New Books List


Wilson, Edward O. The meaning of human existence BD450 .W5225 2014
Kors, Alan Charles Witchcraft in Europe, 400-1700: a documentary history BF1566 .W739 2001
Levack, Brian P. The Oxford handbook of witchcraft in early modern Europe and colonial America BF1571 .O94 2014
Baker, Emerson W. A storm of witchcraft: the Salem trials and the American experience BF1575.W5 B35 2015
Lewis, Michael The rise of consciousness and the development of emotional life BF311 .L484 2014
Schoeck, Helmut Envy: a theory of social behaviour BF575.E65 S3213 1987
Katchadourian, Herant A. Guilt: the bite of conscience BF575.G8 K38 2010
Kashdan, Todd The upside of your dark side: why being your whole self--not just your "good" self--drives success and fulfillment BF575.S37 K37 2014
Moore, Kathleen A. Stress and anxiety: applications to health and well-being, work stressors, and assessment BF575.S75 S7553 2013
Gray, Peter B. Evolution and human sexual behavior BF692 .G687 2013
Whitcomb, Sara A. Behavioral, social, and emotional assessment of children and adolescents BF722 .M45 2012
Salmon, Catherine. The secret power of middle children: how middleborns can harness their unexpected and remarkable abilities BF723.B5 S25 2012
Barish, Kenneth Pride and joy: a guide to understanding your child's emotions and solving family problems BF723.E6 B25 2012
Klebanov, Marianna S. The critical role of parenting in human development BF723.P25 K54 2015
Fishbein, Harold D. Peer prejudice and discrimination: the origins of prejudice BF723.P75 F57 2002
Steinberg, Laurence D. Age of opportunity: lessons from the new science of adolescence BF724 .S753 2014
Kushner, Harold S. How good do we have to be?: a new understanding of guilt and forgiveness BJ1401 .K87 1996
Armstrong, Karen Fields of blood: religion and the history of violence BL65.V55 A76 2014
Sutton, Matthew Avery American apocalypse: a history of modern evangelicalism BR1640 .S88 2014
Wilson, Barrie A. How Jesus became Christian BS2653 .W55 2008
Jacobovici, Simcha The lost gospel: decoding the ancient text that reveals Jesus' marriage to Mary the Magdalene BT303 .J33 2014
Ward, Graham Unbelievable: why we believe and why we don't BT50 .W373 2014
De Conick, April D. Holy misogyny: why the sex and gender conflicts in the early Church still matter BV639 .W7 2013
Johnson, Marilyn Lives in ruins: archaeologists and the seductive lure of human rubble CC175 .J64 2014
Golley, Nawar Al-Hassan Arab women's lives retold: exploring identity through writing CT3748 .A73 2007
Otte, Thomas G. July Crisis: the world's descent into war, summer 1914 D511 .O83 2014
Watson, Alexander Ring of steel: Germany and Austria-Hungary in World War I D531 .W38 2014b
Ulrichsen, Kristian The First World War in the Middle East D566 .U57 2014
Kingsbury, Celia Malone For home and country: World War I propaganda on the home front D639.P7 U63 2010
Cunliffe, Barry W. The Celts: a very short introduction D70 .C88 2003
Pike, Francis Hirohito's war: the Pacific war, 1941-1945 D767 .P55 2015
Shirley, Craig December 1941: 31 days that changed America and saved the world D769 .S54 2013
Pitts, Michael W. Digging for Richard III: how archaeology found the king DA260 .P58 2014
Tremlett, Giles Catherine of Aragon: the Spanish queen of Henry VIII DA333.A6 T74 2010
Matusiak, John Wolsey: the life of King Henry VIII's Cardinal DA334.W8 M388 2014
