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O'Connell, Mark To be a machine: adventures among cyborgs, utopians, hackers, and the futurists solving the modest problem of death B821 .O365 2016
Espejo, Roman Paranormal phenomena BF1031 .P3343 2013
Vance, Erik Suggestible you: the curious science of your brain's ability to deceive, transform, and heal BF1156.S8 V36 2016
Gilman, Sander L. Are racists crazy?: how prejudice, racism, and antisemitism became markers of insanity BF575.P9 G55 2016
Vanderbilt, Tom You may also like: taste in an age of endless choice BF611 .V36 2016
Browning, Frank The fate of gender: nature, nurture, and the human future BF692.2 .B785 2016
Fuentes, Agustin Race, monogamy, and other lies they told you: busting myths about human nature BF698.95 .F85 2012
Tower, Jeremiah Table manners: how to behave in the modern world and why bother BJ2041 .T69 2016
Davis, Richard H. The Bhagavad Gita: a biography BL1138.66 .D38 2015
Hardacre, Helen Shinto: a history BL2218 .H37 2016
Drescher, Elizabeth Choosing our religion: the spiritual lives of America's Nones BL71.5 .D74 2016
Gaiman, Neil Norse mythology BL860 .G35 2017
Scherer, Lauri S. Islam BP67.U6 I84 2012
Lopez, Donald S. The story of Buddhism: a concise guide to its history and teachings BQ4012 .L65 2001
Lopez, Donald S. The Tibetan book of the dead: a biography BQ4490.K373 L66 2011
Kapstein, Matthew Tibetan Buddhism: a very short introduction BQ7604 .K37 2014
Kay, William K. Pentecostalism: a very short introduction BR1644 .K39 2011
Marshall, Peter The Reformation: a very short introduction BR305.3 .M37 2009
Hendrix, Scott H. Martin Luther: a very short introduction BR333.2 .H46 2010
González, Ondina E. Christianity in Latin America: a history BR600 .G67 2008
Bowker, John God: a very short introduction BT103 .B69 2014
Oldridge, Darren The Devil: a very short introduction BT982 .O43 2012
Jacobs, Alan The Book of Common Prayer: a biography BX5145 .J27 2013
Dandelion, Pink The Quakers: a very short introduction BX7731.3 .D36 2008
Bahn, Paul G. Archaeology: a very short introduction CC165 .B27 2012
White, Richard King Arthur in legend and history DA152.5.A7 K56 1998
Rapport, Michael The Napoleonic Wars: a very short introduction DC226.3 .R37 2013
Colton, Timothy J. Russia: what everyone needs to know DK510.763 .C65 2016
Rossabi, Morris The Mongols: a very short introduction DS19 .R67 2012
Millward, James A. The Silk Road: a very short introduction DS33.1 .M55 2013
Starr, John Bryan Understanding China: a guide to China's economy, history, and political culture DS779.26 .S737 2010
Di Giovanni, Janine The morning they came for us: dispatches from Syria DS98.6 .D54 2016
Malek, Alia The home that was our country: a memoir of Syria DS99.D3 M346 2017
Wiegand, Steve U.S. history for dummies E178 .W65 2014
Millett, Allan Reed For the common defense: a military history of the United States from 1607 to 2012 E181 .M6986 2012
Brown, David S. Moderates: the vital center of American politics, from the founding to today E183 .B89 2016
D'Angelo, Raymond N. Taking sides. Clashing views in race and ethnicity E184.A1 T338 2014
Hsu, Madeline Yuan-yin Asian American history: a very short introduction E184.A75 H89 2017
Foley, Neil Mexicans in the making of America E184.M5 F65 2014
Mohamed, Heather Silber The new Americans?: immigration, protest, and the politics of Latino identity E184.S75 M616 2017
Ward, Jesmyn The fire this time: a new generation speaks about race E185.615 .F526 2016
Kidd, Thomas S. American colonial history: clashing cultures and faiths E188 .K53 2016
Allison, Robert J. The American Revolution: a very short introduction E208 .A425 2015
Eisenhower, John S. D. Zachary Taylor E422 .E57 2008
McGinty, Brian The rest I will kill: William Tillman and the unforgettable story of how a free black man refused to become a slave E540.N3 M238 2016
