New Books List

Author Title Call #
Ivanhoe, P. J. Readings in classical Chinese philosophy B126 .R43 2005
Phillips, Stephen H. Yoga, karma, and rebirth: a brief history and philosophy B132.Y6 P48 2009
Emmanuel, Steven M. A companion to Buddhist philosophy B162 .C66 2013
Biderman, Shlomo Crossing horizons: world, self, and language in Indian and Western thought B799 .B5313 2008
Rudder, Christian Dataclysm: who we are when we think no one's looking BF176.5 .R83 2014
Kenrick, Douglas T. Sex, murder, and the meaning of life: a psychologist investigates how evolution, cognition, and complexity are revolutionizing our view of human nature BF311 .K386 2011
Goldhaber, Dale The nature-nurture debates: bridging the gap BF341 .G56 2012
Deary, Ian J. Intelligence: a very short introduction BF431 .D354 2001
Mackintosh, N. J. IQ and human intelligence BF431 .M358 2011
Gardner, Howard Intelligence reframed: multiple intelligences for the 21st century BF432.3 .G378 1999
Freeman, Daniel Anxiety: a very short introduction BF575.A6 F73 2012
Smith, Richard H. Envy: theory and research BF575.E65 E58 2008
Salovey, Peter The psychology of jealousy and envy BF575.J4 P79 1991
Fogel, Steven Jay Your mind is what your brain does for a living: learn how to make it work for you BF611 .F64 2014
Toates, F. M. How sexual desire works: the enigmatic urge BF692 .T63 2014
Austrian, Sonia G. Developmental theories through the life cycle BF713 .D469 2008
Powell, Bert The circle of security intervention: enhancing attachment in early parent-child relationships BF723.A75 P69 2014
Leman, Kevin The firstborn advantage: making your birth order work for you BF723.B5 L464 2008
Gottman, John Mordechai Raising an emotionally intelligent child BF723.E6 G672 1998
Wright, N. T. Evil and the justice of God BJ1401 .W72 2006
Anderson, Leona M. Women & religious traditions BL458 .W5638 2010
Smith, Huston The illustrated world's religions: a guide to our wisdom traditions BL80.2 .S6455 1995
Werth, Paul W. The Tsar's foreign faiths: toleration and the fate of religious freedom in imperial Russia BL980.R8 W47 2014
Brown, Jonathan Misquoting Muhammad: the challenge and choices of interpreting the Prophet's legacy BP161.3 .B765 2014
Kenney, Jeffrey T. Islam in the modern world BP161.3 .I739 2013
Jackson, Sherman A. Islam and the Blackamerican: looking toward the third resurrection BP221 .J34 2005
Kalupahana, David J. Buddhist philosophy: a historical analysis BQ4150 .K34
Madigan, Kevin Medieval Christianity: a new history BR162.3 .M33 2015
Gin Lum, Kathryn Damned nation: hell in America from the Revolution to Reconstruction BR517 .G56 2014
Routledge, Robin Old Testament theology: a thematic approach BS1192.5 .R68 2012
Hoffman, Joel M. The Bible's cutting room floor: the Holy Scriptures missing from your Bible BS521.8 .H64 2014
Cline, Eric H. Biblical archaeology: a very short introduction BS621 .C55 2009
Keener, Craig S. The historical Jesus of the Gospels BT303.2 .K45 2009
Ilibagiza, Immaculée The boy who met Jesus: Segatashya Emmanuel of Kibeho BT580.K53 I45 2013
Werth, Paul W. At the margins of orthodoxy: mission, governance, and confessional politics in Russia's Volga-Kama region, 1827-1905 BV3033.V65 W47 2002
McKenna, Kevin E. A concise guide to Catholic social teaching BX1753 .M38 2013
Louth, Andrew Introducing Eastern Orthodox theology BX320.3 .L687 2013
Noll, Mark A. Protestantism: a very short introduction BX4811.3 .N65 2011
Turner, John G. Brigham Young, pioneer prophet BX8695.Y7 T87 2012