Coward, Barry The Stuart age: England, 1603-1714 DA375 .C74 2012
Fraser, Antonia Cromwell, the Lord Protector DA426 .F7 2001
Fremont-Barnes, Gregory The Jacobite Rebellion 1745-46 DA814.5 .F74 2011
Fraser, Antonia Marie Antoinette: the journey DC137.1 .F73 2002
Spawforth, Antony Versailles: a biography of a palace DC801.V57 S67 2010
Hall, Edith Introducing the ancient Greeks: from Bronze Age seafarers to navigators of the Western mind DF214 .H26 2014
Ober, Josiah The rise and fall of classical Greece DF77 .O24 2015
Alston, Richard Rome's revolution: death of the republic and birth of the empire DG254 .A47 2015
Oz, Amos Jews and words DS113 .O98 2012
Wright, Lawrence Thirteen days in September: Carter, Begin, and Sadat at Camp David DS128.183 .W75 2014
Sardar, Ziauddin Mecca: the sacred city DS248.M4 S31 2014
Bolger, Daniel P. Why we lost: a general's inside account of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars DS79.76 .B653 2014
Marozzi, Justin Baghdad: city of peace, city of blood--a history in thirteen centuries DS79.9.B25 M37 2014
Wisner, Geoff African lives: an anthology of memoirs and autobiographies DT18 .A644 2013
Haley, James L. Captive paradise: a history of Hawaii DU625 .H28 2014
Hibbert, Christopher Redcoats and rebels: the American Revolution through British eyes E230 .H31 2002
Gwynne, S. C. Rebel yell: the violence, passion, and redemption of Stonewall Jackson E467.1.J15 G95 2014
Berkin, Carol Civil War wives: the lives and times of Angelina Grimké Weld, Varina Howell Davis, and Julia Dent Grant E628 .B47 2009
Roosevelt, Eleanor The autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt E807.1.R48 A3 2014
Bush, George W. 41 : a portrait of my father E882 .B86 2014
Mann, Jim George W. Bush E902 .M344 2015
Clinton, Hillary Rodham Hard choices E907 .C55 2015
Ackerman, Diane The human age: the world shaped by us GF13 .A35 2014
Barash, David P. Homo mysterious: evolutionary puzzles of human nature GN281 .B36 2013
Warner, Marina Once upon a time: a short history of fairy tale GR550 .W39 2014
McClusky, Mark Faster, higher, stronger: how sports science is creating a new generation of superathletes, and what we can learn from them GV558 .M34 2014
Barringer, Bruce R. Entrepreneurship: successfully launching new ventures HB615 .B374 2012
Tirado, Linda Hand to mouth: living in bootstrap America HC110.P6 T57 2014
Klein, Naomi This changes everything: capitalism vs. the climate HC79.E5 K56 2014
Barringer, Bruce R. Preparing effective business plans: an entrepreneurial approach HD30.28 .B36837 2015
Kantor, David Reading the room: group dynamics for coaches and leaders HD30.3 .K364 2012
Sutton, Robert I. Scaling up excellence: getting to more without settling for less HD58.8 .S887 2014
Leroux Miller, Kivi Content marketing for nonprofits: a communications map for engaging your community, becoming a favorite cause, and raising more money HD62.6 .L46 2013
Ellis, Charles D. Falling short: the coming retirement crisis and what to do about it HD7125 .E554 2014
Naylor, Rosamond The evolving sphere of food security HD9000.5 .E96 2014
Schmidt, Eric Google: how Google works HD9696.8.U64 G66647 2014
Richtel, Matt A deadly wandering: a tale of tragedy and redemption in the age of attention HE5620.D59 R53 2014
Huffington, Arianna Stassinopoulos Thrive: the third metric to redefining success and creating a life of well-being, wisdom, and wonder HF5386 .H9125 2014