Rosebush, James S. True Reagan: what made Ronald Reagan great and why it matters E877 .R68 2016
Tomasky, Michael Bill Clinton E886 .T66 2017
Smith, Jean Edward. Bush E902 .S59 2016
Evans, Susan Toby Ancient Mexico & Central America: archaeology and culture history F1219 .E85 2013
Jelly-Schapiro, Joshua Island people: the Caribbean and the world F2169 .J45 2016
Aron, Stephen The American West: a very short introduction F591 .A75 2015
Fenster, J. M. Jefferson's America: the President, the purchase, and the explorers who transformed a nation F592 .F46 2016
Robbins, Paul Environment and society: a critical introduction GE105 .R63 2014
Spooner, Alecia M. Environmental science for dummies GE105 .S76 2012
Barash, David P. Out of Eden: the surprising consequences of polygamy GN480.33 .B37 2016
Kelly, Lynne The memory code: the secrets of Stonehenge, Easter Island and other ancient monuments GN776 .K45 2017
Bierhorst, John Latin American folktales: stories from Hispanic and Indian traditions GR111.H57 L37 2002
Hansen, Dustin Game on!: video game history from Pong and Pac-man to Mario, Minecraft, and more GV1469.3 .H357 2016
Kunitz, Daniel Lift: fitness culture, from naked Greeks and acrobats to jazzercise and ninja warriors GV342.27 .K86 2016
Lazenby, Roland Showboat: the life of Kobe Bryant GV884.B794 L395 2016
Nadel, Joshua H. Fútbol!: why soccer matters in Latin America GV944.L3 N34 2014
Frank, Robert H. Success and luck: good fortune and the myth of meritocracy HB71 .F69584 2016
Kwak, James Economism: bad economics and the rise of inequality HB71 .K893 2017
Barr, N. A. The economics of the welfare state HB846 .B37 2012
Watkins, Don Equal is unfair: America's misguided fight against income inequality HC110.I5 W34 2016
Trentmann, Frank Empire of things: how we became a world of consumers, from the fifteenth century to the twenty-first HC79.C6 T74 2016b
Berlatsky, Noah The minimum wage HD4918 .M59 2012
Lublin, Joann S. Earning it: hard-won lessons from trailblazing women at the top of the business world HD6054.3 .L83 2016
Moore, Kate The radium girls: the dark story of America's shining women HD6067.2.U6 M66 2017
Ammirati, Sean The science of growth: how Facebook beat Friendster--and how nine other startups left the rest in the dust HD62.5 .A48 2016
Stone, Brad The upstarts: how Uber, Airbnb, and the killer companies of the new Silicon Valley are changing the world HD62.5 .S76 2017
Dubofsky, Melvyn Labor in America: a history HD8066 .D8 2010
Genoways, Ted The chain: farm, factory, and the fate of our food HD9415 .G46 2015
Ekins, Paul Global energy: issues, potentials, and policy implications HD9502.A2 G54435 2015
Gold, Russell The boom: how fracking ignited the American energy revolution and changed the world HD9565 .G65 2014
Leonard, Devin Neither snow nor rain: a history of the United States Postal Service HE6371 .L525 2016
Anderson, Alan Business statistics for dummies HF1017 .A524 2014
Carlen, Joe A brief history of entrepreneurship: the pioneers, profiteers, and racketeers who shaped our world HF352 .C37 2016
Burnett, William Designing your life: how to build a well-lived, joyful life HF5381 .B7785 2016
Bennett, Jessica Feminist fight club: an office survival manual (for a sexist workplace) HF5382.6 .B46 2016
Wu, Tim The attention merchants: the epic scramble to get inside our heads HF5811 .W82 2016
Tag, Nancy R. Ad critique: how to deconstruct ads in order to build better advertising HF5823 .T155 2012
Laurence, Tiana Blockchain HG1710 .L3874 2017
Servon, Lisa J. The unbanking of America: how the new middle class survives HG2491 .S47 2017
Milanović, Branko Global inequality: a new approach for the age of globalization HM821 .M555 2016
Nichols, Thomas M. The death of expertise: the campaign against established knowledge and why it matters HM851 .N54 2017
