New Books List

Games, Alison Witchcraft in early North America BF1573 .G36 2010
Harris, Dan 10% happier: how I tamed the voice in my head, reduced stress without losing my edge, and found self-help that actually works--a true story BF161 .H29 2014b
Kurzban, Robert Why everyone (else) is a hypocrite: evolution and the modular mind BF311 .K867 2010
Harris, Paul L. Trusting what you're told: how children learn from others BF318 .H363 2012
Kaufman, Josh The first 20 hours: how to learn anything-- fast BF378.E94 K38 2013
Holiday, Ryan The obstacle is the way: the timeless art of turning trials into triumph BF503 .H65 2014
Ross, Howard J. Everyday bias: identifying and navigating unconscious judgments in our daily lives BF575.P9 R67 2014
Jiang, Jia Rejection proof: how I beat fear and became invincible through 100 days of rejection BF575.R35 J53 2015
Kay, Katty The confidence code: the science and art of self-assurance--what women should know / BF575.S39 K39 2014
Mischel, Walter The marshmallow test: mastering self-control BF632 .M57 2014
Wilson, David Sloan Does altruism exist?: culture, genes, and the welfare of others BF637.H4 W55 2015
Engel, Susan L. The hungry mind: the origins of curiosity in childhood BF723.C8 E54 2015
Biglan, Anthony The nurture effect: how the science of human behavior can improve our lives and our world BF723.N84 B54 2015
Doniger, Wendy The Hindus: an alternative history BL1151.3 .D66 2009
Graziosi, Barbara The gods of Olympus: a history BL783 .G675 2014
Hutton, Ronald Pagan Britain BL980.G7 H865 2013
Wickham, Carrie Rosefsky The Muslim Brotherhood: evolution of an Islamist movement BP10.I385 W53 2013
Hirsi Ali, Ayaan Heretic: why Islam needs a reformation now BP161.3 .H57 2015
O'Donnell, James Joseph Pagans: the end of traditional religion and the rise of Christianity BR128.A2 O36 2015
Hill, Andrew E. A survey of the Old Testament BS1140.2 .H54 2009
  NIV archaeological study Bible: an illustrated walk through biblical history and culture: New International Version BS195 .N37 2005b
Levine, Amy-Jill The historical Jesus in context BT303.2 .H4845 2006
  The Coptic Christian heritage: history, faith, and culture BX133.3 .C67 2014
Brown, Peter Robert Lamont The cult of the saints: its rise and function in Latin Christianity BX2333 .B74 2015
Moses, Paul The saint and the sultan: the Crusades, Islam, and Francis of Assisi's mission of peace BX4700.F6 M675 2009
McDougall, Christopher Natural born heroes: how a daring band of misfits mastered the lost secrets of strength and endurance D766.7.C7 M535 2015
Cline, Eric H. The Trojan War: a very short introduction DF221.T8 C54 2013
Worthington, Ian By the spear: Philip II, Alexander the Great, and the rise and fall of the Macedonian empire DF233 .W68 2014
MacDonald, Eve Hannibal: a Hellenistic life DG249 .M33 2015
Bunton, Martin P. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict: a very short introduction DS119.7 .B797 2013
Krämer, Gudrun A history of Palestine: from the Ottoman conquest to the founding of the state of Israel DS125 .K7313 2011x
Schloss, Eva After Auschwitz: a story of heartbreak and survival by the stepsister of Anne Frank DS135.N6 S363 2013
Katouzian, Homa The Persians: ancient, mediaeval, and modern Iran DS272 .K375 2009
Axworthy, Michael Revolutionary Iran: a history of the Islamic republic DS318.8 .A93 2013b
Ansary, Mir Tamim Games without rules: the often interrupted history of Afghanistan DS361 .A755 2012
Grenier, Robert 88 days to Kandahar: a CIA diary DS371.413 .G75 2015
Lieven, Anatol Pakistan: a hard country DS389 .L54 2011
Zakaria, Rafia The upstairs wife: an intimate history of Pakistan DS392.2.K3 Z26 2015
Stephen, Becky India DS421 .G82 2010
Taylor, Keith Weller A history of the Vietnamese DS556.5 .T38 2013
Hannigan, Tim A brief history of Indonesia: sultans, spices, and tsunamis: the incredible story of Southeast Asia's largest nation DS634 .H35 2015
Kriwaczek, Paul Babylon: Mesopotamia and the birth of civilization DS69.5 .K75 2012