Kerin, Roger A. Marketing HF5415 .M29474 2015
Friedman, Ron The best place to work: the art and science of creating an extraordinary workplace HF5549.5.M63 F746 2014
Andrews, Marc Hidden persuasion: 33 psychological influence techniques in advertising HF5822 .A54 2013
Sullivan, Luke Hey whipple squeeze this!: a classic guide to creating great ads HF5825 .S88 2012
Halpern, Jake Bad paper: chasing debt from Wall Street to the underworld HG179 .H247 2014
Fischhoff, Baruch Risk: a very short introduction HM1101 .F568 2011
Penny, Laurie Unspeakable things: sex, lies and revolution HM621 .P45 2014
Rose, David Enchanted objects: design, human desire, and the Internet of things HM851 .R665 2014
Campbell, Anne A mind of her own: the evolutionary psychology of women HQ1206 .C253 2013
Anderson, Kristin J. Modern misogyny: anti-feminism in a post-feminist era HQ1233 .A686 2015
Moore, Nelwyn B. Speaking of sexuality: interdisciplinary readings HQ21 .S6244 2010
Pollitt, Katha Pro: reclaiming abortion rights HQ767.5.U5 P65 2014
Corsaro, William A. The sociology of childhood HQ767.9 .C675 2015
Read, Veronica Developing attachment in early years settings: nurturing secure relationships from birth to five years HQ778.7.G7 R43 2014
Arnett, Jeffrey Jensen Emerging adulthood: the winding road from the late teens through the twenties HQ799.5 .A72 2014
Benson, Bruce L. Handbook on the economics of crime HV6171 .H36 2012
Risen, James Pay any price: greed, power, and endless war HV6432 .R56 2014
Worsley, Lucy The art of the English murder HV6535.G4 W67 2014
Krebs, Brian Spam nation: the inside story of organized cybercrime--from global epidemic to your front door HV6773.2 .K74 2014
Davies, Douglas Child development: a practitioner's guide HV713 .D375 2011
Goffman, Alice On the run: fugitive life in an American city HV9956.P53 G64 2014
Foer, Franklin Insurrections of the mind: 100 years of politics and culture in America JC574.2.U6 I57 2014b
Lane, M. S. The birth of politics: eight Greek and Roman political ideas and why they matter JC73 .L3 2014
May, Gary Bending toward justice: the Voting Rights Act and the transformation of American democracy KF4893 .M39 2014
  Get it together for college: a planner to help you get organized and get in LB2351.2 .G484 2015
Lang, James M. Cheating lessons: learning from academic dishonesty LB3609 .L275 2013
Williamson, Joel Elvis Presley: a southern life ML420.P96 W59 2015
Kirwin, Liza More than words: illustrated letters from the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art N6536 .K56 2015
Finlay, Victoria The brilliant history of color in art N7432.7 .F56 2014
Crouch, Blake Pines: a novel Nook Crouch
Kirkman, Robert The walking dead compendium one Nook Kirkman vol. 1
Kirkman, Robert The walking dead compendium two Nook Kirkman vol. 2
Tahir, Sabaa. An ember in the ashes: a novel Nook Tahir
Greenberg, Barbara R. Teenage as a second language: a parents guide to becoming bilingual P120.Y68 G74 2010
Moore, Nina-Jo Nonverbal communication: studies and applications P99.5 .H53 2014
Kim, Suki Without you, there is no us: my time with the sons of North Korea's elite PE64.K45 A3 2014
Shishkin, Mikhail Calligraphy lesson: the collected stories PG3487.I7525 C35 2015
Oz, Amos Scenes from village life PJ5054 .O9 T4613 2011
Govrin, Michal Hold on to the sun: true stories and tales PJ5054.G665 L413 2010
