New Books List

Schuman, Michael Confucius: and the world he created B128.C8 S38 2015
Ferrone, Vincenzo The Enlightenment: history of an idea B802 .F4713 2015
May, Todd A significant life: human meaning in a silent universe BD450 .M335 2015
Parr, Ben Captivology: the science of capturing people's attention BF321 .P367 2015
Markman, Arthur B. Smart change: five tools to create new and sustainable habits in yourself and others BF335 .M26 2015
Kleon, Austin Steal like an artist: 10 things nobody told you about being creative BF408 .K55 2012
Ness, Roberta B. Genius unmasked BF412 .N46 2013
Jacquet, Jennifer Is shame necessary?: new uses for an old tool BF575.S45 J335 2015
McGonigal, Kelly The upside of stress: why stress is good for you, and how to get good at it BF575.S75 M394 2015
Sweetland, Darlene Teaching kids to think: raising confident, independent, & thoughtful children in the age of instant gratification BF723.P8 S94 2015
Cruikshank, Margaret Learning to be old: gender, culture, and aging BF724.55.A35 C78 2013
Brooks, David The road to character BF818 .B764 2015
Coyne, Jerry A., Faith versus fact: why science and religion are incompatible BL240.3 .C69 2015
Offit, Paul A. Bad faith: when religious belief undermines modern medicine BL65.M4 O36 2015
Fowler, Merv Zen Buddhism: beliefs and practices BQ9265.4 .F68 2005
Reston, James, Luther's fortress: Martin Luther and his Reformation under siege BR326.6 .R47 2015
Kruse, Kevin Michael One nation under God: how corporate America invented Christian America BR517 .K78 2015
Schlimm, Matthew Richard This strange and sacred scripture: wrestling with the Old Testament and its oddities BS1140.3 .S35 2015
Agamben, Giorgio Pilate and Jesus BS2520.P55 A7313 2015
Cox, Harvey Gallagher How to read the Bible BS511.3 .C695 2015
Martin, James Jesus: a pilgrimage BT301.3 .M35 2014
Kandiah, Krish Paradoxology: why Christianity was never meant to be simple BT78 .K36 2014
Hart, D. G. Calvinism: a history BX9422.5 .H37 2015
Morales, Peter The Unitarian Universalist pocket guide BX9841.3 .U55 2012
Frankopan, Peter The Silk Roads: a new history of the world D21.3 .F73 2016
  A century mad and wise: Russia in the age of the Enlightenment: papers from the IX International Conference of the Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia, Leuven 2014 / D250 .W344 2015
Blom, Philipp Fracture: life & culture in the West, 1918-1938 D720 .B584 2015
Brendon, Piers The dark valley: a panorama of the 1930s D727 .B654 2000
Hellbeck, Jochen Stalingrad: the city that defeated the Third Reich D764.3.S7 H4513 2015
Scott, James Target Tokyo: Jimmy Doolittle and the raid that avenged Pearl Harbor D767.25.T6 S37 2015
Helm, Sarah Ravensbrück: life and death in Hitler's concentration camp for women D805.5.R38 H45 2014
Schnabel, Ernst The footsteps of Anne Frank D810.J4 S31813 2014
Kempowski, Walter Swansong 1945: a collective diary of the last days of the Third Reich D811.A2 E3313 2015
Parker Pearson, Michael Stonehenge: a new understanding: solving the mysteries of the greatest stone age monument DA142 .P37 2014
Church, S. D. King John: and the road to Magna Carta DA208 .C55 2015
Kynaston, David Family Britain, 1951-1957 DA588 .K96 2010 vol. 2
Kynaston, David Modernity Britain, 1957-62 DA588 .K96 2014 vol. 3
Bartlett, Thomas Ireland: a history DA910 .B375 2010
Castor, Helen. Joan of Arc: a history DC103 .C37 2015
Gueniffey, Patrice Bonaparte: 1769-1802 DC205 .G8413 2015
Price, Roger A concise history of France DC38 .P75 2014
Maas, Michael Readings in late antiquity: a sourcebook DG78 .M22 2010
Gaĭdar, E. T. Collapse of an empire: lessons for modern Russia DK510.763 .G34913 2007
Babchenko, Arkadiĭ One soldier's war DK511.C37 B32713 2007
Politkovskai︠a︡, Anna A small corner of hell: dispatches from Chechnya DK511.C37 P65513 2003
Bregman, Ahron Cursed victory: Israel and the Occupied Territories: a history DS119.7 .B7139 2015
Malek, Cate Palestine speaks: narratives of life under occupation DS119.76 .P3585 2014
Clunas, Craig Ming: 50 years that changed China DS753.2 .M523 2014
