imbeciles: the Supreme Court, American eugenics, and the sterilization of Carrie Buck KF224.B83 C64 2016
Bain, Ken What the best college students do LA229 .B24 2012
Boland, Ed The battle for Room 314: my year of hope and despair in a New York City high school LA2317.B555 A3 2016
Shore, Rebecca Developing young minds: from conception to kindergarten LB1139.23 .S58 2015
Bauld, Harry On writing the college application essay: the key to acceptance at the college of your choice LB2351.5 .B38 2012
Glancy, Gabrielle The art of the college essay LB2351.52.U6 G63 2014
Klebold, Sue A mother's reckoning: living in the aftermath of tragedy LB3013.33.C6 K55 2016
Goyal, Nikhil Schools on trial: how freedom and creativity can fix our educational malpractice LC46.4 .G69 2016
MacLeod, Sean Leaders of the pack: girl groups of the 1960s and their influence on popular culture in Britain and America ML3470 .M323 2015
Light, Alan What happened, Miss Simone?: a biography ML420.S5635 L54 2016
Lane, Barbara Miller Houses for a new world: builders and buyers in American suburbs, 1945-1965 NA7571 .L37 2015
Guffey, Elizabeth E. Posters: a global history NC1806.45 .G84 2015
Fingernagel, Andreas The book of Bibles: the most beautiful illuminated Bibles of the Middle Ages ND3355 .O88 2016
Harris, Charlaine All the little liars  Nook C. Harris
Coates, Ta-Nehisi Black Panther. A nation under our feet, Book 1 Nook Coates
Garvin, Jeff Symptoms of being human Nook Garvin
Chomsky, Noam What kind of creatures are we? P106 .C46 2016
Taylor, Charles The language animal: the full shape of the human linguistic capacity P107 .T39 2016
Pelling, C. B. R. Twelve voices from Greece and Rome: ancient ideas for modern times PA3001 .P35 2014
Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich Letters to Véra PG3476.N3 Z48 2015
Huang, Yunte The big red book of modern Chinese literature: writings from the mainland in the long twentieth century PL2513 .B54 2016
Sato, Eriko Japanese for dummies PL539 .S295 2013
Hamand, Maggie Creative writing for dummies PN147 .H223 2009
Totten, Michael J. Dispatches: stories from war zones, police states and other hellholes PN4874.T635 A25 2016
Greaney, Mark Tom Clancy commander-in-chief: a Jack Ryan novel / Popular Greaney
Henderson, Smith Fourth of July Creek: a novel Popular Henderson
Konar, Affinity Mischling: a novel Popular Konar
Miranda, Lin-Manuel Hamilton: the revolution: being the complete libretto of the Broadway musical, with a true account of its creation, and concise remarks on hip-hop, the power of stories, and the new America Popular Miranda
Rothfuss, Patrick The name of the wind  Popular Rothfuss
Levi, Primo The complete works of Primo Levi PQ4872.E8 A2 2015
Drue, Thomas The Duchess of Suffolk PR2499.D78 L54 2015
Woolson, Constance Fenimore Miss Grief and other stories PS3363 .A6 2016
Rioux, Anne Boyd Constance Fenimore Woolson: portrait of a lady novelist PS3363 .R56 2016
McIntire, Gabrielle The Cambridge companion to The waste land PS3509.L43 W3635 2015
Thompson, Juan F. Stories I tell myself: growing up with Hunter S. Thompson PS3570.H62 Z89 2016
Riskin, Jessica The restless clock: a history of the centuries-long argument over what makes living things tick Q175.32.V65 R57 2016
Cunningham, Darryl Science tales: lies, hoaxes, and scams Q180 .C8665 2013
Hacker, Andrew The math myth: and other STEM delusions QA11.2 .H35 2016
Love, David Kepler and the universe: how one man revolutionized astronomy QB36.K4 L68 2015
Rovelli, Carlo Seven brief lessons on physics QC24.5 .R68313 2016
Lowe, Derek B. The chemistry book: from gunpowder to graphene, 250 milestones in the history of chemistry QD11 .L558 2016
Montgomery, David R. The rocks don't lie: a geologist investigates Noah's flood QE507 .M66 2012
