New Books List

Ashton, Kevin How to fly a horse: the secret history of creation, invention, and discovery B105.C74 A84 2015
Almond, Philip C. The Devil: a new biography BF1548 .A46 2014
Luna, Tania Surprise: embrace the unpredictable and engineer the unexpected BF575.S8 L86 2015
Fontes, Lisa Aronson Invisible chains: overcoming coercive control in your intimate relationship BF632.5 .F66 2015
Schwitzer, Alan M. Diagnosis & treatment planning skills: a popular culture casebook approach BF636.6 .S39 2015
Eklund, Fredrik The sell: the secrets of selling anything to anyone BF637.S8 E37 2015
Crawford, Matthew B. The world beyond your head: on becoming an individual in an age of distraction BF697.5.S65 C73 2015
Goswami, Usha C. Child psychology: a very short introduction BF721 .G648 2014
Singer, Peter The most good you can do: how effective altruism is changing ideas about living ethically BJ1474 .S56 2015
Clothey, Fred Religion in India: a historical introduction BL2001.3 .C56 2006
Breen, John A new history of Shinto BL2218 .B74 2010
Yamakage, Motohisa Essence of Shinto: Japan's spiritual heart BL2220 .Y363 2012
Abrams, Nancy Ellen A God that could be real: spirituality, science, and the future of our planet BL240.3 .A27 2015
Harrison, Peter The territories of science and religion BL240.3 .H365 2015
Lugira, Aloysius Muzzanganda African traditional religion BL2400 .L84 2009
Edmonds, Ennis Barrington Rastafari: a very short introduction BL2532.R37 E35 2012
Durham, Janis Heaphy The hand on the mirror: a true story of life beyond death BL535 .D87 2015
Mercadante, Linda A. Belief without borders: inside the minds of the spiritual but not religious BL624 .M45 2014
Goins, Jeff The art of work: a proven path to discovering what you were meant to do BL629 .G65 2015
Boin, Douglas Coming out Christian in the Roman world: how the followers of Jesus made a place in Caesar's empire BR115.C8 B545 2015
Hillerbrand, Hans Joachim The Protestant Reformation BR305.3 .P75 2009
Pettegree, Andrew Brand Luther: 1517, printing, and the making of the Reformation BR325 .P48 2015
Hoffmeier, James Karl Ancient Israel in Sinai: the evidence for the authenticity of the wilderness tradition BS1245.52 .H64 2005
Fraser, Caroline God's perfect child: living and dying in the Christian Science Church BX6931 .F73 2000
Gill, Gillian Mary Baker Eddy BX6995 .G55 1998x
Hamm, Thomas D. Quaker writings: an anthology, 1650-1920 BX7631.3 .Q35 2010
Givens, Terryl The Book of Mormon: a very short introduction BX8627 .G57 2009
Prestwich, Michael Medieval people: vivid lives in a distant landscape: from Charlemagne to Piero della Francesca CB351 .P727 2014
Wagman-Geller, Marlene Behind every great man: the forgotten women behind the world's famous and infamous CT120 .W33 2015
Fried, Johannes The Middle Ages D117 .F8513 2015
Overy, R. J. A history of war in 100 battles D361 .O77 2014
Clark, Gillian Late antiquity: a very short introduction D57 .C58 2011
Reeves, Richard Infamy: the shocking story of the Japanese American internment in World War II D769.8.A6 R43 2015
Jones, Dan The Wars of the Roses: the fall of the Plantagenets and the rise of the Tudors DA250 .J66 2014
Maier, Thomas When lions roar: the Churchills and the Kennedys DA566.9.C5 M235 2014
Green, David The Hundred Years War: a people's history DC96 .G74 2014
Breuilly, John Austria, Prussia and the making of Germany, 1806-1871 DD203 .B758 2011
Downey, Kirstin Isabella: the warrior queen DP163 .D69 2014
Rogan, Eugene L. The Arabs: a history DS37.7 .R64 2011
Hoyland, Robert G. In God's path: the Arab conquests and the creation of an Islamic empire DS38.1 .H688 2015
Feiler, Bruce S. Walking the Bible: a journey by land through the five books of Moses DS49.7 .F45 2014
McHugo, John Syria: a history of the last hundred years DS95 .M35 2015