Sky, Emma The unraveling: high hopes and missed opportunities in Iraq DS79.769 .S59 2015
Newkirk, Pamela Spectacle: the astonishing life of Ota Benga DT650.4.B46 N49 2015
Immerman, Richard H. Empire for liberty: a history of American imperialism from Benjamin Franklin to Paul Wolfowitz E183.7 .I46 2010
Banks, Antoine J. Anger and racial politics: the emotional foundation of racial attitudes in America E185.615 .B2846 2014
Cook, Jane Hampton American phoenix: John Quincy and Louisa Adams, the War of 1812, and the exile that saved American independence E377 .C67 2013
Inskeep, Steve Jacksonland: President Andrew Jackson, Cherokee Chief John Ross, and a great American land grab E382 .I57 2015
Gallman, J. Matthew Lens of war: exploring iconic photographs of the Civil War E468.7 .L46 2015
Jamieson, Perry D. Spring 1865: the closing campaigns of the Civil War E470 .J36 2015
Johnson, Martin P. Writing the Gettysburg Address E475.55 .J65 2013
Carr, Matthew Sherman's ghosts: soldiers, civilians, and the American way of war E476.69 .C37 2015
Sanders, Charles W. While in the hands of the enemy: military prisons of the Civil War E615 .S218 2005
Roberts, Cokie Capital dames: the Civil War and the women of Washington, 1848-1868 E628 .R629 2015
Nugent, Walter T. K. Progressivism: a very short introduction E661 .N84 2010
Stewart, David O. Impeached: the trial of President Andrew Johnson and the fight for Lincoln's legacy E666 .S84 2010
Gordon-Reed, Annette Andrew Johnson E667 .G67 2011
Downs, Gregory P. After Appomattox: military occupation and the ends of war E668 .D74 2015
Peyser, Marc N. Hissing cousins: the untold story of Eleanor Roosevelt and Alice Roosevelt Longworth E807.1 .P39 2015
Winslow, Barbara, Shirley Chisholm: catalyst for change, 1926-2005 E840.8.C48 W56 2014
Robenalt, James D. January 1973: Watergate, Roe v. Wade, Vietnam, and the month that changed America forever E855 .R56 2015
Bernstein, Carl All the President's men E860 .B47 2014
Brands, H. W. Reagan: the life E877 .B73 2015
Blumenthal, Karen Hillary Rodham Clinton: a woman living history E887.C55 B56 2016
Paul, Rand Taking a stand: moving beyond partisan politics to unite America E907 .P38 2015
Ballinger, Franchot Living sideways: tricksters in American Indian oral traditions E98.R3 B234 1998
Allen, Paula Gunn Pocahontas: medicine woman, spy, entrepreneur, diplomat E99.P85 P57145 2003
Roberts, David The lost world of the Old Ones: discoveries in the ancient Southwest E99.P9 R5375 2015
Beezley, William H. The Oxford history of Mexico F1226 .O94 2010
Easterling, Stuart The Mexican Revolution: a short history, 1910-1920 F1234 .E16 2012
Sweig, Julia Cuba: what everyone needs to know F1788 .S955 2012
Denis, Nelson A. War against all Puerto Ricans: revolution and terror in America's colony F1975.A45 D46 2015
Brower, Kate Andersen The residence: inside the private world of the White House F204.W5 B75 2015
Gibson, Carrie Empire's crossroads: a history of the Caribbean from Columbus to the present day F2175 .G53 2014
Rice, James D. Tales from a revolution: Bacon's Rebellion and the transformation of Early America F229 .R48 2013
Breen, Patrick H. The land shall be deluged in blood: a new history of the Nat Turner Revolt F232.S7 B74 2015
Tinker Salas, Miguel Venezuela: what everyone needs to know F2321 .T56 2015
Tuttle, William M. Race riot: Chicago in the Red Summer of 1919 F548.9.N4 T88 1996
Newton, Michael Savage girls and wild boys: a history of feral children GN372 .N49 2004
Konner, Melvin The evolution of childhood: relationships, emotion, mind GN482 .K66 2010
Aldhouse-Green, Miranda J. Bog bodies uncovered: solving Europe's ancient mystery GN803 .A43 2015
Rotella, Robert J. How champions think in sports and in life GV706.4 .R674 2015
Pennington, Bill Billy Martin: baseball's flawed genius GV865.M35 P46 2015
Hall, Joshua C. Homer economicus: the Simpsons and economics HB172 .H66 2014
Thaler, Richard H. Misbehaving: the making of behavioral economics HB74.P8 T527 2015