Olson, Steve Eruption: the untold story of Mount St. Helens QE523.S23 O47 2016
Robinson, Lori Saving wild: inspiration from 50 leading conservationists QH75 .R6356 2016
Mabey, Richard The cabaret of plants: forty thousand years of plant life and the human imagination QK15 .M32 2016
Gisondi, Joe Monster trek: the obsessive search for Bigfoot QL89.2.S2 G57 2016
Nabhan, Gary Paul Food, genes, and culture: eating right for your origins QP144.G45 N33 2013
Wilkinson, Matt Restless creatures: the story of life in ten movements QP301 .W673 2016
Anctil, Michel Dawn of the neuron: the early struggles to trace the origin of nervous systems QP353 .A53 2015
Schwartz, Michal Neuroimmunity: a new science that will revolutionize how we keep our brains healthy and young QP356.47 .S39 2015
Jensen, Frances E. The teenage brain: a neuroscientist's survival guide to raising adolescents and young adults QP363.5 .J46 2015
Linden, David J. Touch: the science of hand, heart, and mind QP451 .L57 2015
Dale, Jeremy Understanding microbes: an introduction to a small world QR41.2 .D35 2013
Swanson, Michele Microbe QR41.2 .S93 2016
Prasad, Vinayak K. Ending medical reversal: improving outcomes, saving lives R733 .P73 2015
Shah, Sonia Pandemic: tracking contagions, from cholera to ebola and beyond RA643 .S52 2016
McHenry, Kristen Abatsis The green solution to breast cancer: a promise for prevention RC280.B8 M3584 2015
Ali, Naheed Understanding Alzheimer's: an introduction for patients and caregivers RC523.2 .A45 2012
Bruch, Hilde The golden cage: the enigma of anorexia nervosa RC552.A5 B78 2001
Kreisman, Jerold J. I hate you-- don't leave me: understanding the borderline personality RC569.5.B67 K74 2010
Paul, William E. Immunity RC582 .P38 2015
Doty, James R. Into the magic shop: a neurosurgeon's quest to discover the mysteries of the brain and the secrets of the heart RD592.9.D69 A3 2016
Hemenway, Toby The permaculture city: regenerative design for urban, suburban, and town resilience S494.5.P47 H46 2015
Gerber, David J. The inventor's dilemma: the remarkable life of H. Joseph Gerber TA140.G47 G47 2015
Denton, Sally The profiteers: Bechtel and the men who built the world TA217.B4 D46 2016
Brown, Lester Russell The great transition: shifting from fossil fuels to solar and wind energy TJ808 .B756 2015
Regis, Edward Monsters: the Hindenburg disaster and the birth of pathological technology TL659.H5 R44 2015
Mahgoub, Sala E. O. Genetically modified foods: basics, applications, and controversy TP248.65.F66 M34 2016
Feiring, Alice For the love of wine: my odyssey through the world's most ancient wine culture TP559.G2 F45 2016
Minnick, Fred Bourbon: the rise, fall, and rebirth of an American whiskey TP605 .M567 2016
Mitenbuler, Reid Bourbon empire: the past and future of America's whiskey TP605 .M59 2016
Faiola, Anne-Marie Pure soapmaking: how to create nourishing, natural skin care soaps TP991 .F279 2016
Kovacs, Arpad Animals in photographs TR727 .K68 2015
Peláez, Ana Sofía The Cuban table: a celebration of food, flavors, and history TX716.C8 P45 2014
Simpson, Emile War from the ground up: twenty-first century combat as politics U162 .S54 2013
Donovan, James B. Strangers on a bridge: the case of Colonel Abel and Francis Gary Powers UB271.R92 D6 2015
Chrisinger, David See me for who I am: student veterans' stories of war and coming home  UB357 .S44 2016
Mayor, Adrienne Greek fire, poison arrows, and scorpion bombs: biological and chemical warfare in the ancient world UG447.8 .M335 2009
Wiegand, Wayne A. Part of our lives: a people's history of the American public library Z731 .W734 2015
Peters, Justin The idealist: Aaron Swartz and the rise of free culture on the Internet ZA3270 .P47 2016