Hoffmann, Yoel Curriculum vitae PJ5054.H6319 C8713 2009
Hoffmann, Yoel Katschen ; & the Book of Joseph PJ5054.H6319 K3813 1999
Oz, Amos Don't call it night PJ5054.O9 A7813 1995
Oz, Amos Between friends PJ5054.O9 B4613 2014
Shalev, Meir My Russian grandmother and her American vacuum cleaner: a memoir PJ5054.S384 Z4613 2011
Sabato, Hayim The dawning of the day: a Jerusalem tale PJ5055.4.A24 K43 2008
Shaleṿ, Tseruyah The remains of love: a novel PJ5055.41.A43 S5413 2013
Jayyusi, Salma Khadra Modern Arabic fiction: an anthology PJ7694.E8 M59 2008
Barakāt, Hudá The stone of laughter: a novel PJ7816.A672 H3513 1995
Barakāt, Hudá Tiller of waters PJ7816.A672 H3713 2004
Khalīfah, Saḥar The inheritance PJ7842.H2938 M5713 2005
Khalīfah, Saḥar Wild thorns PJ7842.H2938 S913 2000
Khūrī, Ilyās Little mountain PJ7842.H823 J3420 2007
Khūrī, Ilyās The journey of little Gandhi PJ7842.H823 R5413 2009
Kūnī, Ibrāhīm The bleeding of the stone PJ7842.U54 N3913 2002
Maḥfūẓ, Najīb Children of the alley PJ7846.A46 A913 1996
Munīf, ʻAbd al-Raḥmān Variations on night and day PJ7850.U514 T3613 1994
Munīf, ʻAbd al-Raḥmān The trench PJ7850.U514 U3513 1993
Ṣāliḥ, al-Ṭayyib Season of migration to the north PJ7862.A564 M313 2009
Johnson, Penny Seeking Palestine: new Palestinian writing on exile and home PJ8190.82.E5 S44 2013
Tagore, Rabindranath The home and the world PK1723.G5 E5 2005
Iftiḵẖār ʻĀrif Modern poetry of Pakistan PK2978.E5 M65 2010
Maḥmūd, Aḥmad The neighbors PK6561.M2 H313 2013
Barlow, Tani E. Gender politics in modern China: writing and feminism PL2442 .G46 1993
Levi, Mario Istanbul was a fairy tale PL248.L45 I8813 2012
Zhang, Er Another kind of nation: an anthology of contemporary Chinese poetry PL2658.E3 A46 2007
Davies, Gloria Lu Xun's revolution: writing in a time of violence PL2754.S5 Z595126 2013
Ding, Ling I myself am a woman: selected writings of Ding Ling PL2758.I54 A6 1989
Gao, Xingjian Leng de wen xue: Gao Xingjian zhu zuo xuan PL2869.O128 A25 2005
Gao, Xingjian The case for literature PL2869.O128 A6 2007
Gao, Xingjian One man's Bible: a novel PL2869.O128 Y49413 2002
Su, Tong Raise the red lantern: three novellas PL2904.T86 A24 2004
Yan, Lianke Dream of Ding Village PL2925.L54 D5613 2011
Yu, Hua The seventh day PL2928.H78 D513 2015
Yu, Hua To live: a novel PL2928.H78 H8613 2003
Yu, Hua Brothers PL2928.H78 X5613 2010
Anantha Murthy, U. R. Samskara: a rite for a dead man PL4659.A5 S36 2012
Rimer, J. Thomas The Columbia anthology of modern Japanese literature PL782.E1 C55 2005
Ogede, Ode Intertextuality in contemporary African literature: looking inward PL8010 .O328 2011
Ojaide, Tanure Contemporary African literature: new approaches PL8010 .O3296 2012
Moore, Gerald The Penguin book of modern African poetry PL8011 .P4 1998
Murakami, Haruki 1Q84 PL856.U673 A61213 2013
Rubin, Jay Haruki Murakami and the music of words PL856.U673 Z84 2005
Mohamed, Said Ahmed He's far too much PL8704.M5895 A8313 2013
Webber, Christopher Give me liberty: speakers and speeches that have shaped America PN4055.U6 W43 2014
Chandra, Vikram Geek sublime: the beauty of code, the code of beauty PN56.T37 C426 2014
Lepore, Jill The secret history of Wonder Woman PN6728.W6 L48 2014
Spillman, Rob Gods and soldiers: the Penguin anthology of contemporary African writing PN849.A352 G63 2009
Knoll, Jessica. Luckiest girl alive Popular Knoll
