New Books List

Stenger, Victor J. God and the multiverse: humanity's expanding view of the cosmos BD511 .S74 2014
Jaher, David The witch of Lime Street: séance, seduction, and Houdini in the spirit world BF1283.C85 J34 2015
Gaskill, Malcolm Witchcraft: a very short introduction BF1566 .G37 2010
Goldsmith, Marshall Triggers: creating behavior that lasts-- becoming the person you want to be BF335 .G599 2015b
Jonassen, David H. Learning to solve problems: a handbook for designing problem-solving learning environments BF449 .J66 2011
Kerr, Margee Scream: chilling adventures in the science of fear BF575.F2 K47 2015
Duckworth, Angela Grit: the power of passion and perseverance BF637.S8 D693 2016
Solomon, Sheldon The worm at the core: on the role of death in life BF789.D4 S66 2015
Santos, Boaventura de Sousa If God were a human rights activist BL65.H78 S26 2015
Cunliffe, Barry W. Druids: a very short introduction BL910 .C86 2010
Corrigan, John Emptiness: feeling Christian in America BR515 .C67 2015
Stanford, Peter Judas: the troubling history of the Renegade Apostle BS2460.J8 S73 2015
Crossan, John Dominic In search of Paul: how Jesus's Apostle opposed Rome's empire with God's kingdom BS2506.3 .C76 2004
Crossan, John Dominic How to read the Bible and still be a Christian: struggling with divine violence from Genesis through Revelation BS511.3 .C76 2015
Brown, Peter Robert Lamont The ransom of the soul: afterlife and wealth in early western Christianity BT821.3 .B76 2015
Miller, Donald Scary close: dropping the act and finding true intimacy BV4597.53.I55 M55 2014
Bolick, Kate Spinster: making a life of one's own CT275.B583136 A3 2015
Sheinkin, Steve Most dangerous: Daniel Ellsberg and the secret history of the Vietnam War CT275.E38518 S54 2015
Neiberg, Michael S. Potsdam: the end of World War II and the remaking of Europe D734 .N38 2015
Weinberg, Gerhard L. World War II: a very short introduction D743 .W4245 2014
Costello, John The Pacific War D767 .C67 1982
Toland, John The rising sun: the decline and fall of the Japanese empire, 1936-1945 D767.2 .T58 2003
Snyder, Timothy Black earth: the Holocaust as history and warning D803 .S69 2015
Wachsmann, Nikolaus KL: a history of the Nazi concentration camps D804.3 .W325 2015
Tombs, Robert, The English and their history / DA30 .T656 2015
Guy, J. A. The children of Henry VIII DA317.1 .G89 2014
Doran, Susan. Elizabeth I and her circle DA355 .D669 2015
Pánek, Jaroslav A history of the Czech lands DB2061 .P36 2009
Goldstone, Nancy Bazelon The rival queens: Catherine de' Medici, her daughter Marguerite de Valois, and the betrayal that ignited a kingdom DC119.8 .G65 2015
Tackett, Timothy The coming of the terror in the French Revolution DC183 .T26 2015
Jenkins, Cecil, A brief history of France DC39 .J37 2011
Longerich, Peter Goebbels: a biograph DD247.G6 L6513 2015
Beard, Mary SPQR: a history of ancient Rome DG231 .B43 2015
Holland, Tom Dynasty: the rise and fall of the House of Caesar DG270 .H65 2015
Khlevni︠u︡k, O. V. Stalin: new biography of a dictator DK268.S8 K419 2015
Myers, Steven Lee The new tsar: the rise and reign of Vladimir Putin DK510.766.P87 M93 2015
Chomsky, Noam On Palestine DS119.76 .C56 2015
O'Malley, Padraig The two-state delusion: Israel and Palestine -- a tale of two narratives DS119.76 .O45 2015
Oren, Michael B. Ally: my journey across the American-Israeli divide DS119.8.U6 O74 2015
Bogosian, Eric Operation Nemesis: the assassination plot that avenged the Armenian Genocide DS195.5 .B74 2015
Hayton, Bill The South China Sea: the struggle for power in Asia DS525.8 .H39 2014
Crawford, Harriet E. W. Ur: the city of the moon god DS70.5.U7 C73 2015
Radner, Karen Ancient Assyria: a very short introduction DS71 .R33 2015
Chang, Jung Empress Dowager Cixi: the concubine who launched modern China DS763.63.C58 C43 2013
Ciment, James Another America: the story of Liberia and the former slaves who ruled it DT631 .C56 2013