Shelach-Lavi, Gideon The archaeology of early China: from prehistory to the Han Dynasty DS719 .S43 2015
Xu, Zhuoyun China: a new cultural history DS721 .X8813 2012
Kraus, Richard Curt The cultural revolution: a very short introduction DS778.7 .K73 2012
Davin, Delia Mao: a very short introduction DS778.M3 D326 2013
Wasserstrom, Jeffrey N. China in the 21st century: what everyone needs to know DS779.4 .W376 2013
Holst, Sanford Phoenician secrets: exploring the ancient Mediterranean DS81 .H645 2011
Sosnoski, Daniel Introduction to Japanese culture DS821 .I577 2014
Henshall, Kenneth G. A history of Japan: from stone age to superpower DS835 .H386 2012
Murphy, R. Taggart Japan and the shackles of the past DS836 .M885 2014
Gordon, Andrew A modern history of Japan: from Tokugawa times to the present DS881.9 .G66 2014
Cumings, Bruce Korea's place in the sun: a modern history DS917 .C86 2005
Cumings, Bruce The Korean War: a history DS918 .C75 2011
Wada, Haruki The Korean War: an international history DS918 .W33613 2014
Cambanis, Thanassis Once upon a revolution: an Egyptian story DT107.88 .C36 2015
Clark, Nancy L. South Africa: the rise and fall of apartheid DT1757 .C52 2011
Stearns, Jason K. Dancing in the glory of monsters: the collapse of the Congo and the great war of Africa DT658.26 .S74 2011
Fraser, Steve The age of acquiescence: the life and death of American resistance to organized wealth and power E169.Z8 F73 2015
Walsh, Kenneth T. Celebrity in chief: a history of the presidents and the culture of stardom E176.1 .W279 2015
Polasky, Janet L. Revolutions without borders: the call to liberty in the Atlantic world E18.75 .P65 2015
Dhingra, Pawan Asian America: sociological and interdisciplinary perspectives E184.A75 D54 2014
Lee, Erika The making of Asian America: a history E184.A75 L43 2015
Lawrance, Benjamin Nicholas Amistad's orphans: an Atlantic story of children, slavery, and smuggling E447 .L39 2014
Brookhiser, Richard Founders' son: a life of Abraham Lincoln E457.45 .B76 2014
Wheelan, Joseph Their last full measure: the final days of the Civil War E468 .W54 2015
Wheelan, Joseph Bloody spring: forty days that sealed the Confederacy's fate E476.52 .W46 2014
Tasini, Jonathan The essential Bernie Sanders and his vision for America E901.1.S27 T37 2015
Slevin, Peter B. Michelle Obama: a life E909.O24 S58 2015
Stanford, Dennis J. Across Atlantic ice: the origin of America's Clovis culture E99.C832 S73 2012
Sharer, Robert J. The ancient Maya F1435 .S53 2006
Eltis, David Atlas of the transatlantic slave trade G2445.E625 E4 2015
Berry, Stephen Russell A path in the mighty waters: shipboard life and Atlantic crossings to the New World G550 .B44 2015
Francis, Gavin Empire Antarctica: ice, silence, & emperor penguins G860 .F73 2013
Foster, John After sustainability: denial, hope, retrieval GE149 .F67 2015
Caradonna, Jeremy L. Sustainability: a history GE195 .C379 2014
Morris, Ian Foragers, farmers, and fossil fuels: how human values evolve GN469 .M67 2015
McWilliams, James E. Just food: where locavores get it wrong and how we can truly eat responsibly GT2850 .M375 2010
Harvey, Jacky Colliss Red: a history of the redhead GT6735 .H37 2015
Pilon, Mary The monopolists: obsession, fury, and the scandal behind the world's favorite board game GV1469.M65 P55 2015
Montgomery, Ben Grandma Gatewood's walk: the inspiring story of the woman who saved the Appalachian Trail GV199.92.G35 M66 2014
Thorn, John The hidden game of baseball: a revolutionary approach to baseball and its statistics GV867 .T49 2015
McGregor, Robert Kuhn A calculus of color: the integration of baseball's American League GV875.A15 M34 2015
Chang, Ha-Joon Economics: the user's guide HB171 .C484 2014
Moss, David A. A concise guide to macroeconomics: what managers, executives, and students need to know HB172.5 .M68 2014
Eichengreen, Barry J. Hall of mirrors: the Great Depression, the great recession, and the uses-and misuses-of history HB3717 1929 .E37 2015