Vance, Ashlee Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the quest for a fantastic future HC102.5.M88 V36 2015
Klebnikov, Paul Godfather of the Kremlin: the decline of Russia in the age of gangster capitalism HC340.12 .K555 2000
Mathews, John A. Greening of capitalism: how Asia is driving the next great transformation HC415.E5 M38 2015
Atkinson, A. B. Inequality: what can be done? HC79.I5 A822 2015
Schrage, Michael The innovator's hypothesis: how cheap experiments are worth more than good ideas HD45 .S367 2014
Bhargava, Rohit Non obvious: how to think different, curate ideas & predict the future HD53 .B515 2015
Berger, Jennifer Garvey Simple habits for complex times: powerful practices for leaders HD57.7 .B4697 2015
Orser, Barbara Feminine capital: unlocking the power of women entrepreneurs HD6072.5 .O77 2015
Gatta, Mary Lizabeth All I want is a job!: unemployed women navigating the public workforce system HD6095 .G38 2014
Hanushek, Eric A. The knowledge capital of nations: education and the economics of growth HD75.7 .H366 2015
Bourne, Joel K. The end of plenty: the race to feed a crowded world HD9000.5 .B58 2015
Paarlberg, Robert L. The United States of excess: gluttony and the dark side of American exceptionalism HD9006 .P273 2015
Lubetzky, Daniel Do the kind thing: think boundlessly, work purposefully, live passionately HD9010.L83 A3 2015
Yetiv, Steven A. Myths of the oil boom: American national security in a global energy market HD9566 .Y48 2015
Acuff, Jonathan M. Do over: rescue Monday, reinvent your work, and never get stuck HF5381 .A515 2015
Basalla, Susan Elizabeth So what are you going to do with that?: finding careers outside academia HF5382.7 .B374 2015
Handley, Ann Everybody writes: your go-to guide to creating ridiculously good content HF5415.1265 .H3578 2014
Van Belleghem, Steven When digital becomes human: the transformation of customer relationships HF5415.5 .V346 2015
Booher, Dianna Daniels What more can I say?: why communication fails and what to do about it HF5718 .B6544 2015
Felton, George Advertising: concept and copy HF5823 .F43 2013
Chevalier-Roignant, Benoît Competitive strategy: options and games HG6024.A3 C48535 2014
Paul, Jim What I learned losing a million dollars HG6046 .P38 2013
Rousseau, Nathan Society explained: an introduction to sociology HM585 .R677 2014
Ferguson, Niall The great degeneration: how institutions decay and economies die HN19 .F47 2014
Hartman, Andrew A war for the soul of America: a history of the culture wars HN90.S62 H37 2015
Garfield, Robert Breaking the male code: unlocking the power of friendship, overcoming male isolation for a longer, happier life HQ1090 .G358 2015
Konner, Melvin Women after all: sex, evolution, and the end of male supremacy HQ1121 .K667 2015
Talley, Heather Laine Saving face: disfigurement and the politics of appearance HQ1219 .T35 2014
Ware, Susan American women's history: a very short introduction HQ1410 .W36 2015
Porter, Amy M. Their lives, their wills: women in the borderlands, 1750-1846 HQ1438.M45 P67 2015
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi We should all be feminists HQ1815.5 .A653 2015
Faderman, Lillian The gay revolution: the story of the struggle HQ76.8.U5 F33 2015
Dunn, Richard S. A tale of two plantations: slave life and labor in Jamaica and Virginia HT1099.M48 D86 2014
Boehm, Lisa Krissoff America's urban history HT123 .B59 2015
Mohl, Raymond A. The making of urban America HT123 .M286 2012
Walters, Stephen John Kasabuski Boom towns: restoring the urban American dream HT123 .W2145 2014
Bernick, Michael The autism job club: the neurodiverse workforce in the new normal of employment HV3005 .B48 2015
Payan, Tony A war that can't be won: binational perspectives on the war on drugs HV5825 .W3812957 2013
Anastasia, George Gotti's rules: the story of John Alite, Junior Gotti, and the demise of the American mafia HV6452.N7 A53 2015
Gallo, Marcia M. No one helped: Kitty Genovese, New York City, and the myth of urban apathy HV6534.N5 G35 2015
