New Books List

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Puett, Michael J. The path: what Chinese philosophers can teach us about the good life B126 .P84 2016
Warburton, Nigel A little history of philosophy B72 .W365 2011
Marenbon, John Medieval philosophy: a very short introduction B721 .M342 2016
Adamson, Peter Philosophy in the Islamic world: a very short introduction B741 .A33 2015
Levitin, Daniel J. Weaponized lies: how to think critically in the post-truth era BC177 .L486 2016b
Jacobsen, Annie Phenomena: the secret history of the U.S. government's investigations into extrasensory perception and psychokinesis BF1045.M55 J33 2017
Fineman, Stephen Work: a very short introduction BF481 .F58 2012
Hawley, Katherine Trust: a very short introduction BF575.T7 H395 2012
Fine, Cordelia Testosterone rex: myths of sex, science, and society BF692 .F525 2017
Wilkinson, Philip Myths & legends BL312 .W555 2009
Sheldrake, Philip Spirituality: a very short introduction BL624 .S498 2012
Ferrara, Mark S. Sacred bliss: a spiritual history of cannabis BL65.D7 F47 2016
Sacks, Jonathan Not in God's name: confronting religious violence BL65.V55 S24 2017
Holloway, Richard A little history of religion BL80.3 .H65 2016
Larrington, Carolyne The Norse myths: a guide to the gods and heroes BL860 .L37 2017
Roper, Lyndal Martin Luther: renegade and prophet BR325 .R746 2017
Linafelt, Tod The Hebrew Bible as literature: a very short introduction BS1140.3 .L56 2016
Freedman, Harry The murderous history of Bible translations: power, conflict and the quest for meaning BS450 .F75 2016
Cahill, Thomas Desire of the everlasting hills: the world before and after Jesus BT301.2 .C34 1999b
Scott, Michael Ancient worlds: a global history of antiquity CB311 .S416 2016b
D'Arcens, Louise The Cambridge companion to medievalism CB353 .C36 2016
  Timelines of history D11 .T538 2011
Goldstone, Jack A. Revolutions: a very short introduction D21.3 .G65 2014
Rourke, John T. Taking sides. Clashing views in world politics D863.3 .T35 2016
Salway, Peter Roman Britain: a very short introduction DA145 .S263 2015
Fenby, Jonathan France: a modern history from the Revolution to the War with Terror DC38 .F46 2016
Bowden, Hugh Alexander the Great: a very short introduction DF234 .B69 2014
Barraclough, Eleanor Rosamund Beyond the Northlands: Viking voyages and the Old Norse sagas DL65 .B367 2016
Haywood, John Northmen: the Viking saga, AD 793-1241 DL65 .H392 2016
Stanislawski, Michael Zionism: a very short introduction DS149 .S6585 2017
O'Connell, Aaron B. Our latest longest war: losing hearts and minds in Afghanistan DS371.412 .O95 2017
Kurlantzick, Joshua A great place to have a war: America in Laos and the birth of a military CIA DS557.8.L3 K87 2017
Bryce, Trevor Babylonia: a very short introduction DS71 .B79 2016
Kerr, Gordon A short history of China: from ancient dynasties to economic powerhouse DS735 .K47 2013
Whippman, Ruth America the anxious: how our pursuit of happiness is creating a nation of nervous wrecks E169.12 .W455 2016
Symonds, Craig L. The U.S. Navy: a concise history E182 .S997 2016
Moss, David A. Democracy: a case study E183 .M876 2017
Shih, Bryan The Black Panthers: portraits from an unfinished revolution E185.615 .B54645 2016
Dyson, Michael Eric Tears we cannot stop: a sermon to white America E185.615 .D97 2017
Farrell, John A. Richard Nixon: the life E856 .F37 2017
Danner, Mark Spiral: trapped in the forever war E897 .D36 2016
Chollet, Derek H. The long game: how Obama defied Washington and redefined America's role in the world E907 .C459 2016
Girard, Philippe R. Toussaint Louverture: a revolutionary life F1923.T69 G57 2016