Sunstein, Cass R. #Republic: divided democracy in the age of social media HM851 .S869 2017
Wade, Lisa Assigned: life with gender HQ1075 .A88 2016
Ryle, Robyn Questioning gender: a sociological exploration HQ1075 .R95 2018
Crispin, Jessa Why I am not a feminist: a feminist manifesto HQ1155 .C756 2017
Whitefield-Madrano, Autumn Face value: the hidden ways beauty shapes women's lives HQ1219 .W45 2016
Malcolm, Ellen When women win: EMILY's list and the rise of women in American politics HQ1391.U5 M35 2016
Cobble, Dorothy Sue Feminism unfinished: a short, surprising history of American women's movements HQ1421 .C63 2015
Zeisler, Andi We were feminists once: from Riot Grrrl to CoverGirl, the buying and selling of a political movement HQ1421 .Z46 2016
Scherer, Lauri S. Sexual orientation HQ18.5 .S49 2013
McKee, Ryan W. Taking sides. Clashing views in human sexuality HQ18.U5 T35 2013
Kimmel, Michael S. Sexualities: identities, behaviors, and society HQ21 .S47514 2015
Rosenthal, Beth Gay parenting HQ75.27 .G397 2013
Levine, Philippa Eugenics: a very short introduction HQ751 .L48 2017
Barker, Meg-John Queer: a graphic history HQ76.25 .B37 2016
Deschamps, David LGBTQ stats: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people by the numbers HQ76.3.U5 D47 2016
Freitas, Donna The happiness effect: how social media is driving a generation to appear perfect at any cost HQ799.2.I5 F745 2017
Rorabaugh, W. J. American hippies HQ799.7 .R66 2015
Davis, Janet M. The gospel of kindness: animal welfare and the making of modern America HV4764 .D38 2016
Lyman, Michael D. Drugs in society: causes, concepts and control HV5825 .L94 2013
Miller, Dennis K. Taking sides. Clashing views in drugs and society HV5825 .T37 2016
Tyson, Timothy B. The blood of Emmett Till HV6465.M7 T97 2017
Fulton, Sybrina Rest in power: the enduring life of Trayvon Martin HV6533.F6 F85 2017
Steinmetz, Kevin F. Hacked: a radical approach to hacker culture and crime HV6773 .S735 2016
Ullmann, Carol Racial profiling HV7936.R3 R326 2013
Lagemann, Ellen Condliffe Liberating minds: the case for college in prison HV8883.3.U5 L34 2016
Reamer, Frederic G. On the parole board: reflections on crime, punishment, redemption, and justice HV9278 .R394 2016
Cohen, G. A. Why not socialism? HX73 .C649 2009
Urbatsch, Robert Families' values: how parents, siblings, and children affect political attitudes JA76 .U73 2014
Wacks, Raymond Privacy: a very short introduction JC596 .W33 2015
Waterhouse, Benjamin C. Lobbying America: the politics of business from Nixon to NAFTA JK1118 .W36 2014
Kamarck, Elaine Ciulla Primary politics: everything you need to know about how America nominates its presidential candidates JK521 .K36 2016
Kasich, John Two paths: America divided or united JK526 2016 .K37 2017
Cenziper, Debbie Love wins: the lovers and lawyers who fought the landmark case for marriage equality KF229.O24 C46 2016
Haygood, Wil Showdown: Thurgood Marshall and the Supreme Court nomination that changed America KF8745.M34 H394 2015
Zilis, Michael A. The limits of legitimacy: dissenting opinions, media coverage, and public responses to Supreme Court decisions KF8748 .Z55 2015
Lehmann, Chris Building school 2.0: how to create the schools we need LB1028.3 .L433 2015
Luther, Jessica Unsportsmanlike conduct: college football and the politics of rape LB2345.3.R37 L88 2016
Pomerantz, Shauna Smart girls: success, school, and the myth of post-feminism LC1481 .P66 2017
Malkiel, Nancy Weiss Keep the damned women out: the struggle for coeducation LC1756 .M26 2016
Morris, Monique W. Pushout: the criminalization of Black girls in schools LC2731 .M59 2016
Tough, Paul Helping children succeed: what works and why LC4091 .T68 2016
Hajdu, David Love for sale: pop music in America ML3477 .H3 2016