Citron, Danielle Keats Hate crimes in cyberspace HV6773.15.C92 C57 2014
Israel, Jonathan I. A revolution of the mind: Radical Enlightenment and the intellectual origins of modern democracy JA84.E9 I87 2010
Anderson, Benedict R. O'G. Imagined communities: reflections on the origin and spread of nationalism JC311 .A656 2006
Siedentop, Larry Inventing the individual: the origins of Western liberalism JC574 .S52 2014
Hood, M. V., The rational southerner: black mobilization, Republican growth, and the partisan transformation of the American south JK2683 .H66 2014
Woolner, David B. Progressivism in America: past, present and future JK271 .P76 2016
Allen, Thomas H. Dangerous convictions: what's really wrong with the U.S. Congress JK275 .A55 2014
McKenna, Elizabeth Groundbreakers: how Obama's 2.2 million volunteers transformed campaigning in America JK526 2008 .M35 2014
Soldatov, Andreĭ The new nobility: the restoration of Russia's security state and the enduring legacy of the KGB JN6529.I6 S67 2010
Crowley, Roger Conquerors: how Portugal forged the first global empire JV4214 .C76 2015
Kaplan, Roberta A. Then comes marriage: United States v. Windsor and the defeat of DOMA KF229.W56 K37 2015
Silbey, Jessica The eureka myth: creators, innovators, and everyday intellectual property KF2979 .S59 2015
Amar, Akhil Reed The law of the land: a grand tour of our constitutional republic KF4530 .A43 2015
Shipler, David K. Rights at risk: the limits of liberty in modern America KF4749 .S525 2015
Lewis, Anthony Freedom for the thought that we hate: a biography of the First Amendment KF4770 .L49 2007
Kuhner, Timothy K. Capitalism v. democracy: money in politics and the free market constitution KF4920 .K84 2014
Hall, Matthew Eric Kane The nature of Supreme Court power KF8742 .H35 2013
Kirkman, Robert The walking dead compendium three Kirkman, Robert
Engel, Susan L. The end of the rainbow: how educating for happiness not money would transform our schools LA217.2 .E535 2015
Domine, Vanessa Elaine Healthy teens, healthy schools: how media literacy education can renew education in the United States LB1588.U6 D66 2015
Wagner, Tony Creating innovators: the making of young people who will change the world LB1607.5 .W33 2012
Jahangiri, Leila A guide to better teaching: skills, advice, and evaluation for college and university professors LB2331 .J34 2012
Kirkland, Carla Praxis core for dummies LB2367.75 .P72 2014
Green, Kristen Something must be done about Prince Edward County: a family, a Virginia town, a civil rights battle LC214.22.V8 G74 2015
Ferris, Marc Star-spangled banner: the unlikely story of America's national anthem ML3561.S8 F47 2014
Witt, Stephen How music got free: the end of an industry, the turn of the century, and the patient zero of piracy ML3790 .W59 2015
Thomson, Graeme George Harrison: behind the locked door ML420.H167 T46 2015
Quilter, Jenni New York School painters & poets: neon in daylight N6535.N5 Q85 2014
Harrison, Hazel The encyclopedia of drawing techniques NC730 .H37 2014
Dabner, David Graphic design school: the principles and practice of graphic design NC845 .D33 2014
Bendis, Brian Michael Jessica Jones: Alias. Vol. 1 Nook Bendis vol. 1
Bendis, Brian Michael Jessica Jones: Alias. Vol. 2 Nook Bendis vol. 2
Card, Orson Scott Ender's shadow Nook Card
Child, Lee Make me: a Jack Reacher novel Nook Child
Clement-Davies, David Fire bringer Nook Clement-Davies
Lemire, Jeff Descender. Book one: Tin stars Nook Lemire
L'Engle, Madeleine A wrinkle in time Nook L'Engle vol. 1
L'Engle, Madeleine A wind in the door Nook L'Engle vol. 2
L'Engle, Madeleine A swiftly tilting planet Nook L'Engle vol. 3
L'Engle, Madeleine Many waters Nook L'Engle vol. 4
L'Engle, Madeleine An acceptable time Nook L'Engle vol. 5
Millar, Mark Civil war: a Marvel Comics event Nook Millar
Riggs, Ransom Library of souls Nook Riggs vol. 3
Rowell, Rainbow Eleanor & Park Nook Rowell
Sanderson, Brandon The emperor's soul Nook Sanderson
Sanderson, Brandon Elantris Nook Sanderson
Souljah Midnight: a gangster love story Nook Souljah vol. 2