Kondō, Marie The life-changing magic of tidying up: the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing Popular Kondō
King, Stephen Revival: a novel Popular S. King
Condé, Maryse Segu PQ3949.2.C65 S4413x 1996
Zobel, Joseph Black Shack Alley = La rue Cases-Nègres PQ3949.Z6 R813 1980
Djebar, Assia Fantasia, an Algerian cavalcade PQ3989.2.D57 A813 1993
Djebar, Assia Children of the New World: a novel of the Algerian War PQ3989.2.D57 E513 2005
Djebar, Assia Women of Algiers in their apartment PQ3989.2.D57 F413 1999
Hiddleston, Jane Assia Djebar: out of Algeria PQ3989.2.D57 Z69 2011x
Khadra, Yasmina The attack PQ3989.2.K386 A8813 2007
Khadra, Yasmina The swallows of Kabul PQ3989.2.K386 H5713 2004
Werewere Liking It shall be of jasper and coral ; and, Love-across-a-hundred-lives: two novels PQ3989.2.L54 E44 2000
Mabanckou, Alain Memoirs of a porcupine PQ3989.2.M217 M4513 2012
Dib, Mohammed At the café ; &, The talisman PQ3989.D52 A2 2011
Sembène, Ousmane God's bits of wood PQ3989.S46 B613 1995
González Echevarría, Roberto Modern Latin American literature: a very short introduction PQ7081 .G6315 2012
Plimpton, George Latin American writers at work PQ7081.3 .L38 2003
  Short stories by Latin American women: the magic and the real PQ7087.F5 S46 2003
Poniatowska, Elena Here's to you, Jesusa! PQ7297.P63 H313 2002
Poniatowska, Elena Tinisima PQ7297.P63 T5613 2006
Aira, César How I became a nun PQ7798.1.I7 C6613 2007
Martínez, Tomás Eloy Santa Evita PQ7798.23.A692 S3513 1997
Valenzuela, Luisa The censors PQ7798.32.A48 A6 1992
Bolaño, Roberto The savage detectives PQ8098.12.O38 D4813 2008
Zambra, Alejandro Ways of going home PQ8098.36.A43 F6713 2013
Zambra, Alejandro My documents PQ8098.36.A43 M913 2015
Zambra, Alejandro The private lives of trees PQ8098.36.A43 V5313 2010
Mutis, Alvaro The adventures and misadventures of Maqroll PQ8180.23.U8 E6613 2002
Vargas Llosa, Mario The discreet hero PQ8498.32.A65 H4713 2015
Vargas Llosa, Mario Aunt Julia and the scriptwriter PQ8498.32.A65 T513 2007
Vargas Llosa, Mario A fish in the water: a memoir PQ8498.32.A65 Z4613 2011
Kristal, Efraín The Cambridge companion to Mario Vargas Llosa PQ8498.32.A65 Z627 2012
Bishop, Elizabeth An anthology of twentieth-century Brazilian poetry PQ9658 .B5
Amado, Jorge Captains of the sands PQ9697.A647 C373 2013
Amado, Jorge Dona Flor and her two husbands: a moral and amorous tale PQ9697.A647 D618 2006
Amado, Jorge The war of the saints PQ9697.A647 S7913 1995x
Strand, Mark Looking for poetry: poems by Carlos Drummond de Andrade and Rafael Alberti and songs from the Quechua PQ9697.A7185 A267 2002
Lispector, Clarice Near to the wild heart PQ9697.L585 P413 2012
Moser, Benjamin Why this world: a biography of Clarice Lispector PQ9697.L585 Z777 2009
Scliar, Moacyr The centaur in the garden PQ9698.29.C54 C4313 2011
Couto, Mia Sleepwalking land PQ9939.C68 T4713 2006
Anam, Tahmima A golden age: a novel PR6101.N32 G65 2009
Mistry, Rohinton Such a long journey PR9199.3.M494 S84 1992
Kincaid, Jamaica Annie John PR9275.A583 K5634 1997
Gordimer, Nadine Life times: stories, 1952-2007 PR9369.3.G6 L54 2010
Gordimer, Nadine No time like the present PR9369.3.G6 N58 2012b
Gordimer, Nadine The pickup PR9369.3.G6 P53 2013
Gordimer, Nadine Telling times: writing and living, 1954-2008 PR9369.3.G6 T46 2010
Mda, Zakes The heart of redness PR9369.3.M4 H43 2000
Wicomb, Zoë You can't get lost in Cape Town PR9369.3.W53 Y6 2000