Sparks, Randy J. Where the Negroes are masters: an African port in the era of the slave trade DT512.9.A56 S63 2014
Bergreen, Laurence Columbus: the four voyages E118 .B47 2011
Restall, Matthew The conquistadors: a very short introduction E123 .R387 2012
Grant, Susan-Mary A concise history of the United States of America E178 .G734 2012
Chang, Gordon H. Fateful ties: a history of America's preoccupation with China E183.8.C5 C417 2015
Bonilla-Silva, Eduardo Racism without racists: color-blind racism and the persistence of racial inequality in America E184.A1 B597 2014
Lee, Shelley Sang-Hee A new history of Asian America E184.A75 L45 2014
Feagin, Joe R Racist America: roots, current realities, and future reparations E185.615 .F387 2014
Patterson, Orlando The cultural matrix: understanding Black youth E185.86 .C978 2015
Daniels, Cora Impolite conversations on race, politics, sex, money, and religion E185.86 .D354 2014
Stoll, Ira Samuel Adams: a life E302.6.A2 S76 2008
Kidd, Thomas S. Patrick Henry: first among patriots E302.6.H5 K53 2011
Middlekauff, Robert Washington's revolution: the making of a leader E312.25 .M54 2015
Wallace, Anthony F. C. The long, bitter trail: Andrew Jackson and the Indians E381 .W29 1993
White, Deborah G. Ar'n't I a woman?: female slaves in the plantation South E443 .W58 1999
Wood, Betty The origins of American slavery: freedom and bondage in the English colonies E446 .W87 1998
Wood, Betty Slavery in colonial America, 1619-1776 E446 .W88 2005
Alford, Terry Fortune's fool: the life of John Wilkes Booth E457.5 .A44 2015
Martelle, Scott The madman and the assassin: the strange life of Boston Corbett, the man who killed John Wilkes Booth E457.5 .M37 2015
McPherson, James M. The war that forged a nation: why the Civil War still matters E468.9 .M19 2015
Varon, Elizabeth R. Appomattox: victory, defeat, and freedom at the end of the Civil War E477.67 .V376 2015
McPherson, James M. The Negro's Civil War: how American Blacks felt and acted during the war for the Union E540.N3 M25 2003
Lembeck, Harry Taking on Theodore Roosevelt: how one Senator defied the President on Brownsville and shook American politics E664.F69 L46 2015
Nye, Joseph S. Is the American century over? E743 .N94 2015
Mifflin, Margot The blue tattoo: the life of Olive Oatman E99.A6 O185 2011
D'Altroy, Terence N. The Incas F3429 .D35 2015
Mort, T. A. Thieves' road: the Black Hills betrayal and Custer's path to Little Bighorn F657.B6 M67 2015
Stuart, Donald D. Barnyards and Birkenstocks: why farmers and environmentalists need each other GE197 .S778 2014
Jamieson, Dale Reason in a dark time: why the struggle against climate change failed--and what it means for our future GE40 .J36 2014
Gardiner, Stephen Mark A perfect moral storm : the ethical tragedy of climate change GE42 .G37 2011
McGregor, James H. Back to the garden: nature and the Mediterranean world from prehistory to the present GF13.3.M47 M34 2015
Rosenblatt, Adam Digging for the disappeared: forensic science after atrocity GN69.8 .R67 2015
Small, Lisa Killer heels: the art of the high-heeled shoe GT2130 .K55 2014
Ferris, Marcie Cohen The edible South: the power of food and the making of an American region GT2853.U5 F47 2014
Pursell, Carroll W. From playgrounds to PlayStation: the interaction of technology and play GV1201.34 .P87 2015
Fuhrer, Margaret American dance: the complete illustrated history GV1623 .F84 2014
Smith, Jay M. Cheated: the UNC scandal, the education of athletes, and the future of big-time college sports GV691.U57 S65 2015
Banerjee, Samiran Intermediate microeconomics: a tool-building approach HB172 .B26 2014
Mulgan, Geoff The locust and the bee: predators and creators in capitalism's future HB501 .M837 2015
Paulson, Henry M. Dealing with China: an insider unmasks the new economic superpower HC427.95 .P38 2015