Greenwood, Andrea An introduction to the Unitarian and Universalist traditions BX9841.3 .G74 2011
Burrows, Mathew The future, declassified: megatrends that will undo the world unless we take action CB161 .B87 2014
Cullen, Jim Essaying the past: how to read, write, and think about history D16 .C83 2013
Tooze, J. Adam The deluge: the Great War, America and the remaking of the global order, 1916-1931 D523 .T46 2014
Preston, Diana Lusitania: an epic tragedy D592.L8 P74 2002
Ōe, Kenzaburō Hiroshima notes D767.25.H6 O3513 1996
Byrne, Conor Katherine Howard: a new history DA333.H7 B97 2014
Harrison, Kathryn Joan of Arc: a life transfigured DC103 .H25 2014
DeJean, Joan E. How Paris became Paris: the invention of the modern city DC729 .D39 2014
Goldsworthy, Adrian Keith Augustus: first emperor of Rome DG279 .G65 2014
Romaniello, Matthew P. The elusive empire: Kazan and the creation of Russia, 1552-1671 DK100 .R66 2012
Sunderland, Willard Taming the wild field: colonization and empire on the Russian steppe DK113 .S86 2006
Wortman, Richard Scenarios of power: myth and ceremony in Russian monarchy from Peter the Great to the abdication of Nicholas II DK127 .W67 2006
Geraci, Robert P. Window on the East: national and imperial identities in late tsarist Russia DK189 .G46 2001
Rappaport, Helen The Romanov sisters: the lost lives of the daughters of Nicholas and Alexandra DK258.6 .R374 2014
Khodarkovsky, Michael Where two worlds met: the Russian state and the Kalmyk nomads, 1600-1771 DK34 .K14 1992
Lieven, D. C. B. Empire: the Russian Empire and its rivals DK40 .L55 2001
Khodarkovsky, Michael Russia's steppe frontier: the making of a colonial empire, 1500-1800 DK43 .K485 2002
Breyfogle, Nicholas B. Heretics and colonizers: forging Russia's empire in the south Caucasus DK509 .B6866 2011
Khodarkovsky, Michael Bitter choices: loyalty and betrayal in the Russian conquest of the North Caucasus DK511 .C2 K494 2014
Jersild, Austin Orientalism and Empire: North Caucasus mountain peoples and the Georgian frontier, 1845-1917 DK511.C2 J47 2002
Dukes, Paul A history of the Urals: Russia's crucible from early empire to the post-Soviet era DK511.U7 D85 2015
Munro, George E. The most intentional city: St. Petersburg in the reign of Catherine the great DK565 .M86 2012
Martin, Alexander M. Enlightened metropolis: constructing imperial Moscow, 1762-1855 DK601.2 .M287 2013
Evtuhov, Catherine Portrait of a Russian province: economy, society, and civilization in nineteenth-century Nizhnii Novgorod DK651.G6 E94 2011
Uyama, Tomohiko Asiatic Russia: imperial power in regional and international contexts DK750 .A85 2012
Forsyth, James A history of the peoples of Siberia: Russia's north Asian colony, 1581-1990 DK758 .F67 1992
Hartley, Janet M. Siberia: a history of the people DK761 .H37 2014
Martin, Virginia Law and custom in the steppe: the Kazakhs of the Middle Horde and Russian colonialism in the nineteenth century DK908.86 .M37 2001
Shai͡akhmetov, Mukhamet The silent steppe: the memoir of a Kazakh nomad under Stalin DK908.863.S526 A3 2007
Sahadeo, Jeff Russian colonial society in Tashkent: 1865-1923 DK949.35 .S24 2010
Matthews, Victor Harold Manners & customs in the Bible: an illustrated guide to daily life in Bible times DS112 .M33 2006
Schimmelpenninck van der Oye, David Russian orientalism: Asia in the Russian mind from Peter the Great to the emigration DS32.9.R9 S35 2010
Navai, Ramita City of lies: love, sex, death, and the search for truth in Tehran DS325.T3 N39 2014
Alkhateeb, Firas Lost Islamic history: reclaiming Muslim civilisation from the past DS36.8 .A396 2014