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi Americanah: a novel PR9387.9.A34354 A44 2013
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi Purple hibiscus: a novel PR9387.9.A34354 P87 2012
Barrett, A. Igoni Love is power, or something like that: stories  PR9387.9.B365 A6 2013
Bulawayo, NoViolet We need new names: a novel PR9390.9.B85 W42 2014
Farah, Nuruddin From a crooked rib PR9396.9.F3 F76 2006
Brians, Paul Modern South Asian literature in English PR9484.6 .B75 2003
Mukherjee, Bharati Miss new India PR9499.3 .M77 M56 2012
Desai, Anita The artist of disappearance: three novellas PR9499.3.D465 A88 2012
Desai, Anita Clear light of day PR9499.3.D465 C56 2000
Desani, G. V. All about H. Hatterr PR9499.3.D472 A79 2007
Ghosh, Amitav The circle of reason PR9499.3.G536 C57 2005
Ghosh, Amitav The hungry tide PR9499.3.G536 H86 2005
Ghosh, Amitav Sea of poppies PR9499.3.G536 S43 2009 vol. 1
Ghosh, Amitav River of smoke PR9499.3.G536 S43 2012 vol. 2
Mukherjee, Bharati Jasmine PR9499.3.M77 J3 1989
Mukherjee, Bharati The middleman and other stories PR9499.3.M77 M5 1988
Narayan, R. K. Malgudi days PR9499.3.N3 M34 2006
Mukherjee, Neel The lives of others PR9499.4.M84 L58 2014
Rody, Caroline The daughter's return: African-American and Caribbean women's fictions of history PS153.N5 .R59 2001
Toomer, Jean Cane: authoritative text PS3539.O478 C3 2011
Lahr, John Tennessee Williams: mad pilgrimage of the flesh PS3545.I5365 Z7326 2014
Alameddine, Rabih The hakawati PS3551.L215 H35 2008
Alameddine, Rabih An unnecessary woman PS3551.L215 U56 2013
Alvarez, Julia In the time of the butterflies PS3551.L845 I5 2010
Butler, Octavia E. Parable of the talents PS3552.U827 P38 2000
Campbell, Bebe Moore Brothers and sisters PS3553.A4395 B76 2000
Delany, Samuel R. Babel-17 ; Empire star PS3554.E437 B33 2001
Desai, Kiran Hullabaloo in the guava orchard PS3554.E82 H85 2009
Sinha, Sunita Critical responses to Kiran Desai PS3554.E82 Z62 2009
Harper, Michael S. Dear John, dear Coltrane: poems PS3558.A6248 D4 1985
Jin, Ha War trash: a novel PS3560.I6 W37 2005b
Suri, Manil The age of Shiva: a novel PS3569.U725 A7 2009
Suri, Manil The city of Devi PS3569.U725 C58 2013
Lalami, Laila The Moor's account: a novel PS3612.A543 M66 2014
Ruhl, Sarah 100 essays I don't have time to write: on umbrellas and sword fights, parades and dogs, fire alarms, children, and theater PS3618.U48 A6 2014
Porter, Horace A. Dreaming out loud: African American novelists at work PS508.N3 D68 2015
Gutkind, Lee The best creative nonfiction. Volume 1 PS643 .B48 2009 vol. 1
Gutkind, Lee The best creative nonfiction. Volume 2 PS643 .B48 2009 vol. 2
Sabato, Hayim Adjusting sights PZ4.S2313 Ad 2006
Shachtman, Tom Gentlemen scientists and revolutionaries: the founding fathers in the age of enlightenment Q127.U6 S46 2014
Munroe, Randall What if?: serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions Q173 .M965 2014
Isaacson, Walter The innovators: how a group of hackers, geniuses, and geeks created the digital revolution QA76.2.A2 I87 2014
Schlender, Brent Becoming Steve Jobs: the evolution of a reckless upstart into a visionary leader QA76.2.J63 S35 2015
Scharf, Caleb A. The Copernicus complex: our cosmic significance in a universe of planets and probabilities QB981 .S34 2014
Butterworth, Jon Most wanted particle: the inside story of the hunt for the Higgs, the heart of the future of physics QC16.B88 A3 2014