Godfrey, Paul C. More than money: five forms of capital to create wealth and eliminate poverty HC79.P6 G68 2014
Knupfer, Anne Meis Food co-ops in America: communities, consumption, and economic democracy HD3444 .K68 2013
Raines, Susan Conflict management for managers: resolving workplace, client, and policy disputes HD42 .R35 2013
Standiford, Les Water to the angels: William Mulholland, his monumental aqueduct, and the rise of Los Angeles HD4464.L7 S73 2015
Clark, Dorie Stand out: how to find your breakthrough idea and build a following around it HD53 .C562 2015
Packard, Susan New rules of the game: 10 strategies for women in the workplace HD6054.3 .P33 2015
Kawasaki, Guy The art of the start 2.0: the time-tested, battle-hardened guide for anyone starting anything HD62.5 .K38 2015
Standiford, Les Meet you in hell: Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick, and the bitter partnership that transformed America HD9519.C2 S83 2006
Sharma, Dinesh C. The outsourcer: the story of India's IT revolution HD9696.63.I42 S48 2015
Clissold, Tim Chinese rules: Mao's dog, Deng's cat, and five timeless lessons from the front lines in China HF3836.5 .C55 2014
Wilson, Gwenn 100% job search success HF5382.75.U6 W53 2015
Quartz, Steven Cool: how the brain's hidden quest for cool drives our economy and shapes our world HF5415.32 .Q37 2015
Weverka, Peter Office 2016 all-in-one for dummies HF5548.4.M525 W48456 2016
Oliu, Walter E. Writing that works: communicating effectively on the job HF5721 .O53 2013
Fennis, Bob Michaël The psychology of advertising HF5822 .F456 2016
Banks, Amy Elizabeth Four ways to click: rewire your brain for stronger, more rewarding relationships HM1106 .B366 2015
Kawasaki, Guy The art of social media: power tips for power users HM742 .K39 2014
Pasquale, Frank The black box society: the secret algorithms that control money and information HN49.P6 P375 2015
Stavans, Ilan A most imperfect union: a contrarian history of the United States HN57 .S69 2014
Burrough, Bryan Days of rage: America's radical underground, the FBI, and the forgotten age of revolutionary violence HN90.R3 B79 2015
Collins, Chuck Class lives: stories from across our economic divide HN90.S6 C5646 2014
Alexandre, Michèle Sexploitation: sexual profiling and the illusion of gender HQ1075 .A389 2014
Merino, Noël Gender roles HQ1075 .G4663 2014
Brake, Elizabeth Minimizing marriage: marriage, morality, and the law HQ734 .B785 2012
Stryker, Susan The transgender studies reader HQ77.9 .T72 2006
Stryker, Susan The transgender studies reader 2 HQ77.9 .T72 2013
Siegel, Frederick F. The revolt against the masses: how liberalism has undermined the middle class HT684 .S54 2015
Petrick, Elizabeth Making computers accessible: disability rights and digital technology HV1569.5 .P47 2015
Napoleoni, Loretta The Islamist phoenix: The Islamic State and the redrawing of the Middle East HV6433.I722 I8563 2014
Garbarino, James Listening to killers: lessons learned from my twenty years as a psychological expert witness in murder cases HV6529 .G37 2015
Krakauer, Jon Missoula: rape and the justice system in a college town HV6568.M57 K73 2015
Böwering, Gerhard Islamic political thought: an introduction JA84.I78 I85 2015
Smith, Anthony D. Nationalism: theory, ideology, history JC311 .S5392 2010
Gregor, A. James Marxism, fascism, and totalitarianism: chapters in the intellectual history of radicalism JC480 .G74 2009
Gündogdu, Ayten Rightlessness in an age of rights: Hannah Arendt and the contemporary struggles of migrants JC571 .G7863 2015
Abrajano, Marisa White backlash: immigration, race, and American politics JK1967 .A57 2015
Cost, Jay A republic no more: big government and the rise of American political corruption JK2249 .C69 2015
Aldrich, John H. Why parties?: a second look JK2261 .A458 2011