Davis, Kenneth C. The hidden history of America at war: untold tales from Yorktown to Fallujah E181 .D26 2015
Rose, Alexander Men of war: the American soldier in combat at Bunker Hill, Gettysburg, and Iwo Jima E181 .R77 2015
Burt, Andrew American hysteria: the untold story of mass political extremism in the United States E183 .B965 2015
Ioanide, Paula The emotional politics of racism: how feelings trump facts in an era of colorblindness E184.A1 I685 2015
Jung, Moon-Kie Beneath the surface of white supremacy: denaturalizing U.S. racisms past and present E184.A1 J86 2015
Byrd, Ayana D. Hair story: untangling the roots of black hair in America E185.86 .B96 2014
Wood, Gordon S. The American Revolution: writings from the pamphlet debate. II, 1773-1776 E203 .A5787 2015 vol. 2
Ferling, John E. Whirlwind: the American Revolution and the war that won it E208 .F43 2015
Ellis, Joseph J. The quartet: orchestrating the second American Revolution, 1783-1789 E303 .E43 2015
Spellberg, Denise A. Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an: Islam and the founders E332.2 .S65 2013
Unger, Harlow G. Henry Clay, America's greatest statesman E340.C6 U57 2015
Perry, Mark, The most dangerous man in America: the making of Douglas MacArthur E745.M3 P425 2014
Burns, Eric 1920: the year that made the decade roar E784 .B872 2015
Finder, Henry The 40s: the story of a decade E806 .A123 2015
Jordan, Jonathan W. American warlords: how Roosevelt's high command led America to victory in World War II E807 .J645 2015
Gura, Philip F. The life of William Apess, Pequot E99.P53 G87 2015
Shirley, Neal Dixie be damned: 300 years of insurrection in the American South F209 .S48 2015
Estes, Steve Charleston in black and white: race and power in the south after the civil rights movement F279.C49 E87 2015
Maraniss, David Once in a great city: a Detroit story F574.D457 M35 2015
Buck, Rinker The Oregon Trail: a new American journey F597 .B89 2015
Taillant, Jorge Daniel Glaciers: the politics of ice GB2405 .T35 2015
Minteer, Ben A. After preservation: saving American nature in the age of humans GE310 .A38 2015
Vogel, Steven, Thinking like a mall: environmental philosophy after the end of nature GE40 .V64 2015
Tattersall, Ian. The strange case of the rickety cossack: and other cautionary tales from human evolution GN281 .T374 2015
Blécourt, Willem de Werewolf histories GR830.W4 W47 2015
Albee, Sarah Why'd they wear that?: fashion as the mirror of history GT518 .A58 2015
Altice, Nathan I am error: the Nintendo family computer/entertainment system platform GV1469.32 .A55 2015
Martínez, Pedro Pedro GV865.M355 A3 2015
Ellsworth, Scott The secret game: a wartime story of courage, change, and basketball's lost triumph GV885.72.N8 E45 2015
Creswell, John W. A concise introduction to mixed methods research H62 .C69618 2015
Creswell, John W. Research design: qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches H62 .C6963 2014
Aschoff, Nicole Marie The new prophets of capital HB501 .A83 2015
Konings, Martijn The emotional logic of capitalism: what progressives have missed HB501 .K5795 2015
Glei, Jocelyn K. Make your mark: the creative's guide to building a business with impact HB615 .M342 2014
Akerlof, George A. Phishing for phools: the economics of manipulation and deception HB74.P8 A49443 2015
Brock, James W. The structure of American industry HC106 .S85 2016
Herman, Arthur Freedom's forge: how American business produced victory in World War II HC106.4 .H467 2013
Ivankovic, Miren. Taking sides : clashing views on economic issues / HC106.7 .T34 2014
Duncan, Cynthia M. Worlds apart: poverty and politics in rural America HC110.P6 D86 2014
Holmes, Seth M. Fresh fruit, broken bodies: migrant farmworkers in the United States HD1525 .H685 2013
Leahy, Stephen Your water footprint: the shocking facts about how much water we use to make everyday products HD1691 .L36 2014
Stearns, Peter N. The industrial revolution in world history HD2321 .S74 2013