Souljah Midnight and the meaning of love Nook Souljah vol. 3
Yancey, Richard The 5th wave Nook Yancey vol. 1
Webster, James G. The marketplace of attention: how audiences take shape in a digital age P96.A83 W428 2014
Dunaway, Finis Seeing green: the use and abuse of American environmental images P96.E572 U63 2015
Kovach, Bill Blur: how to know what's true in the age of information overload / PN4815.2 .K68 2010
Blanning, T. C. W. The romantic revolution: a history PN751 .B53 2012
Bryson, Bill The road to Little Dribbling: adventures of an American in Britain Popular Bryson
Coelho, Paulo The alchemist Popular Coelho
Hadley, Tessa The past: a novel Popular Hadley
Lagercrantz, David The girl in the spider's web Popular Larsson/Lagercrantz vol. 4
Macdonald, Helen H is for Hawk Popular Macdonald
Martel, Yann The high mountains of Portugal: a novel Popular Martel
Morrison, Toni God help the child Popular Morrison
Newman, Sandra The country of Ice Cream Star Popular Newman
Gregory, Philippa The taming of the queen Popular P. Gregory
Punke, Michael The revenant: a novel of revenge Popular Punke
Remini, Leah Troublemaker: surviving Hollywood and Scientology Popular Remini
Rushdie, Salman Two years eight months and twenty-eight nights: a novel Popular Rushdie
Sparks, Nicholas See me: a novel Popular Sparks
Sparks, Nicholas The choice Popular Sparks
Stirling, Lindsey The only pirate at the party Popular Stirling
Ward, Jesmyn Men we reaped: a memoir Popular Ward
Dante Alighieri The divine comedy PQ4315 .S57 1992
Packer, Tina Women of will: following the feminine in Shakespeare's plays PR2991 .P16 2015
Chandler, Raymond The world of Raymond Chandler: in his own words PS3505.H3224 Z46 2014
Ginsberg, Allen The essential Ginsberg PS3513.I74 A6 2015
Pollack, Harriet Eudora Welty, whiteness, and race PS3545.E6 Z675 2013
Baker, Jeff Whoop & shush: poems PS3602.A58646 A6 2015
Bauer, S. Wise The story of western science: from the writings of Aristotle to the big bang theory Q125 .B3285 2015
Swaby, Rachel Headstrong: 52 women who changed science-- and the world Q130 .S93 2015
Cormier, Zoe Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll: the science of hedonism and the hedonism of science Q162 .C67 2015
Kotler, Steven Tomorrowland: our journey from science fiction to science fact Q162 .K693 2015
Brockman, John This idea must die: scientific ideas that are blocking progress Q173 .T54 2015
Rumsey, Deborah J. Statistics essentials for dummies QA276 .R85 2010
Gonick, Larry The cartoon guide to statistics QA276.12 .G67 1993
PatrickJMT 1,001 calculus practice problems for dummies QA303.2 .P38 2014
Sterling, Mary Jane 1,001 pre-calculus practice problems for dummies QA303.2 .S723 2014
Denning, Peter J. Great principles of computing QA76 .D3483 2015
Miller, Michael, Computer basics: absolute beginner's guide: Windows 10 QA76.5 .M531412 2016
Rathbone, Andy Windows 10 for dummies QA76.76.W56 R364 2015
LeVitus, Bob OS X, El Capitan, for dummies QA76.774.M33 L493 2016
Bowman, Courtney The architecture of privacy: on engineering technologies that can deliver trustworthy safeguards QA76.9.A25 B69 2015
Dykstra, Josiah, Essential cybersecurity science: build, test, and evaluate secure systems QA76.9.A25 D95 2015
Baker, Stephen Final jeopardy: the story of Watson, the computer that will transform our world QA76.9.N38 B35 2011
Bucciantini, Massimo Galileo's telescope: a European story QB88 .B8313 2015
Ball, Philip Invisible: the dangerous allure of the unseen QC406 .B35 2015
Hoffman, Andrew J. How culture shapes the climate change debate QC903.2.U6 H64 2015
Macdougall, J. D. Nature's clocks: how scientists measure the age of almost everything QE508 .M27 2008
Wagner, Andreas Arrival of the fittest: solving evolution's greatest puzzle QH375 .W327 2014
Trail, Jesse Vernon Quiver trees, phantom orchids & rock splitters: the remarkable survival strategies of plants QK754 .T69 2015
Montgomery, Sy The soul of an octopus: a surprising exploration into the wonder of consciousness QL430.3.O2 M66 2015