McGuire, Bill Global catastrophes: a very short introduction GB5018 .M34 2014
Kenny, Kevin Diaspora: a very short introduction GN370 .K46 2013
Schutt, Bill Cannibalism: a perfectly natural history GN409 .S38 2017
White, Dan Under the stars: how America fell in love with camping GV191.4 .W49 2016
Cronin, Mike Sport: a very short introduction GV704 .C76 2014
Woods, Tiger The 1997 Masters: my story GV964.W66 A3 2017
Johnson, Kevin D. The entrepreneur mind: 100 essential beliefs, characteristics, and habits of elite entrepreneurs HB615 .J65 2013
Hendry, John Management: a very short introduction HD31 .H4715 2013
Allison, Michael Strategic planning for nonprofit organizations: a practical guide for dynamic times HD62.6 .A45 2015
Mill, Alfred Social security 101: from Medicare to spousal benefits, an essential primer on government retirement aid HD7125 .M49 2016
Somerville, Keith Ivory: power and poaching in Africa HD9429.I863 A33 2016
Deiss, Ryan Digital marketing for dummies HF5415.1265 .D45 2017
Cockerell, Lee The customer rules: the 39 essential rules for delivering sensational service HF5415.5 .C583 2013
Frei, Frances Uncommon service: how to win by putting customers at the core of your business HF5415.5 .F728 2012
Gallo, Carmine The storyteller's secret: from TED speakers to business legends, why some ideas catch on and others don't HF5718 .G3533 2016
  Presentations: sharpen your message, persuade your audience, gauge your impact HF5718.22 .P74 2014
Goddard, John A. Banking: a very short introduction HG1601 .G63 2016
Morduch, Jonathan The financial diaries: how American families cope in a world of uncertainty HG179 .M62 2017
Rickards, James The new case for gold HG293 .R54 2016
Stiglitz, Joseph E. The euro: how a common currency threatens the future of Europe HG925 .S75 2016
Crisp, Richard J. Social psychology: a very short introduction HM1033 .C748 2015
Alter, Adam L. Irresistible: the rise of addictive technology and the business of keeping us hooked HM851 .A437 2017
Moghadam, Valentine M. Globalization and social movements: Islamism, feminism, and the global justice movement HM881 .M64 2013
Spruill, Marjorie Julian Divided we stand: the battle over women's rights and family values that polarized American politics HQ1421 .S683 2017
Tarrant, Shira The pornography industry: what everyone needs to know HQ471 .T295 2016
DePaulo, Bella M. How we live now: redefining home and family in the 21st century HQ536 .D4297 2015
Viloria, Hida Born both: an intersex life HQ77.98.V55 A3 2017
Serafini, Toni Taking sides. Clashing views in adolescence HQ796 .T344 2013
Baldwin, Marjorie L. Beyond schizophrenia: living and working with a serious mental illness HV3005 .B346 2016
Holland, Sally Social work: a very short introduction HV40 .H6295 2015
Renzetti, Claire M. Sourcebook on violence against women HV6250.4.W65 S68 2018
Hollandsworth, Skip The midnight assassin: panic, scandal, and the hunt for America's first serial killer HV6534.A8 H65 2015
Klein, Andrew R. Abetting batterers: what police, prosecutors, and courts aren't doing to protect America's women HV6626.2 .K5947 2016
Soltes, Eugene Why they do it: inside the mind of the white-collar criminal / HV6768 .S65 2016
Senghor, Shaka Writing my wrongs: life, death, and redemption in an American prison HV9468.S46 S46 2016
Dodds, Klaus Geopolitics: a very short introduction JC319 .D54 2014
Van Reybrouck, David Against elections: the case for democracy JC423 .R4532513 2016
Liu, Eric You're more powerful than you think: a citizen guide to making change happen JF799 .L58 2017
Koser, Khalid International migration: a very short introduction JV6035 .K67 2016