Schwedler, Jillian Understanding the contemporary Middle East DS44 .U473 2013
Schimmelpenninck van der Oye, David Toward the rising sun: Russian ideologies of empire and the path to war with Japan DS517.13 .S37 2006
Osnos, Evan Age of ambition: chasing fortune, truth, and faith in the new China DS779.43 .O76 2014
French, Howard W. China's second continent: how a million migrants are building a new empire in Africa DT16.C48 F74 2014
Stein, Mark American panic: a history of who scares us and why E183 .S776 2014
Golinkin, Lev A backpack, a bear, and eight crates of vodka: a memoir E184.37.G655 A3 2014
Adams, Maurianne Readings for diversity and social justice E184.A1 R386 2013
Nimura, Janice P. Daughters of the samurai: a journey from East to West and back E184.J3 N484 2015
Roediger, David R. Seizing freedom: slave emancipation and liberty for all E185.2 .R69 2014
Hobbs, Allyson Vanessa A chosen exile: a history of racial passing in American life E185.625 .H63 2014
Tatum, Beverly Daniel Why are all the Black kids sitting together in the cafeteria?: and other conversations about race E185.625 .T38 2003
Smiley, Tavis Death of a King: the real story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s final year E185.97.K5 S56 2014
Kelly, Jack Band of giants: the amateur soldiers who won America's independence E230 .K45 2014
Kaplan, Fred John Quincy Adams: American visionary E377 .K34 2014
Baptist, Edward E. The half has never been told: slavery and the making of American capitalism E441 .B337 2014
DeRose, Chris The presidents' war: six American presidents and the Civil War that divided them E458 .D45 2014
McPherson, James M. Embattled rebel: Jefferson Davis as commander in chief E467.1.D26 M26 2014
Horn, Jonathan The man who would not be Washington: Robert E. Lee's Civil War and his decision that changed American history E467.1.L4 H749 2015
Doyle, Don Harrison The cause of all nations: an international history of the American Civil War E469.8 .D687 2015
Vinkovetsky, Ilya Russian America: an overseas colony of a continental empire, 1804-1867 E49.2.R9 V56 2014
Wolraich, Michael Unreasonable men: Theodore Roosevelt and the Republican rebels who created progressive politics E661 .W65 2014
Langguth, A. J. After Lincoln: how the North won the Civil War and lost the peace E668 .L27 2014
Dunbar-Ortiz, Roxanne An indigenous peoples' history of the United States E76.8 .D86 2014
Dreazen, Yochi The invisible front: love and loss in an era of endless war E897.4.G72 D73 2014
Stone, Rebecca Art of the Andes: from Chavín to Inca F2230.1.A7 S77 2012
Hyde, Anne Farrar Empires, nations, and families: a new history of the North American west, 1800-1860 F596 .H94 2012x
Farris, Glenn J. So far from home: Russians in early California F864 .S6425 2012
Dolnick, Edward The rush: America's fevered quest for fortune, 1848-1853 F865 .D65 2014
Black, Lydia Russians in Alaska: 1732-1867 F907 .B53 2004
Kivelson, Valerie A. Cartographies of Tsardom: the land and its meanings in seventeenth-century Russia GA933.6.A1 K58 2006
Slezkine, Yuri Arctic mirrors: Russia and the small peoples of the North GN673 .S64 1994
Mayes, Keith A. Kwanzaa: Black Power and the making of the African-American holiday tradition GT4403 .M39 2009
Vecsey, George Eight world cups: my journey through the beauty and dark side of soccer GV943.49 .V43 2014
Meredith, Martin The fortunes of Africa: a 5000-year history of wealth, greed, and endeavour HB251 .M37 2014
Stiglitz, Joseph E. The great divide: unequal societies and what we can do about them HC110.I5 S8667 2015