Hargadon, Andrew Sustainable innovation: build your company's capacity to change the world HD30.255 .H364 2015
Bryson, John M. Strategic planning for public and nonprofit organizations: a guide to strengthening and sustaining organizational achievement HD30.28 .B79 2011
Schwarz, Roger M. The skilled facilitator fieldbook: tips, tools, and tested methods for consultants, facilitators, managers, trainers, and coaches HD30.3 .S557 2005
Trompenaars, Alfons. Riding the waves of culture : understanding diversity in global business / HD30.55 .T76 2012
Friedman, Stewart D. Leading the life you want: skills for integrating work and life HD4904.25 .F7537 2014
Robertson, Brian J. Holacracy: the new management system for a rapidly changing world HD50 .R62 2015
Bock, Laszlo Work rules!: insights from inside Google that will transform how you live and lead HD57.7 .B633 2015
Goleman, Daniel Primal leadership: unleashing the power of emotional intelligence HD57.7 .G664 2013
Schein, Edgar H. The corporate culture survival guide / HD58.7 .S3217 2009
Ip, Greg Foolproof: why safety can be dangerous and how danger makes us safe HD61 .I6 2015
Covello, Joseph A., Your first business plan : a simple question-and-answer format designed to help you write your own plan / HD62.5 .C685 2005
Ennico, Clifford R. Start your own business : the only startup book you'll ever need / HD62.5 .E559 2015
Ford, Martin Rise of the robots: technology and the threat of a jobless future HD6331 .F58 2015
Daly, Herman E. Ecological economics: principles and applications HD75.6 .E348 2010
Mishel, Lawrence R. The state of working America / HD8066 .S73 2012
Hageseth, Christian Big weed: an entrepreneur's high-stakes adventures in the budding legal marijuana business HD9019.M382 U645 2015
McNish, Jacquie Losing the signal: the untold story behind the extraordinary rise and spectacular fall of Blackberry HD9696.2.C24 B566 2015
Clark, Ruth Colvin e-Learning and the science of instruction: proven guidelines for consumers and designers of multimedia learning HF1106 .C55 2016
  GMAT premier 2016 HF1118 .G62 2015
  The official guide for GMAT review 2016 / HF1118 .O33 2015
Friedman, Thomas L. The Lexus and the olive tree: understanding globalization HF1359 .F74 2012
Helpman, Elhanan. Understanding global trade / HF1379 .H457 2011
Acuff, Jonathan M. Quitter: closing the gap between your day job & your dream job HF5381 .A38 2011
Barnett, Bill The strategic career: let business principles guide you HF5381 .B318 2015
Wendleton, Kate. Targeting a great career / HF5381 .W46 2014
Morgan, Hannah. The infographic resume : how to create a visual portfolio that showcases your skills and lands the job / HF5383 .M674 2014
Sauro, Jeff Customer analytics for dummies HF5415.32 .S28 2015
Harvey, Greg Excel 2016 for dummies HF5548.4.M523 H367983 2016
Marmel, Elaine J. Teach yourself visually Office 2016 HF5548.4.M525 M3744 2016
Lawler, Edward E. Global trends in human resource management: a twenty-year analysis HF5549 .L2885 2015
  HBR guide to coaching employees HF5549.5 .C53 H37 2015
Sutherland, Max Advertising and the mind of the consumer: what works, what doesn't, and why HF5822 .S84 2008
Berger, Arthur Asa, Ads, fads, and consumer culture : advertising's impact on American character and society / HF5823 .B438 2015
Frith, Katherine Toland. Advertising and societies : global issues / HF5823 .F9826 2010
Schenck, Barbara Findlay Small business marketing kit for dummies HF5823 .S34 2012
Bauer, David G. The "how to" grants manual : successful grantseeking techniques for obtaining public and private grants / HG177 .B38 2015
Brock, Fred Retire on less than you think: the New York times guide to planning your financial future HG179 .B7438 2008
Lowenstein, Roger America's bank: the epic struggle to create the Federal Reserve HG2563 .L69 2015
Stanley, Jason How propaganda works HM1231 .S83 2015