Howell, William G Thinking about the presidency: the primacy of power JK516 .H675 2013
Waldinger, Roger David The cross-border connection: immigrants, emigrants, and their homelands JV6033 .W35 2015
Regan, Margaret Detained and deported: stories of immigrant families under fire JV6483 .R44 2015
Bew, John Realpolitik: a history JZ1307 .B48 2015
Kaplan, Robert D. Asia's cauldron: the South China Sea and the end of a stable Pacific JZ1980 .K37 2014
Constable, Marianne Our word is our bond: how legal speech acts K487.L36 C658 2014
Cannon, Jonathan Z. Environment in the balance: the green movement and the Supreme Court KF3775 .C365 2015
Lee, Mike Our lost Constitution: the willful subversion of America's founding document KF4550 .L36 2015
Slack, Charles Liberty's first crisis: Adams, Jefferson, and the misfits who saved free speech KF4770 .S59 2015
Blumenstyk, Goldie American higher education in crisis?: what everyone needs to know LA227.4 .B59 2015
Lemov, Doug Teach like a champion 2.0: 62 techniques that put students on the path to college LB1025.3 .L484 2015
Underwood, Jean D. M. Learning and the e-generation LB1028.43 .U53 2015
  Working with students in community colleges: contemporary strategies for bridging theory, research, and practice LB2328.15.U6 W67 2014
Mettler, Suzanne Degrees of inequality: how the politics of higher education sabotaged the American dream LC173 .M48 2014
Arum, Richard Aspiring adults adrift: tentative transitions of college graduates LC191.94 .A78 2014
Edwards, Paul The concise guide to hip-hop music: a fresh look at the art of hip-hop, from old-school beats to freestyle rap ML3531 .E38 2015
Swafford, Jan Beethoven: anguish and triumph: a biography ML410.B4 S94 2014
Soulsby, Nick I found my friends: the oral history of Nirvana ML421.N57 S68 2015
Meyer, Karl E. The China collectors: America's century-long hunt for Asian art treasures N7340 .M475 2015
Banksy This is not a photo opportunity: the street art of Banksy ND497.B254 A4 2015
Meyer, Marissa Fairest: Levana's story Nook Meyer
Meyer, Marissa Cinder Nook Meyer vol. 1
Meyer, Marissa Scarlet Nook Meyer vol. 2
Meyer, Marissa Cress Nook Meyer vol. 3
Meyer, Marissa Winter Nook Meyer vol. 4
Souljah A moment of silence Nook Souljah vol. 3
Currey, Mason Daily rituals: how artists work NX165 .C87 2013
Mutz, Diana Carole In-your-face politics: the consequences of uncivil media P95.82.U6 M88 2015
Peckett, C. W. E. Thrasymachus: a new Greek course PA258 .P43 1984
Norris, Mary Between you & me: confessions of a Comma Queen PE1450 .N67 2015
Mulgrew, Kate Born with teeth: a memoir PN2287.M785 A3 2015
Allende, Isabel The Japanese lover: a novel Popular Allende
Weir, Andy The Martian: a novel Popular Andy Weir
Baldacci, David The finisher: a novel Popular Baldacci vol. 1
Cline, Ernest Ready player one Popular Cline
Gaiman, Neil Trigger warning: short fictions and disturbances Popular Gaiman
Maguire, Gregory After Alice Popular Maguire
King, Stephen The bazaar of bad dreams Popular S. King
Stephenson, Neal Seveneves: [a novel] Popular Stephenson
Smith, Tracy K. Ordinary light: a memoir Popular Tracy Smith
Trigiani, Adriana Lucia, Lucia: a novel Popular Trigiani
Trigiani, Adriana Big Cherry Holler: a Big Stone Gap novel Popular Trigiani vol. 2
Gordon, Charlotte Romantic outlaws: the extraordinary lives of Mary Wollstonecraft and her daughter Mary Shelley PR5841.W8 Z716 2015
Loy, Mina The lost lunar Baedeker: poems of Mina Loy PS3523.O975 A6 1996
Grissom, James Follies of God: Tennessee Williams and the women of the fog PS3545.I5365 Z666 2015
O'Brien, Tim Going after Cacciato / PS3565.B75 G6 1999
Mlodinow, Leonard The upright thinkers: the human journey from living in trees to understanding the cosmos Q126 .M56 2015
Shrader-Frechette, K. S. Tainted: how philosophy of science can expose bad science Q172.5.E77 S57 2014