Westhoff, Ben Original gangstas: the untold story of Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Tupac Shakur, and the birth of West Coast rap ML3531 .W48 2016
Riggs, Christina Ancient Egyptian art and architecture: a very short introduction N5350 .R54 2014
Lampert, Nicolas A people's art history of the United States: 250 years of activist art and artists working in social justice movements N72.P6 L37 2013
Sutton, Sharon E. When ivory towers were black: a story about race in America's cities and universities NA2300.C635 S87 2017
Fiell, Charlotte The story of design: from the paleolithic to the present NK1175 .F54 2016
Asher, Jay Th1rteen r3asons why: a novel Nook Asher
Bendis, Brian Michael Jessica Jones: Alias. Vol. 3 Nook Bendis vol. 3
Bendis, Brian Michael Jessica Jones: Alias. Vol. 4 Nook Bendis vol. 4
Mirzoeff, Nicholas How to see the world: an introduction to images, from self-portraits to selfies, maps to movies, and more P93.5 .M57 2016
Ledbetter, Ebonie Media bias P96.O242 U656 2015
Appelbaum, Stanley First French reader: a beginner's dual-language book PC2115 .F47 2008
Smith, Chris The Daily Show (the book): an oral history: as told by Jon Stewart, the correspondents, staff and guests PN1992.77.D28 S65 2016
Davis, Blair Movie comics: page to screen/screen to page PN1995.9.C36 D38 2017
Ackroyd, Peter Alfred Hitchcock: a brief life PN1998.3.H58 A675 2016
Jones, Brian Jay George Lucas: a life PN1998.3.L835 J66 2016
Zipes, Jack The Oxford companion to fairy tales PN3437 .O94 2015
Carnegie, Dale Public speaking for success PN4129.15 .C37 2006
Weldon, Glen The caped crusade: Batman and the rise of nerd culture PN6725 .W46 2016
Baldacci, David The fix Popular Baldacci
Coben, Harlan Home Popular Coben
Fisher, Carrie The princess diarist Popular Fisher
Gaiman, Neil The view from the cheap seats: selected nonfiction Popular Gaiman
Patterson, James 16th seduction Popular J. Patterson vol. 16
King, Stephen The gunslinger Popular King vol. 1
Sidibe, Gabourey This is just my face: try not to stare Popular Sidibe
Hainsworth, Peter Dante: a very short introduction PQ4390 .H35 2015
Sloan, Ben The road home: poems by Ben Sloan PR1175 .S5636 2017
Wells, Stanley W. William Shakespeare: a very short introduction PR2976 .W367 2015
Moore, Alan Jerusalem: a novel PR6063.O593 J47 2016
Sterritt, David The Beats: a very short introduction PS228.B6 S7547 2013
Stavans, Ilan The Norton anthology of Latino literature PS508.H57 N65 2011
Levitan, Dave Not a scientist: how politicians mistake, misrepresent, and utterly mangle science Q175.5 .L4745 2017
Kaplan, Jerry Artificial intelligence: what everyone needs to know Q335 .K36 2016
Espejo, Roman Smartphones QA76.59 .S59 2013
Abraham, Nikhil Coding all-in-one QA76.6 .A2734 2017
Lowe, Doug Java all-in-one for dummies QA76.76 .L694 2017
Mueller, John Algorithms QA76.9.A43 M84 2017
Cottrell, Geoff Telescopes: a very short introduction QB88 .C777 2016
Tyson, Neil DeGrasse Welcome to the universe: an astrophysical tour QB982 .T974 2016
McFarland, Ben A world from dust: how the periodic table shaped life QD467 .M37 2016
Fortey, Richard A. Fossils: the key to the past QE714.3 .F67 2015
Willis, Jon All these worlds are yours: the scientific search for alien life QH326 .W55 2016
Zimmer, Carl The tangled bank: an introduction to evolution QH367 .Z56 2014
Brooker, Robert J. Genetics: analysis and principles QH430 .B766 2015
Moore, David Scott The developing genome: an introduction to behavioral epigenetics QH450 .M68 2015
Kratz, René Fester Molecular & cell biology for dummies QH506 .K73 2009
Miller, G. Tyler Essentials of ecology QH541 .M518 2015
Morrissey, John F. Introduction to the biology of marine life QH91 .S95 2018
Townsend, David W. Oceanography and marine biology: an introduction to marine science QH91 .T69 2012