Silverman, Jacob Terms of service: social media and the price of constant connection HM851 .S554 2015
Davies, William The happiness industry: how the government and big business sold us well-being HN25 .D35 2015
Gottschall, Jonathan The professor in the cage: why men fight and why we like to watch HQ1090 .G684 2015
Eltahawy, Mona Headscarves and hymens: why the Middle East needs a sexual revolution HQ1237.5.M628 E47 2015
Pollack, Eileen The only woman in the room: why science is still a boys' club HQ1397 .P65 2015
Samuel, Lawrence R., American fatherhood : a cultural history / HQ535 .S255 2016
Daum, Meghan Selfish, shallow, and self-absorbed: sixteen writers on the decision not to have kids HQ755.8 .S4428 2015
Ziegler, Mary After Roe: the lost history of the abortion debate HQ767.5.U5 Z54 2015
Furchtgott-Roth, Diana Disinherited: how Washington is betraying America's young HQ799.7 .F87 2015
O'Flaherty, Brendan The economics of race in the United States HT1521 .O33 2015
Holcomb, Thomas K. Introduction to American deaf culture HV2545 .H65 2013
Larson, Kate Clifford Rosemary: the hidden Kennedy daughter HV3006.A39 K465 2015
Barcott, Bruce Weed the people: the future of legal marijuana in America HV5822.M3 B374 2015
Quinones, Sam Dreamland: the true tale of America's opiate epidemic HV5840.M4 Q56 2015
Sekulow, Jay Rise of ISIS: a threat we can't ignore HV6433.I722 I8574 2015
Benforado, Adam Unfair: the new science of criminal injustice HV7419 .B46 2015
McDermid, Val Forensics: what bugs, burns, prints, DNA, and more tell us about crime HV8073 .M3327 2015
Feldman, Gregory We are all migrants: political action and the ubiquitous condition of migrant-hood JA74.5 .F47 2015
Vatter, Miguel E. Machiavelli's the prince: a reader's guide JC143.M3946 V38 2013
Celenza, Christopher S. Machiavelli: a portrait JC143.M4 C38 2015
Sifton, John Violence all around JC571 .S5327 2015
Sehat, David The Jefferson rule: how the Founding Fathers became infallible and our politics inflexible JK1726 .S44 2015
Del Beccaro, Thomas G. The divided era: how we got here and the keys to America's reconciliation JK2265 .D45 2015
Morell, Michael J. The great war of our time: the CIA's fight against terrorism--from al Qa'ida to ISIS JK468.I6 M665 2015
Graffin, Greg Population wars: a new perspective on competition and coexistence JZ6385 .G73 2015
Yoshino, Kenji Speak now : marriage equality on trial: the story of Hollingsworth v. Perry KF229.H654 Y67 2015
Doctorow, Cory Information doesn't want to be free: laws for the Internet age KF3020 .D63 2014
Paulsen, Michael Stokes The Constitution: an introduction KF4541 .P386 2015
Toppo, Greg The game believes in you: how digital play can make our kids smarter LB1028.75 .T66 2015
Bailey, Thomas R. Redesigning America's community colleges: a clearer path to student success LB2328 .B26 2015
Silver, Don, Community college transfer guide / LB2360 .S53 2015
Jennings, John F. Presidents, congress, and the public schools: the politics of education reform LC89 .J39 2015
Anderson, M. T. Symphony for the city of the dead: Dmitri Shostakovich and the Siege of Leningrad ML3930.S4995 A53 2015
Costello, Elvis Unfaithful music & disappearing ink ML420.C685 A3 2015
Budelmann, Kevin Essential elements for brand identity: 100 principles for designing logos and building brands NC1002.L63 B83 2013
De Soto, Drew Know your onions: graphic design NC997 .D476 2011
Zhang, Hongxing Masterpieces of Chinese painting, 700-1900 ND1042 .M37 2013
Jans, Donald Freaks I've met Nook Jans
Holmes, Janet An introduction to sociolinguistics P40 .H6564 2012
Postman, Neil Amusing ourselves to death: public discourse in the age of show business P94 .P63 2006
Goins, Jeff You are a writer: ( so start acting like one) PE1408 .G6564 2012
James-Enger, Kelly Writer for hire: 101 secrets to freelance success PN151 .J36 2012
Schwartz, A. Brad Broadcast hysteria: Orson Welles's War of the Worlds and the art of fake news PN1991.77.W3 S48 2015