Hanhimäki, Jussi M. The United Nations: a very short introduction JZ4984.5 .H364 2015
Foster, Charles Medical law: a very short introduction KD3395 .F67 2013
Thomas, Gillian Because of sex: one law, ten cases, and fifty years that changed American women's lives at work KF3467 .T49 2016
Brown, Richard D. Self-evident truths: contesting equal rights from the Revolution to the Civil War KF4764 .B76 2017
Friedman, Barry Unwarranted: policing without permission KF5399 .F75 2017
Steiker, Carol S. Courting death: the Supreme Court and capital punishment KF9227.C2 S74 2016
Trainum, James L. How the police generate false confessions: an inside look at the interrogation room KF9664 .T73 2016
Koonce, Glenn L. Taking sides. Clashing views on educational issues LA217.2 .T35 2017
Boser, Ulrich Learn better: mastering the skills for success in life, business, and school, or, how to become an expert in just about anything LB1060 .B674 2017
Thomas, Gary Education: a very short introduction LB14.7 .T56 2013
Cottom, Tressie McMillan Lower ed: the troubling rise of for-profit colleges in the new economy LB2328.52.U6 C68 2017
Nist-Olejnik, Sherrie College rules!: how to study, survive, and succeed in college LB2343.32 .N57 2016
Johnson, Robert David The campus rape frenzy: the attack on due process at America's universities LB2345.3.R37 J65 2017
Rumberger, Russell W. Dropping out: why students drop out of high school and what can be done about it LC146.6 .R86 2011
Wald, Elijah The blues: a very short introduction ML3521 .W33 2010
Kelly, Thomas Forrest Early music: a very short introduction ML457 .K45 2011
Honour, Hugh A world history of art: a history N5300 .H68 2009
Agee, William C. Modern art in America 1908-68 N6350.A44 M63 2016
Lankford, Mike Becoming Leonardo: an exploded view of the life of Leonardo da Vinci N6923.L33 L37 2017
Williams, Gilda How to write about contemporary art N7476 .W544 2014
Clarke, Victoria Plant: exploring the botanical world N7680 .P53 2016
Anthony, Kathryn H. Defined by design: the surprising power of hidden gender, age, and body bias in everyday products and places NK1520 .A58 2017
Anderson, Stephen R. Languages: a very short introduction P107 .A53 2012
Toye, Richard Rhetoric: a very short introduction P301 .T67 2013
Bergen, Benjamin K. What the f: what swearing reveals about our language, our brains, and ourselves P410.O27 B47 2016
Garner, Bryan A. Garner's modern English usage PE2827 .G37 2016
Oz, Amos Judas PJ5054.O9 B4713 2016
Endō, Shūsaku Silence: a novel PL849.N4 A2 2016
Wood, Michael Film: a very short introduction PN1994 .W65 2012
Thomson, Peter The Cambridge introduction to English theatre, 1660-1900 PN2581 .T485 2006
Hargreaves, Ian Journalism: a very short introduction PN4731 .H2968 2014
Skal, David J. Something in the blood: the untold story of Bram Stoker, the man who wrote Dracula PR6037.T617 Z88 2016
Poole, W. Scott In the mountains of madness: the life, death, and extraordinary afterlife of H.P. Lovecraft PS3523.O833 Z838 2016
Otto, Shawn Lawrence Fool me twice: fighting the assault on science in America Q172 .O88 2011
Stedall, Jacqueline A. The history of mathematics: a very short introduction QA21 .S828 2012
Falconer, K. J. Fractals: a very short introduction QA614.86 .F352 2013
O'Neil, Cathy Weapons of math destruction: how big data increases inequality and threatens democracy QA76.9.B45 O64 2016
Clegg, Brian Are numbers real?: the uncanny relationship of mathematics and the physical world QA93 .C627 2016
Binney, James Astrophysics: a very short introduction QB461 .B53 2016
Muller, R. Now: the physics of time QC173.59.S65 M85 2016