Pechenik, Jan A. Biology of the invertebrates QL362 .P43 2015
Vitt, Laurie J. Herpetology: an introductory biology of amphibians and reptiles QL641 .V58 2014
Powell, Robert Peterson field guide to reptiles and amphibians of eastern and central North America QL651 .C65 2016
Breed, Michael D. Animal behavior QL751 .B6836 2016
Goater, Timothy M. Parasitism: the diversity and ecology of animal parasites QL757 .P287 2014
Wynne, Clive D. L. Animal cognition: evolution, behavior and cognition QL785 .W95 2013
Waxman, Stephen G. Clinical neuroanatomy QM451 .W38 2017
Ross, Michael H. Histology: a text and atlas: with correlated cell and molecular biology QM551 .R67 2016
Hall, Brian Keith Bones and cartilage: developmental and evolutionary skeletal biology QM569 .H278 2015
Mohrman, David E. Cardiovascular physiology QP101 .M56 2014
Black, Jacquelyn G. Microbiology: principles and explorations QP301 .W6749 2015
Boron, Walter F. Medical physiology QP34.5 .B65 2017
Silbernagl, Stefan Color atlas of physiology QP34.5 .S5313 2015
Garrett, Bob Brain & behavior: an introduction to biological psychology QP360 .G375 2015
Dasgupta, Amitava The science of drinking: how alcohol affects your body and mind QP801.A3 D37 2012
Onstott, T. C. Deep life: the hunt for the hidden biology of Earth, Mars, and beyond QP82 .O57 2017
Bilder, Glenda Human biological aging: from macromolecules to organ-systems QP86 .B513 2016
Yong, Ed I contain multitudes: the microbes within us and a grander view of life QR171.A1 Y66 2016
Coico, Richard Immunology: a short course QR181 .C7152 2015
Pough, F. Harvey Herpetology QR41.2 .B58 2015
Anderson, Denise G. Nester's microbiology: a human perspective QR41.2 .M485 2016
Murray, Patrick R. Basic medical microbiology QR41.2 .M87 2018
Stearns, Jennifer C. Microbiology for dummies QR56 .S74 2015
Kenney, W. Larry Physiology of sport and exercise QR63 .K438 2017
Keating, Steven Microbiology: the laboratory experience QR63 .K438 2017
Lazris, Andrew Curing Medicare: a doctor's view on how our health care system is failing older Americans and how we can fix it RA412.3 .L393 2016
Wright, Jennifer Ashley Get well soon: history's worst plagues and the heroes who fought them RA649 .W75 2017
Hamblin, James If our bodies could talk: a guide to operating and maintaining a human body RA776 .H183 2016
Huffington, Arianna Stassinopoulos The sleep revolution: transforming your life, one night at a time RA786 .H84 2016
Kalanithi, Paul When breath becomes air RC280.L8 K35 2016
Kessler, David A. Capture: unraveling the mystery of mental suffering RC454 .K47 2016
Halperin, M. L. Fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base physiology: a problem-based approach RC630 .H34 2017
Varney, Helen A history of midwifery in the United States: the midwife said fear not RG950 .V369 2016
Kirsch, Donald R. The drug hunters: the improbable quest to discover new medicines RM301.25 .K57 2017
Blackiston, Howland Beekeeping for dummies SF523 .B63 2017
Dalziel, Henry Introduction to US cybersecurity careers TK5105.59 .D259 2015
Huckelbridge, Dane The United States of beer: a freewheeling history of the all-American drink TP573.U6 H83 2016
Nestle, Marion Soda politics: taking on big soda (and winning) TP630 .N47 2015
Watson, Roger Capturing the light: the birth of photography, a true story of genius and rivalry TR140.D3 W38 2015
Stockman, Steve How to shoot video that doesn't suck TR851 .S75 2011
Renea, Amy Crafting with nature: grow or gather your own supplies for simple handmade crafts, gifts & recipes TT157 .R397 2016
Rinzler, Carol Ann Nutrition for dummies TX355 .R535 2016
Carrillo Arronte, Margarita Mexico: the cookbook TX716.M4 C37 2014
Johnston, Angie 1,001 ASVAB AFQT practice questions for dummies U408.5 .J635 2017
Coles, Stephen The anatomy of type: a graphic guide to 100 typefaces Z250.A2 C64 2012