Cramer, Kathryn D. Lead positive: what highly effective leaders see, say, and do HD57.7 .C6953 2014
Katz, Susan M. Start your career: 5 steps to finding the right job after college HD6277 .K38 2014
Lieberman, Richard. Your job and how technology will change it: surviving & succeeding in the new work world HD6331 .L5347 2014
Laufer, Peter Organic: a journalist's quest to discover the truth behind food labeling HD9000.5 .L376 2014
Jones, Robert E. Bread upon the waters: the St. Petersburg grain trade and the Russian economy, 1703-1811 HD9045.R83 S25 2013
Martins, Patrick The carnivore's man!festo: eating well, eating responsibly, and eating meat HD9415 .M245 2014
Beckert, Sven Empire of cotton: a global history HD9870.5 .B43 2014
Saval, Nikil Cubed: a secret history of the workplace HF5547 .S33 2014
Bailo, Paul J. The essential digital interview handbook: lights, camera, interview: tips for Skype, Google Hangout, go to meeting and more HF5549.5.I6 B35 2014
Anderson, Kristin J. Benign bigotry: the psychology of subtle prejudice HM1091 .A53 2010
Bronner, Stephen Eric The bigot: why prejudice persists  HM1091 .B76 2014
Pinker, Susan The village effect: how face-to-face contact can make us healthier, happier, and smarter HM1111 .P56 2014
Kidd, Dustin Pop culture freaks: identity, mass media, and society HM621 .K5293 2014
Taibbi, Matt. The divide: American injustice in the age of the wealth gap HM671 .T35 2014b
Killen, Melanie Children and social exclusion: morality, prejudice, and group identity HM683 .K55 2013
Harris, Michael The end of absence: reclaiming what we've lost in a world of constant connection HM851 .H3673 2014
Delamont, Sara The nineteenth-century woman: her cultural and physical world HQ1418 .N56 2014
Wilson, Kristin J. Not trying: infertility, childlessness, and ambivalence HQ755.8 .W544 2014
Sussman, Robert W. The myth of race: the troubling persistence of an unscientific idea HT1521 .S83 2014
Gutradt, Gail In a rocket made of ice: among the children of Wat Opot HV1300.3 .G87 2014
Sheff, Nic We all fall down: living with addiction HV5805.S52 A32 2012
Hoffman, Bruce The evolution of the global terrorist threat: from 9/11 to Osama bin Laden's death HV6431 .E934 2014
Zuckoff, Mitchell 13 hours: the inside account of what really happened in Benghazi HV6433.L75 Z83 2014
Deutsch, Kevin The triangle: a year on the ground with New York's Bloods and Crips HV6439.U7 N437 2014
Watkins, Christine Teen suicide HV6546 .T422 2014
Levin, Jack The violence of hate: confronting racism, anti-semitism, and other forms of bigotry HV6773.5 .L48 2011
Sides, John Campaigns & elections: rules, reality, strategy, choice: 2012 election update JK1976 .C333 2014
Flanigan, William H. Political behavior of the American electorate JK1976 .F38 2015
Jacobson, Gary C. The politics of Congressional elections JK1976 .J27 2013
Teachout, Zephyr Corruption in America: from Benjamin Franklin's snuff box to Citizens United JK2249 .T43 2014
Purdum, Todd S. An idea whose time has come: two presidents, two parties, and the battle for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 KF4744.5151964 .P87 2014
Fraenkel, Jack R. How to design and evaluate research in education LB1028 .F665 2015
Means, Barbara Learning online: what research tells us about whether, when and how LB1028.3 .M415 2014
Jonassen, David H. Theoretical foundations of learning environments LB1060 .T47 2012
Keizer, Garret Getting schooled: the reeducation of an American teacher LB1607.52.V5 K45 2014