Rovelli, Carlo Reality is not what it seems: the journey to quantum gravity QC178 .R69313 2017
Levin, Janna Black hole blues: and other songs from outer space QC179 .L48 2016
Krauss, Lawrence M. The greatest story ever told--so far: why are we here? QC6.4.R42 K73 2017
Brock, W. H. The history of chemistry: a very short introduction QD11 .B758 2016
Atkins, P. W. Physical chemistry: a very short introduction QD453.3 .A855 2014
Lenton, Tim Earth system science: a very short introduction QE26.3 .L46 2016
Carey, Nessa Epigenetics revolution: how modern biology is rewriting our understanding of genetics, disease, and inheritance QH450 .C37 2013
Divan, Aysha Molecular biology: a very short introduction QH506 .D58 2016
Middleton, Nick Deserts: a very short introduction QH541.5.D4 M53 2009
Furley, Peter A. Savannas: a very short introduction QH541.5.P7 F868 2016
Wohlleben, Peter The hidden life of trees: what they feel, how they communicate : discoveries from a secret world QK475 .W6413 2016
Money, Nicholas P. Fungi: a very short introduction QK603 .M58 2016
Pilcher, Helen Bring back the king: the new science of de-extinction QL88 .P54 2016
Land, Michael F. The eye: a very short introduction QL949 .L263 2014
Burnett, Dean Idiot brain: what your head is really up to QP411 .B867 2016
Hobson, J. Allan Dreaming: a very short introduction QP426 .H624 2005
Foster, Russell G. Circadian rhythms: a very short introduction QP84.6 .F667 2017
Mitteldorf, Josh Cracking the aging code: the new science of growing old---and what it means for staying young QP86 .M585 2016
Ungar, Peter S. Teeth: a very short introduction QP88.6 .U54 2014
Cooper, Chris E. Blood: a very short introduction QP91 .C68 2016
Strelkauskas, Anthony J. Microbiology: a clinical approach QR46 .S87 2016
Kaebnick, Gregory E. Taking sides. Clashing views on bioethical issues R724 .T35 2015
Berridge, Virginia Public health: a very short introduction RA5 .B47 2016
McMillen, Christian W. Pandemics: a very short introduction RA649 .M29 2016
Daniel, Eileen L. Taking sides. Clashing views in health and society RA776.9 .T35 2016
Colson, Janet M. Taking sides. Clashing views in food and nutrition RA784 .T35 2017
Burns, Tom Psychotherapy: a very short introduction RC480 .B7798 2015
Gantt, Edwin E. Taking sides. Clashing views on psychological issues RC480.5 .T35 2016
Wood, David Bowne What have we done: the moral injury of our longest wars RC550 .W664 2016
Lewis, Marc D. Biology of desire: why addiction is not a disease RC564 .L493 2016
Fields, R. Douglas Why we snap: understanding the rage circuit in your brain RC569.5.A53 F54 2015
Herold, Eve Beyond human: how cutting-edge science is extending our lives RG133.5 .H47 2016
Pierce, Jessica Run, Spot, run: the ethics of keeping pets SF411.5 .P54 2016
Franklin, Deirdre The pit bull life: a dog lover's companion SF429.P58 F733 2017
Pyle, Rod Amazing stories of the space age: true tales of Nazis in orbit, soldiers on the moon, orphaned Martian robots, and other fascinating accounts from the annals of spaceflight TL670 .P95 2017
Evershed, Richard Sorting the beef from the bull: the science of food fraud forensics TX541 .E95 2016
McDermott, Kate Art of the pie: a practical guide to homemade crusts, fillings, and life TX773 .M343 2016
  Food52 ice cream & friends: 60 recipes & riffs for sorbets, sandwiches, no-churn ice creams and more TX795 .F66 2017
Echevarria, Antulio Joseph Military strategy: a very short introduction U162 .E35 2017
English, Richard Modern war: a very short introduction U21.5 .E54 2013
Pauly, Roger A. Firearms: the life story of a technology UD380 .P38 2008
Rubery, Matthew The untold story of the talking book Z286.A83 R83 2016