Galbraith, James K. The end of normal: the great crisis and the future of growth HB3717 2008 .G337 2014
Wolf, Martin The shifts and the shocks: what we've learned -- and have still to learn -- from the financial crisis HB3722 .W63 2014
Chang, Ha-Joon 23 things they don't tell you about capitalism HB501 .C51715 2012
Dixon, Adam D. The new geography of capitalism: firms, finance, and society HB501 .D538 2014
Robinson, William I. Global capitalism and the crisis of humanity / HB501 .R624 2014
Vogl, Joseph The specter of capital HB501 .V57213 2015
Sher, George Equality for inegalitarians HB523 .S5325 2014
Wilkinson, Amy The creator's code: the six essential skills of extraordinary entrepreneurs HB615 .W5543 2015
Sandelin, Bo A short history of economic thought HB75 .S293 2014
Arthur, W. Brian Complexity and the economy HB97.3 .A78 2015
Madrick, Jeffrey G. Seven bad ideas: how mainstream economists have damaged America and the world HC106.84 .M336 2014
Allen, Robert C. Global economic history: a very short introduction HC51 .A56 2011
Dhawan, Erica Get big things done: the power of connectional intelligence HC79.I55 D52 2015
Andrews-Speed, C. P. Want, waste or war?: the global resource nexus and the struggle for land, energy, food, water and minerals HC85 .A64 2015
Peterson, Steven Business plans kit for dummies HD30.28 .P374 2014
Christensen, Clayton M. The innovator's dilemma: the revolutionary book that will change the way you do business HD53 .C49 2011
Kristiansen, Per Building a better business using the LEGO Serious Play method HD53 .K75 2014
Vapnek, Lara Breadwinners: working women and economic independence, 1865-1920 HD6095 .V37 2009
Gerber, Michael E. The E-myth revisited: why most small businesses don't work and what to do about it HD62.7 .G458 1995
Peterson, Jonathan Social security for dummies HD7125 .P48 2015
Thurston, Robert W. Coffee: a comprehensive guide to the bean, the beverage, and the industry HD9199.A2 C59 2013
Elmore, Bartow J. Citizen Coke: the making of Coca-Cola capitalism HD9349.S634 C6323 2015
Burgis, Tom The looting machine: warlords, oligarchs, corporations, smugglers, and the theft of Africa's wealth HD9506.A572 B87 2015
DiMicco, Dan American made: why making things will return us to greatness HD9725 .D56 2015
Roach, Stephen S. Unbalanced: the codependency of America and China HF3128 .R63 2014
Fernandez Araoz, Claudio It's not the how or the what but the who: succeed by surrounding yourself with the best HF5549 .F4194 2014
Wagner, Rodd Widgets: the 12 new rules for managing your employees as if they're real people HF5549.12 .W343 2015
Margolin, Lavie Winning answers to 500 interview questions HF5549.5.I6 M3155 2014
Hannon, Kerry Love your job: the new rules of career happiness HF5549.5.J63 H276 2015
Carey, Mary Accounting: a smart approach HF5636 .C36 2014
Sullivan, Paul The thin green line: the money secrets of the super wealthy HG179 .S8518 2015
Bindseil, Ulrich Monetary policy operations and the financial system HG230.3 .B56 2014
Fisher, Kenneth L. Beat the crowd: how you can out-invest the herd by thinking differently HG4521 .F57 2015
Kleinbard, Edward D. We are better than this: how government should spend our money HJ257.2 .K59 2015
Malamed, Connie Visual design solutions  principles and creative inspiration for learning professionals HM500 .M35 2015
Keen, Andrew Digital vertigo: how today's online social revolution is dividing, diminishing, and disorienting us HM851 .K443 2012
Yar, Majid The cultural imaginary of the internet: virtual utopias and dystopias HM851 .Y37 2014
Brockman, John What should we be worried about?: real scenarios that keep scientists up at night HM901 .W52 2014
Albrecht, Don E. Rethinking rural: global community and economic development in the small town West HN79.A17 A43 2014
Jenner, Greg A million years in a day: a curious history of everyday life: from the Stone Age to the phone age HN8 .J45 2015
Carson, Ben One nation: what we can all do to save America's future HN90.M6 C36 2014