Jackson, Robyn Renee How to plan rigorous instruction LB2806.15 .J28 2011
Clydesdale, Timothy T. The purposeful graduate: why colleges must talk to students about vocation LC1037.5 .C594 2015
Spunt, Barry Heroin and music in New York city ML3916 .S78 2014
Hillenbrand, Robert Islamic art and architecture N6260 .H55 1999
Lucie-Smith, Edward Latin American art of the 20th century N6502.5 .L83 2004
Freeland, Cynthia A. But is it art?: an introduction to art theory N71 .F653 2001
Tregear, Mary Chinese art N7340 .T73 1997
Stanley-Baker, Joan Japanese art N7350 .S72 2014
Willett, Frank African art N7380 .W5 2002
Fisher, Robert E. Buddhist art and architecture N8193.A4 F57 1993
Michell, George Hindu art and architecture N8195.A4 M53 2000
Carriger, Gail Prudence Nook Carriger vol.1
Child, Lee. Personal Nook Child
Clare, Cassandra City of heavenly fire Nook Clare vol.6
Green, John Paper towns Nook J. Green
Kennedy, Eliza I take you: a novel Nook Kennedy
Paulsen, Gary The river Nook Paulsen
Rosen, Michael Alphabetical: how every letter tells a story P211 .R65 2015
  Greek and Roman oratory PA3265 .B5357 2014
Kanafānī, Ghassān Men in the sun & other Palestinian stories PJ7842.A5 R513 1999
Udaya Prakāśa The girl with the golden parasol PK2098.41.D33 P5513 2013
Nguyễn, Huy Thiệp Crossing the river: short fiction PL4378.9.N5168 A2 2003
Bunt, Jonathan Oxford beginners Japanese dictionary PL679 .O93 2006
Murasaki Shikibu The diary of Lady Murasaki PL788.4.Z5 A3513 1996
Sei Shōnagon The pillow book PL788.6.M3 E54 2006
Ueda, Makoto Bashō and his interpreters: selected hokku with commentary PL794.4.Z5 U39 1992
Ganzert, Robin Animal stars: behind the scenes with your favorite animal actors PN1992.8.A58 G36 2014
Jory, Jon The complete tips for actors PN2061 .J594 2013
Rogak, Lisa Angry optimist: the life and times of Jon Stewart PN2287.S683 R66 2014
Keene, Donald Nō and Bunraku: two forms of Japanese theatre PN2924.5.N6 K38 1990
Starlin, Jim Gilgamesh II PN6728.G54 S72
McCall Smith, Alexander Emma: a modern retelling Popular A.M. Smith
Atkinson, Kate A god in ruins: a novel Popular Atkinson
Bond, Cynthia Ruby: a novel Popular Bond
Diamant, Anita The Boston girl: a novel Popular Diamant
Doerr, Anthony All the light we cannot see: a novel Popular Doerr
Dunham, Lena Not that kind of girl: a young woman tells you what she's "learned" Popular Dunham
Evanovich, Janet Explosive eighteen Popular Evanovich vol.18
Evanovich, Janet Notorious nineteen: a Stephanie Plum novel Popular Evanovich vol.19
Evanovich, Janet Takedown twenty Popular Evanovich vol.20
Evanovich, Janet Top secret twenty-one: a Stephanie Plum novel Popular Evanovich vol.21
Flournoy, Angela The Turner house Popular Flournoy
Francis-Sharma, Lauren. Til the well runs dry: a novel Popular Francis-Sharma
Gabaldon, Diana Drums of autumn Popular Gabaldon vol. 4
Gabaldon, Diana The fiery cross Popular Gabaldon vol. 5
Gabaldon, Diana A breath of snow and ashes Popular Gabaldon vol. 6
Gabaldon, Diana An echo in the bone: a novel Popular Gabaldon vol. 7
Gabaldon, Diana Written in my own heart's blood: a novel Popular Gabaldon vol. 8
Grafton, Sue W is for wasted Popular Grafton
Grisham, John Gray Mountain Popular Grisham
Hawkins, Paula The girl on the train Popular Hawkins
Joy, David Where all light tends to go Popular Joy
Joyce, Rachel The love song of Miss Queenie Hennessy: a novel Popular Joyce
Kidd, Sue Monk. The invention of wings Popular Kidd
Palmer, Amanda The art of asking, or, How I learned to stop worrying and let people help Popular Palmer