Foley, E. Shakespeare basics for grown-ups: everything you need to know about the bard PR2894 .F55 2015
Shapiro, James S. The year of Lear: Shakespeare in 1606 PR2983 .S467 2015
Douglas-Fairhurst, Robert The story of Alice: Lewis Carroll and the secret history of Wonderland PR4612 .D67 2015
Zaleski, Philip The fellowship: the literary lives of the Inklings: J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Owen Barfield, Charles Williams PR478.I54 Z35 2015
Forrester, Viviane Virginia Woolf: a portrait PR6045.O72 Z63513 2015
Levy, Andrew Huck Finn's America: Mark Twain and the era that shaped his masterpiece PS1305 .L48 2015
Hurh, Paul American terror: the feeling of thinking in Edwards, Poe, and Melville PS169.T47 H87 2015
Norris, Frank Novels and essays PS2471 .N6775 1986
Parini, Jay Empire of self: a life of Gore Vidal PS3543.I26 Z85 2015
Snorri Sturluson The prose Edda: Norse mythology PT7313.E5 B96 2005
Schwarcz, Joe Monkeys, myths and molecules: separating fact from fiction in the science of everyday life Q172.5.P77 S34 2015
Clegg, Brian Science for life: a manual for better living Q175.5 .C535 2015
Essick, John Hands-on introduction to LabVIEW for scientists and engineers Q185 .E69 2016
Essinger, James Ada's algorithm: how Lord Byron's daughter Ada Lovelace launched the digital age QA29.L72 E87 2014
Gilat, Amos. MATLAB : an introduction with applications / QA297 .G48 2015
Sizemore, Jim MATLAB for dummies QA297 .S59 2015
Ceruzzi, Paul E. Computing: a concise history QA76.17 .C467 2012
Browning, Paul Cisco CCNA in 60 days: study guide QA76.3 .B7696 2014
Lammle, Todd CCNA : routing and switching: study guide QA76.3 .L36 2013
Prowse, David L., CompTIA A+ 220-901 and 220-902 / QA76.3 .P78554 2016
Nield, Thomas, Getting started with SQL : a hands-on approach for beginners / QA76.73 .S67 2016
Gaddis, Tony. Starting out with C++ : from control structures through objects / QA76.73.C153 G334 2015
Brown, Ethan, Learning JavaScript : add sparkle and life to your web pages / QA76.73.J39 B76 2016
McPeak, Jeremy Beginning JavaScript QA76.73.J39 M55 2015
Goldstein, Neal Objective-C programming for dummies QA76.73.O115 G66 2013
Matthes, Eric, Python crash course : a hands-on, project-based introduction to programming / QA76.73.P98 M38 2016
Mathias, Matthew, Swift programming : the Big Nerd Ranch guide / QA76.73.S95 M38 2015
Annuzzi, Joseph Introduction to Android application development: Android essentials QA76.76.A65 A56 2016
Gargenta, Marko, Learning Android / QA76.76.A65 G37 2014
Cho, James S. The beginner's guide to Android game development / QA76.76.C672 C46 2014
MacDonald, Matthew, HTML5 : the missing manual / QA76.76.H94 M33 2014
Meloni, Julie C. Sam's teach yourself HTML, CSS and JavaScript all in one QA76.76.H94 M446 2015
Tittel, Ed Beginning HTML5 & CSS3 for dummies QA76.76.H94 T557 2013
White, Kevin M. OS X support essentials 10.11: supporting and troubleshooting OS X EI Capitan QA76.774 . M33 W55 2016
Ray, John Sams Teach Yourself iOS 9 application development in 24 hours QA76.774 .I67 R39 2016
Keur, Christian, iOS programming : the Big Nerd Ranch guide / QA76.774.I67 K48 2015
Bresnahan, Christine CompTIA Linux+ powered by Linux Professional institute study guide: exams LX0-103 and exam LX0-104 QA76.774.L46 B74 2015
Pogue, David Switching to the Mac: the missing manual QA76.774.M33 P645 2016
Pogue, David OS X El Capitan: the missing manual QA76.774.M33 P65 2015
Muir, Nancy, Windows 10 plain & simple / QA76.774.M435 M85 2015
Helmke, Matthew Ubuntu unleashed QA76.774.U28 H45 2016
Gookin, Dan Android phones for dummies QA76.8.D76 G65 2015
Baig, Edward C. iPad for dummies QA76.8.I63 B35 2016
Rosenzweig, Gary, My iPad / QA76.8.I63 R67 2016
Baig, Edward C., iPhone for dummies / QA76.8.I64 B35 2016
Chambers, Mark L. MacBook for dummies QA76.8.M3 C469 2016
Conklin, Wm. Arthur Principles of computer security / QA76.9.A25 C66757 2016