Bott, Ed Windows 10 inside out QA76.774.M435 B68 2015
Pogue, David Windows 10: the missing manual QA76.774.M436 P65 2015
Pogue, David iPhone: the missing manual QA76.8 .I64 P64 2015
Eagle, Nathan Reality mining: using big data to engineer a better world QA76.9.D343 E24 2014
Bell, Jim The interstellar age: inside the forty-year Voyager mission QB601 .B45 2015
Halpern, Paul Einstein's dice and Schrödinger's cat: how two great minds battled quantum randomness to create a unified theory of physics QC174.17.C45 H35 2015
Casey, John L. Dark winter: how the sun is causing a 30-year cold spell QC883.2.S6 C37 2014
Stern, N. H. Why are we waiting?: the logic, urgency, and promise of tackling climate change QC903 .S833 2015
Barnett, Cynthia Rain: a natural and cultural history QC925 .B315 2015
Sobel, Adam H. Storm surge: Hurricane Sandy, our changing climate, and extreme weather of the past and future QC945 .S624 2014
Rudwick, M. J. S. Earth's deep history: how it was discovered and why it matters QE11 .R827 2014
Knoll, Andrew H. Life on a young planet: the first three billion years of evolution on earth QH325 .K54 2015
Pearce, Fred The new wild: why invasive species will be nature's salvation QH353 .P43 2015
Coen, Enrico Cells to civilizations: principles of change that shape life QH501 .C63 2012
Balmford, Andrew Wild hope: on the front lines of conservation success QH75 .B266 2014
DeBuys, William The last unicorn: a search for one of Earth's rarest creatures QL737.U53 D434 2015
Braverman, Irus Wild life: the institution of nature QL82 .B75 2015
Fagan, Brian M. The intimate bond: how animals shaped human history QL85 .F34 2015
Barrett, Louise Beyond the brain: how body and environment shape animal and human minds QL933 .B27 2011
Gaynor, Mitchell L., The gene therapy plan: taking control of your genetic destiny with diet and lifestyle QP144.G45 G39 2015
Kurzweil, Ray The singularity is near: when humans transcend biology QP376 .K85 2006
Eilers, Miriam The human enhancement debate and disability: new bodies for a better life R855 .E3547 2014
Burnham, John C. Health care in America: a history RA445 .B87 2015
Davies, Kate The rise of the U.S. environmental health movement RA566.3 .D38 2013
Holland, Julie Moody bitches: the truth about the drugs you're taking, the sleep you're missing, the sex you're not having, and what's really making you crazy / RA778 .H755 2015
Scull, Andrew Madness in civilization: a cultural history of insanity, from the Bible to Freud, from the madhouse to modern medicine RC438 .S39483 2015
Korb, Alex The upward spiral: using neuroscience to reverse the course of depression, one small change at a time RC537 .K67 2015
Hillson, Rowan Diabetes care: a practical manual RC660 .H552 2015
Benedetti, F. Placebo effects RM331 .B46 2014
Martin, Richard Coal wars: the future of energy and the fate of the planet TD196.C63 M37 2015
Mingle, Jonathan Fire and ice: soot, solidarity, and survival on the roof of the world TD885.5.C3 M56 2015
Mueller, John Security for web developers TK5105.59 .M8455 2015
Lemay, Laura Web publishing with HTML5 and CSS3 in one hour a day TK5105.888 .L4639 2016
Goldstone, Lawrence Birdmen: the Wright Brothers, Glenn Curtiss, and the battle to control the skies TL521 .G568 2014
Addario, Lynsey It's what I do: a photographer's life of love and war TR140.A265 A3 2015
Egan, Timothy Short nights of the shadow catcher: the epic life and immortal photographs of Edward Curtis TR140.C82 E43 2013
Shields, David S. Southern provisions: the creation & revival of a cuisine TX633 .S55 2015
Tzemach Lemmon, Gayle Ashley's war: the untold story of a team of women soldiers on the special ops battlefield UB418.W65 T94 2015
Baron, Naomi S. Words onscreen: the fate of reading in a digital world Z1033.E43 B37 2015