Pataki, Allison The accidental empress: a novel Popular Pataki
Pérez-Reverte, Arturo The fencing master Popular Pérez-Reverte
Poehler, Amy Yes please Popular Poehler
Djebar, Assia The tongue's blood does not run dry: Algerian stories PQ3989.2.D57 A2 2009
Falk, Dan The science of Shakespeare: a new look at the playwright's universe PR3047 .F35 2014
Duffy, Chris Above the dreamless dead: World War I in poetry and comics PR605.W65 A26 2014
Walcott, Derek The poetry of Derek Walcott 1948-2013 PR9272.9.W3 A6 2014
Walcott, Derek Omeros PR9272.9.W3 O44 1990
Lennon, John Boxcar politics: the hobo in U.S. culture and literature, 1869-1956 PS217.T67 L46 2014
Danticat, Edwidge The farming of bones: a novel PS3554.A5815 F37 2013
Ehrenreich, Barbara Living with a wild god: a nonbeliever's search for the truth about everything PS3555.H65 Z46 2014
Zimmerman, Mary Journey to the west: a play PS3576.I66 J68 2011
Ellis, Jay Southern gothic literature PS374.G68 S78 2013
Hart-Davis, Adam. The science book Q162 .S35 2014
Armstrong, Stuart Smarter than us: the rise of machine intelligence Q335 .A75 2014
Bostrom, Nick Superintelligence: paths, dangers, strategies Q335 .B685 2014
Frankish, Keith The Cambridge handbook of artificial intelligence Q335 .C26 2014
Huettenmueller, Rhonda College algebra demystified QA152.3 .H853 2014
Alexander, Amir R. Infinitesimal: how a dangerous mathematical theory shaped the modern world QA24 .A544 2014
Duckett, Jon HTML & CSS: design and build websites QA76.76.H94 D837 2011
Felke-Morris, Terry Basics of web design: HTML5 & CSS3 QA76.76.H94 F455 2016
Pogue, David OS X Yosemite QA76.774.M33 P644 2014
Pogue, David Switching to the Mac QA76.774.M33 P648 2015
Regalado, Daniel Gray hat hacking: the ethical hacker's handbook QA76.9.A25 G743 2015
Brockman, John The universe: leading scientists explore the origin, mysteries, and future of the cosmos QB985 .U545 2014
Berman, Bob Zoom: how everything moves: from atoms and galaxies to blizzards and bees QC133 .B414 2014
Nye, Bill Undeniable: evolution and the science of creation QH45.5 .N94 2014
Kellogg, Ronald Thomas The making of the mind: the neuroscience of human nature QP360.5 .K45 2013
Ashwell, Ken W. S. The brain book: development, function, disorder, health QP376 .A825 2012
Kean, Sam The tale of the dueling neurosurgeons: the history of the human brain as revealed by true stories of trauma, madness, and recovery QP376 .K35 2014
Gawande, Atul Being mortal: medicine and what matters in the end R726.8 .G39 2014
Esherick, Joseph S. Current practice guidelines in primary care 2015 R727.8 .E74 2015
Elkin, Allen Stress management for dummies RA785 .E455 2013
Gapenski, Louis C. Healthcare finance: an introduction to accounting and financial management RA971 .G3695 2012
Gapenski, Louis C. Cases in healthcare finance RA971.3 .G367 2014
Eliopoulos, Charlotte Fast facts for the long-term care nurse: what nursing home and assisted living nurses need to know in a nutshell RA997 .E556 2015
Kenneally, Christine The invisible history of the human race: how DNA and history shape our identities and our futures RB155 .K458 2014
Shroder, Tom Acid test: LSD, Ecstasy, and the power to heal RC483.5.L9 S57 2014
Stahl, Stephen M. Anxiety disorders: a guide for integrating psychopharmacology and psychotherapy RC531 .A6119 2013
Weeks, Justin W., The Wiley Blackwell handbook of social anxiety disorder RC552.S62 W55 2014
Cannon, Keri E. Suicide: phenomenology and neurobiology RC569 .S85 2014
Miller, Alice The drama of the gifted child: the search for the true self RC569.5.C55 M55313 2008