Ulrich-Fuller, Laurie Access 2016 for dummies QA76.9.D3 U475 2016
Cheng, Eugenia How to bake [pi]: an edible exploration of the mathematics of mathematics QA9 .C4862 2015
Bartusiak, Marcia Black hole: how an idea abandoned by Newtonians, hated by Einstein, and gambled on by Hawking became loved QB843.B55 B37 2015
Dawkins, Richard Brief candle in the dark: my life in science QH31.D39 A3 2015
Cobb, Matthew Life's greatest secret: the race to crack the genetic code QH447 .C63 2015
Harris, Eugene E. Ancestors in our genome: the new science of human evolution QH447 .H368 2015
Hanson, Thor The triumph of seeds: how grains, nuts, kernels, pulses, & pips, conquered the plant kingdom and shaped human history QK661 .H36 2015
Shaw, Scott R. Planet of the bugs: evolution and the rise of insects QL468.7 .S53 2014
Davies, N. B. Cuckoo: cheating by nature QL696.C83 D388 2015
Devettere, Raymond J., Practical decision making in health care ethics : cases, concepts, and the virtue of prudence / R724 .D48 2016
Volandes, Angelo E. The conversation: a revolutionary plan for end-of-life care R726.8 .V648 2015
Bess, Michael Our grandchildren redesigned: life in the bioengineered society of the near future R856 .B44 2015
Lyle, D. P., Forensics for dummies / RA1051 .L958 2016
Levinovitz, Alan The gluten lie: and other myths about what you eat RA784 .L484 2015
LeDoux, Joseph E. Anxious: using the brain to understand and treat fear and anxiety RC531 .L344 2015
Silberman, Steve Neurotribes: the legacy of autism and the future of neurodiversity RC553.A88 S54 2015
Heilig, Markus The thirteenth step: addiction in the age of brain science RC564 .H44 2015
Smith, Matthew Another person's poison: a history of food allergy RC596 .S39 2015
Penny, Steven M. Examination review for ultrasound : abdomen & obstetrics and gynecology / RC944 .P46 2011
Gill, Kathryn A. OB/GYN sonography review: a review for the ARDMS obstetrics & gynecology exam, 2003/2004 RG527.5.U48 G55 2003
Miller, Lisa A. Mosby's pocket guide to fetal monitoring: a multidisciplinary approach RG628 .T83 2017
Snyder, Katherine Pharmacology for the surgical technologist RM300 .S638 2017
Skidmore-Roth, Linda Mosby's 2017 nursing drug reference RM301.12 .M67 2017
Peterson, Veronica Clinical companion for Fundamentals of nursing: just the facts: with 106 illustrations RT41 .P8442 2017
Ackley, Betty J. Nursing diagnosis handbook: an evidence-based guide to planning care RT48.6 .A35 2017
Billings, Diane McGovern. Lippincott Q & A review for NCLEX-RN / RT55 .B55 2017
Rupert, Diana L. Lippincott NCLEX-RN alternate format questions RT55 .R87 2017
DeWit, Susan C. Saunders guide to success in nursing school 2016-2017: a student planner RT73 .D49 2017
Sorrentino, Sheila A. Mosby's textbook for nursing assistants RT84 .S67 2017
Torn, Alison Psychology for nursing RT86 .T67 2016
Prentiss, Mara Goff Energy revolution: the physics and the promise of efficient technology TJ163.2 .P735 2015
Markoff, John Machines of loving grace: the quest for common ground between humans and robots TJ211.49 .M37 2015
Odom, Wendell. Cisco CCENT/CCNA ICND1 100-101 official Cert guide / TK5105.5 .O32 2013
Bartlett, Jamie. The dark net : inside the digital underworld / TK5105.875.I57 B378 2015
Clay, Bruce Search engine optimization all-in-one for dummies TK5105.884 .C55 2015
McFarland, David Sawyer CSS: the missing manual TK5105.888 .M3767 2015
Dean, Margaret Lazarus Leaving orbit: notes from the last days of American spaceflight TL521.312 .D43 2015
Paul, Richard We could not fail: the first African Americans in the Space Program TL521.312 .P39 2015
Rogers, Adam Proof: the science of booze TP505 .R64 2014
Robinson, Jancis The Oxford companion to wine TP548 .O76 2015
Duran, Terry L. Barron's ASVAB : Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery / U408.5 .H69 2015
Palfrey, John G. BiblioTech: why libraries matter more than ever in the age of Google Z674.75.I58 P38 2015