Dowbiggin, Ian Robert The search for domestic bliss: marriage and family counseling in 20th-century America HQ10.5.U6 D69 2014
Bates, Laura Everyday sexism HQ1237 .B38 2014
Nagoski, Emily Come as you are: the surprising new science that will transform your sex life HQ46 .N32 2015
Lawless, Jennifer L. Running from office: why young Americans are turned off to politics HQ799.9.P6 L38 2015
Mintz, Steven The prime of life: a history of modern adulthood HQ799.95 .M56 2015
Campbell, Gwyn Sex, power, and slavery HT861 .S33 2014
Poo, Ai-jen The age of dignity: preparing for the elder boom in a changing America HV1461 .P66 2015
Beauchamp, Tom L. The Oxford handbook of animal ethics HV4708 .O94 2011
Hecht, Jennifer Michael Stay: a history of suicide and the philosophies against it HV6545 .H372 2013
Fieldston, Sara Raising the world: child welfare in the American century HV881 .F52 2015
Suzuki, Jeff Constitutional calculus: the math of justice and the myth of common sense JK1726 .S89 2015
Dawisha, A. I. The second Arab awakening: revolution, democracy, and the Islamist challenge from Tunis to Damascus JQ1850.A58 D38 2013
Thrift, N. J. Globalization in practice JZ1318 .G6784 2014
Steger, Manfred B. Globalization: a very short introduction JZ1318 .S74 2013
Murdie, Amanda, Help or harm: the human security effects of international NGOs JZ4841 .M87 2014
Richmond, Oliver P. Peace: a very short introduction JZ5538 .R5257 2014
Mohanty, Chandra Talpade, Feminism and war: confronting US imperialism JZ6405.W66 F46 2008
Drassinower, Abraham What's wrong with copying? K1447.15 .D73 2015
Loughlin, Martin The British constitution: a very short introduction KD3934 .L675 2013
Leyland, Peter The constitution of the United Kingdom: a contextual analysis KD3989 .L49 2012
Webber, Jeremy H. A. The constitution of Canada: a contextual analysis KE4219 .W43 2015
Beauchamp, Christopher Invented by law: Alexander Graham Bell and the patent that changed America KF3116 .B43 2015
Tushnet, Mark V. The constitution of the United States of America: a contextual analysis KF4550 .T869 2015
Gajda, Amy The First Amendment bubble: how privacy and paparazzi threaten a free press KF4774 .G35 2015
Jacobs, James B. The eternal criminal record KF9751 .J33 2015
Serna de la Garza, José María The constitution of Mexico: a contextual analysis KGF2921 .S47 2013
Boyron, Sophie The constitution of France: a contextual analysis KJV4079 .B69 2013
Heun, Werner The constitution of Germany: a contextual analysis KK4450 .H48 2011
Ferreres Comella, Víctor Constitution of Spain: a contextual analysis KKT2070 .F48 2013
Henderson, Jane E. The constitution of the Russian Federation: a contextual analysis KLB2070 .H46 2011
Navot, Suzi The constitution of Israel: a contextual analysis KMK1750 .N383 2014
Zhang, Qianfan The constitution of China: a contextual analysis KNQ2070 .Z425 2012
Klug, Heinz The constitution of South Africa: a contextual analysis KTL2070 .K59 2010
Craig, Ryan College disrupted: the great unbundling of higher education LA227.4 .C73 2015
Kuh, George D. Using evidence of student learning to improve higher education LA227.4 .U85 2015
Major, Claire Howell Teaching online: a guide to theory, research, and practice LB1044.87 .M245 2015
Vick, Julia Miller The academic job search handbook LB2331.72 .H45 2008
Bruni, Frank Where you go is not who you'll be: an antidote to the college admissions mania LB2351.2 .B78 2015
  TEAS V preP: strategies, practice & review LB2353.7 .K375 2015
Zakaria, Fareed In defense of a liberal education LC1011 .Z34 2015
Delpit, Lisa D. Multiplication is for white people: raising expectations for other people's children LC213.2 .D45 2012
Conrad, Clifton Educating a diverse nation: lessons from minority-serving institutions LC3727 .C635 2015
Carey, Kevin The end of college: creating the future of learning and the university of everywhere LC5800 .C36 2015
Laats, Adam The other school reformers: conservative activism in American education LC89 .L33 2015