Monk, Ray Robert Oppenheimer: a life inside the center QC16.O62 M66 2014
Emlen, Douglas John Animal weapons: the evolution of battle QL940 .E45 2014
Kirk, Timothy W. Hospice ethics: policy and practice in palliative care R726.8 .H664 2014
Seager, Stephen B. Behind the gates of Gomorrah: a year with the criminally insane RA1151 .S34 2014
Quammen, David Ebola: the natural and human history of a deadly virus RC140.5 .Q36 2014
Gersch, Carolyn J. Psychiatric nursing made incredibly easy! RC440 .P764 2016
Comer, Meryl Slow dancing with a stranger: lost and found in the age of Alzheimer's RC523 .C656 2014
Daitch, Carolyn Anxiety disorders: the go-to guide for clients and therapists RC531 .D353 2011
Wehrenberg, Margaret Anxiety + depression: effective treatment of the big two co-occurring disorders RC531 .W424 2014
Van der Kolk, Bessel A. The body keeps the score: brain, mind, and body in the healing of trauma RC552.P67 V358 2014
Nathan, Debbie Sybil exposed: the extraordinary story behind the famous multiple personality case RC569.5.M8 N38 2012
Fuhrman, Joel The end of diabetes: the eat to live plan to prevent and reverse diabetes RC662 .F84 2013b
Eig, Jonathan The birth of the pill: how four crusaders reinvented sex and launched a revolution RG137.5 .E37 2014
Mash, Eric J. Child psychopathology RJ499 .C4863 2014
Gilmore, Karen J. The little book of child and adolescent development RJ499 .G498 2015
Brown, Thomas E. Smart but stuck: emotions in teens and adults with ADHD RJ506.H9 B7654 2014
Silverman, Robyn J. A. Good girls don't get fat: how weight obsession is screwing up our girls and what we can do to help them thrive despite it RM222.2 .S5433 2010
Burchum, Jacqueline Rosenjack, Lehne's pharmacology for nursing care RM301 .P457 2016
Perry, Anne Griffin. Nursing interventions & clinical skills RT41 .E39 2016
Swearingen, Pamela L. All-in-one nursing care planning resource: medical-surgical, pediatric, maternity, and psychiatric-mental health RT49 .A45 2016
Nies, Mary A. Community/public health nursing: promoting the health of populations RT98 .S9 2015
Pringle, Peter Food, Inc.: Mendel to Monsanto--the promises and perils of the biotech harvest S494.5.B563 P74 2003
Judd, Michael Edible landscaping with a permaculture twist: how to have your yard and eat it too SB475.9.E35 J83 2013
Urden, Linda Diann Priorities in critical care nursing T120.I5 P76 2015
Carr, Nicholas G. The glass cage: automation and us T14.5 .C374 2014
Fasano, Anthony Engineer your own success: 7 key elements to creating an extraordinary engineering career TA157 .F37 2015
Miodownik, Mark Stuff matters: exploring the marvelous materials that shape our man-made world TA403.2 .M56 2014
Swidey, Neil Trapped under the sea: one engineering marvel, five men, and a disaster ten miles into the darkness TD524.M4 S95 2014
Epstein, Alex The moral case for fossil fuels TP355 .E67 2014
O'Connell, Libby Haight The American plate: a culinary history in 100 bites TX360.U6 O35 2014
Leake, Lisa 100 days of real food: how we did it, what we learned, and 100 easy, wholesome recipes your family will love TX369 .L43 2014
Harris, Shane WAR: the rise of the military-Internet complex U163 .H37 2014
Hagedorn, Ann The invisible soldiers: how America outsourced our security UA23 .H255 2014
Whittle, Richard Predator: the secret origins of the drone revolution UG1242.D7 W57 2014