Whitehead, Hal The cultural lives of whales and dolphins QL737.C4 W47 2015
Shapiro, Beth Alison How to clone a mammoth: the science of de-extinction QL88 .S49 2015
Collen, Alanna 10% human: how your body's microbes hold the key to health and happiness QR171.I6 C65 2015
Smiley, Karen Medical billing & coding for dummies R728.5 .S65 2015
Offit, Paul A. Killing us softly: the sense and nonsense of alternative medicine R733 .O3458 2013
Lee, W. David From X-rays to DNA: how engineering drives biology R856 .L383 2014
Smith, Jeremy N. Epic measures: one doctor, seven billion patients RA441 .S55 2015
Lieberman, Jeffrey A. Shrinks: the untold story of psychiatry RC438 .L54 2015
Greenhalgh, Susan Fat-talk nation: the human costs of America's war on fat RC628 .G743 2015
Houghton, Andrew R. Pocket ECGs for nurses RC683.5.E5 H6844 2016
Owen, Cindy Ultrasound physics review: a review for the ARDMS SPI exam RC78.7.U4 O966 2009
Kear, Nicole C. Now I see you RE661.R45 K43 2014
Butkus, Stephanie C. Maternal-neonatal nursing made incredibly easy! RG951 .M3143 2015
Stevens, Robert J. Finding Robert RJ499 .S794 2015
Saul, Richard ADHD does not exist: the truth about attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder RJ506.H9 S28 2015
Wedge, Marilyn A disease called childhood: why ADHD became an American epidemic RJ506.H9 W432 2015
Mann, Traci Secrets from the eating lab: the science of weight loss, the myth of willpower, and why you should never diet again RM222.2 .M3257 2015
Yafa, Stephen H. Grain of truth: the real case for and against wheat and gluten RM237.86 .Y34 2015
Harvey, Margaret Dosage calculations made incredibly easy! RS57 .D67 2016
Woodruff, David W. Critical care nursing made incredibly easy! RT120.I5 C766 2016
Tait, Desiree Acute and critical care in adult nursing RT120.I5 T35 2016
Doenges, Marilynn E. Nursing diagnosis manual: planning, individualizing, and documenting client care RT48.6 .D643 2016
Webb, Adele A. Nursing procedures made incredibly easy! RT51 .N874 2016
Arnoldussen, Barbara NCLEX-RN drug guide: 300 medications you need to know for the exam RT55 .A76 2015
Kurzen, Corrine R. Contemporary practical/vocational nursing RT62 .K87 2017
Essig, Mark Lesser beasts: a snout-to-tail history of the humble pig SF395 .E64 2015
Estabrook, Barry Pig tales: an omnivore's quest for sustainable meat SF395 .E65 2015
Francis, Richard C. Domesticated: evolution in a man-made world SF41 .F65 2015
Day, Angela Red light to starboard: recalling the Exxon Valdez disaster TD427.P4 D3935 2014
Barnham, Keith The burning answer: the solar revolution: a quest for sustainable power TJ810 .B37 2015
Gregg, Michael The network security test lab: a step-by-step guide TK5105.59 .G734 2015
Paynter, Robert T. Electronics technology fundamentals: conventional flow version TK7816 .P39 2009
Risse, Joseph A. Study guide for the associate-level CET test TK7863 .S76 2008
Vahid, Frank Digital design, with RTL design, VHDL, and Verilog TK7888.3 .V274 2011
McCullough, David G. The Wright brothers TL540.W7 M3825 2015
Impey, Chris Beyond: our future in space TL793 .I468 2015
Schatzker, Mark The Dorito effect: the surprising new truth about food and flavor TX370 .S33 2015
Sherman, Nancy Afterwar: healing the moral injuries of our soldiers U22.3 .S439 2015
  ASVAB study guide 2016: ASVAB test prep book with practice test questions U408.5 .A18 2016
Powers, Rod 2015/2016 ASVAB for dummies U408.5 .P695 2015
Wittes, Benjamin The future of violence: robots and germs, hackers and drones: confronting a new age of threat UA10.5 .W57 2015
Kinder, John M. Paying with their bodies: American war and the problem of the disabled veteran UB363 .K56 2015
Zetter, Kim Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the launch of the world's first digital weapon UG593 .Z48 2014
Mendelsund, Peter What we see when we read: a phenomenology ; with illustrations Z1003 .M545 2014
Mays, Andrea E. The millionaire and the bard: Henry Folger's obsessive hunt for Shakespeare's first folio Z989.F66 M28 2015