Kuittinen, Riikka Street craft: guerrilla gardening, yarnbombing, light graffiti, street sculpture, and more ND2590 .K85 2015
Alsaid, Adi Never always sometimes Nook Alsaid
Pettegree, Andrew The invention of news: how the world came to know about itself PN5110 .P48 2014
Bolling, Ben It happens at Comic-Con: ethnographic essays on a pop culture phenomenon PN6714 .I8 2014
Berlatsky, Noah Wonder Woman: bondage and feminism in the Marston/Peter Comics, 1941-1948 PN6728.W6 B47 2015
Day, Felicia You're never weird on the Internet (almost): a memoir Popular Day
Hobbs, Jeff The short and tragic life of Robert Peace: a brilliant young man who left Newark for the Ivy League Popular Hobbs
Kaling, Mindy Why not me? Popular Kaling
Rousey, Ronda My fight, your fight Popular Rousey
Prescott, Tara Neil Gaiman in the 21st century: essays on the novels, children's stories, online writings, comics and other works PR6057.A319 Z785 2015
Pratchett, Terry A blink of the screen: collected shorter fiction PR6066.R34 A6 2015
Hutchison, Hazel The war that used up words: American writers and the first world war PS228.W37 H88 2015
Potter, Rachel The Salt companion to Mina Loy PS3523.O975 Z855 2010
Dreger, Alice Domurat Galileo's middle finger: heretics, activists, and the search for justice in science Q175.35 .D74 2015
Russell, Stuart J. Artificial intelligence: a modern approach Q335 .R86 2010
Crotts, Arlin The new moon: water, exploration, and future habitation QB581 .C89 2014
Taylor, F. W. The scientific exploration of Venus QB621 .T38 2014
Gray, Theodore W. Molecules: the elements and the architecture of everything QC173 .G65897 2014
Marshall, George Don't even think about it: why our brains are wired to ignore climate change QC903 .M368 2014
Cross, Kim What stands in a storm: three days in the worst superstorm to hit the South's tornado alley QC955.5.U6 C76 2015
Berners-Lee, Mike How bad are bananas?: the carbon footprint of everything QC981.8.G56 B455 2011
Leroi, Armand Marie The lagoon: how Aristotle invented science QH331 .L5285 2014
Lesk, Arthur M. Introduction to bioinformatics QH507 .L47 2014
Williams, Wendy Kraken: the curious, exciting, and slightly disturbing science of squid QL430.2 .W55 2011
Prosek, James Eels: an exploration, from New Zealand to the Sargasso, of the world's most amazing and mysterious fish QL637.9.A5 P76 2011
Hanson, Thor Feathers: the evolution of a natural miracle QL697.4 .H36 2011
Moore, N. Anthony Rapid review gross and developmental anatomy QM23.2 .M675 2010
Dudek, Ronald W. High-yield embryology QM601 .D83 2014
Sadler, T. W. Langman's medical embryology QM601 .L35 2015
Schoenwolf, Gary C. Larsen's human embryology QM601 .L37 2015
Moore, Keith Leon The developing human: clinically oriented embryology QM601 .M6674 2015
Ovel, Susanna Sonography exam review: physics, abdomen, obstetrics, and gynecology QM601.U4 O96 2014
Topol, Eric J. The patient will see you now: the future of medicine is in your hands R858 .T657 2015
Fox, Renée C. Doctors without borders: humanitarian quests, impossible dreams of Médecins sans frontières RA651 .F652 2014
Barbour, Alan G. Lyme disease: why it's spreading, how it makes you sick, and what to do about it RC155.5 .B38 2015
Glasberg, Beth A. Functional behavior assessment for people with autism: making sense of seemingly senseless behavior RC553.A88 G63 2015
Burkey, John M. The hearing-loss guide: useful information and advice for patients and families RF290 .B872 2015
Herzig, Rebecca M. Plucked : a history of hair removal RL92 .H49 2015
Robbins, Alexandra The nurses: a year of secrets, drama, and miracles with the heroes of the hospital RT89 .R62 2015
Bellamy, Andrea Small-space vegetable gardens: growing great edibles in containers, raised beds, and small plots SB321 .B38 2014
McDonough, William The upcycle TD794.5 .M39524 2013
Levi, Michael A. The power surge: energy, opportunity, and the battle for America's future TJ807.9.U6 L48 2014
Miller, Debra A. Genetically engineered food TP248.65.F66 G45 2012
Lowit, Roxanne Yves Saint Laurent TT505.S24 L59 2014