Willis, Laura Fluids & electrolytes made incredibly easy! RC630 .F596 2015
Chamberlain, David B. Windows to the womb: revealing the whole baby from conception to birth RG558 .C43 2013
Biss, Eula, On immunity: an inoculation RJ240 .B57 2014
King, Cheryl A. Polewach Teen suicide risk: a practitioner guide to screening, assessment, and management RJ506.S9 K56 2013
Schaub, Eve O. Year of no sugar: a memoir RM237.85 .S333 2014
Chan, Yoo Kuen Pharmacological basis of acute care RM301 .C436 2015
  Nursing 2016 drug handbook RM301.12 .L577 2016
Wilson, Billie Ann Pearson nurse's drug guide 2016 RM301.12 .W557 2016
Heckman, David A. PTCB exam simplified: Pharmacy Technician Certification exam study guide RS122.95 .H4356 2014
Neumiller, Joshua J. Mosby's pharmacy technician: principles and practice RS122.95 .H67 2016
Keogh, James Edward Dosage calculations and basic math for nurses demystified RS57 .K46 2015
Starkings, Susan Passing calculations tests for nursing students: advice, guidance & over 400 online questions for extra revision & practice RS57 .S737 2015
Denham, Sharon A. Family focused nursing care RT120.F34 D46 2016
Taylor, Tracy A. Fundamentals of nursing made incredibly easy! RT41 .F864 2015
Herdman, T. Heather NANDA International, Inc. nursing diagnoses: definitions & classification 2015-2017 RT48.6 .N36 2014
Irwin, Barbara J. NCLEX-RN 2015-2016: strategies, practice, & review with practice test RT55 .I79 2015
DeWit, Susan C. Saunders student nurse planner 2014-2015: a guide to success in nursing school RT73 .D49 2015
Porter Thomas, Caroline How to succeed in nursing school: before, during, after RT73 .P67 2011
Brozek, Brenda You're hired!: a nurse's guide to success in today's job market RT82 .B769 2010
Catalano, Joseph T. Nursing now!: today's issues, tomorrow's trends RT82 .C33 2015
Arnoldussen, Barbara First year nurse: wisdom, warnings, and what I wish I'd known my first 100 days on the job RT82 .F54 2009
Grace, Pamela June Nursing ethics and professional responsibility in advanced practice RT85 .N8785 2014
Greenberg, Paul American catch: the fight for our local seafood SH221 .G74 2014
Johnson, Steven How we got to now: six innovations that made the modern world T14.5 .J64 2014
Bamberger, Michelle The real cost of fracking: how America's shale-gas boom is threatening our families, pets, and food TD195.G3 B36 2014
Alcorn, Wade The browser hacker's handbook TK5105.59 .A393 2014
Tomal, Daniel R. Electronic troubleshooting TK7870.2 .T66 2014
Kelly, Howard Custom motorcycles: choppers, bobbers, baggers TL442.7 .K45 2009
Clegg, Brian Final frontier: the pioneering science and technology of exploring the universe  TL793 .C629 2014
Prud'homme, Alex Hydrofracking TN880.2 .P78 2014
Callahan, Maureen Champagne supernovas: Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, and the '90s renegades who remade fashion TT505.A1 C35 2014
Garelick, Rhonda K. Mademoiselle: Coco Chanel and the pulse of history TT505.C45 G37 2014
Field, Simon Culinary reactions: the everyday chemistry of cooking TX545 .F46 2012
Terry, Bryant Afro-vegan: farm-fresh African, Caribbean & Southern flavors remixed TX837 .T4337 2014
McNeilly, Mark Sun Tzu and the art of modern warfare U102 .M54 2015
Storm, Morten Agent Storm: my life inside Al Qaeda and the CIA UB271.U52 S76 2014
Biank, Tanya Undaunted: the real story of America's servicewomen in today's military UB418.W65 B53 2013
Williams, Robin The non-designer's design book: design and topographic principles for the visual novice Z246 .W634 2015