New Books List

Van de Mieroop, Marc. Philosophy before the Greeks: the pursuit of truth in ancient Babylonia B146 .V36 2016
Baert, Patrick The existentialist moment: the rise of Sartre as a public intellectual B2430.S34 B255 2015
Bruce, Scott G. The Penguin book of the undead: fifteen hundred years of supernatural encounters BF1461 .P4345 2016
Brotherton, Rob Suspicious minds: why we believe conspiracy theories BF323.E7 B76 2015
Stoknes, Per Espen What we think about when we try not to think about global warming: toward a new psychology of climate action BF353.5.C55 S76 2015
Weiner, Eric The geography of genius: a search for the world's most creative places from ancient Athens to Silicon Valley BF412 .W395 2016
Bennett, Michael F*ck feelings: one shrink's practical advice for managing all life's impossible problems BF449 .B46 2015
Gilovich, Thomas The wisest one in the room: how you can benefit from social psychology's most powerful insights BF449.5 .G55 2015
Holmes, Jamie Nonsense: the power of not knowing BF463.U5 H55 2015
Cuddy, Amy Joy Casselberry, Presence: bringing your boldest self to your biggest challenges BF575.S39 C83 2015
Pfaff, Donald W. The altruistic brain: how we are naturally good BF637.H4 P49 2015
Smith, Laura L. Child psychology & development for dummies BF721 .S573 2011
Underwood, Marion K. Social development: relationships in infancy, childhood, and adolescence BF723.S62 S577 2011
Wilser, Jeff The good news about what's bad for you ... the bad news about what's good for you BJ1589 .W55 2015
Russell, Gerard Heirs to forgotten kingdoms: journeys into the disappearing religions of the Middle East BL1060 .R87 2014
Whitmarsh, Tim Battling the gods: atheism in the ancient world BL2747.3 .W45 2015
Richards, William A. Sacred knowledge: psychedelics and religious experiences BL65.D7 R53 2015
Tagliacozzo, Eric The Hajj: pilgrimage in Islam BP187.3 .H2433 2016
Batchelor, Stephen After Buddhism: rethinking the Dharma for a secular age BQ4210 .B38 2015
Lane Fox, Robin Augustine: conversions to Confessions BR1720.A9 L37 2015
Sunquist, Scott W. The unexpected Christian century: the reversal and transformation of global Christianity, 1900-2000 BR479 .S86 2015
Noll, Mark A. In the beginning was the word: the Bible in American public life, 1492-1783 BS455 .N65 2016
Hamm, Thomas D. The Quakers in America BX7635 .H26 2006
Greengrass, Mark Christendom destroyed: Europe 1517-1648 D231 .G74 2015
Horne, Alistair Hubris: the tragedy of war in the twentieth century D431 .H67 2015
Hervieux, Linda Forgotten: the untold story of D-Day's Black heroes, at home and at war D769.343 320th .H467 2015
Service, Robert The end of the Cold War, 1985-1991 D843 .S429 2015
Fulbrook, Mary A history of Germany, 1918-2014: the divided nation DD240 .F85 2015
Johnson, Scott Fitzgerald The Oxford handbook of late antiquity DE80. O84 2016
Sarris, Peter Byzantium: a very short introduction DF552 .S27 2015
Potter, D. S. Theodora: actress, empress, saint DF572.5 .P68 2015
Forsyth, James The Caucasus: a history DK509 .F67 2013
Zygarʹ, Mikhail All the Kremlin's men: inside the court of Vladimir Putin DK510.763 .Z9413 2016
Malcolm, Noel Agents of empire: knights, corsairs, Jesuits and spies in the sixteenth-century Mediterranean world DR963.25.B78 M25 2015
Norbury, Paul Japan DS821 .N8675 2011
Makos, Adam Devotion: an epic story of heroism, friendship, and sacrifice DS918.A553 M36 2015
Thompson, Leonard Monteath A history of South Africa DT1787 .T48 2014
Connah, Graham African civilizations: an archaeological perspective DT352.3 .C66 2016
Northrup, David Africa's discovery of Europe, 1450-1850 DT353.5.E9 N67 2014
Amony, Evelyn I am Evelyn Amony: reclaiming my life from the Lord's Resistance Army DT433.287.A46 A3 2015
Bourne, Richard Nigeria: a new history of a turbulent century DT515.57 .B68 2015
Gaskill, Malcolm Between two worlds: how the English became Americans E162 .G38 2014
Brower, Kate Andersen First women: the grace and power of America's modern First Ladies E176.2 .B77 2016
Hixson, Walter L. American foreign relations: a new diplomatic history E183.7 .H594 2016
Bernstein, Richard China 1945: Mao's revolution and America's fateful choice E183.8.C5 B439 2014
Dyson, Michael Eric The Black presidency: Barack Obama and the politics of race in America E185.615 .D9449 2016
Glaude, Eddie S. Democracy in Black: how race still enslaves the American soul E185.615 .G548 2016
Norwood, Kimberly Jade Color matters: skin tone bias and the myth of a post-racial America E185.625 .C646 2014
Buckley, Gail Lumet American patriots: the story of Blacks in the military from the Revolution to Desert Storm E185.63 .B93 2001b
Johnson, Kathryn My time with the Kings: a reporter's recollections of Martin, Coretta and the civil rights movement E185.96 .J689 2016
Norrell, Robert J. Alex Haley and the books that changed a nation E185.97.H24 N68 2015
King, Martin Luther A testament of hope: the essential writings and speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr. E185.97.K5 A25 1991
Allison, Robert J. The American Revolution: a concise history E208 .A425 2011
Beck, Derek W. Igniting the American Revolution: 1773-1775 E210 .B39 2015
Sedgwick, John War of two: Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, and the duel that stunned the nation E302.6.H2 S27 2015
Fraser, Flora The Washingtons: George and Martha, "join'd by friendship, crown'd by love" E312.19 .F85 2015
Kilmeade, Brian Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli pirates: the forgotten war that changed American history E335 .K55 2015
Watson, Harry L. Liberty and power: the politics of Jacksonian America E381 .W32 2006
Crapol, Edward P. John Tyler: the accidental president E397 .C73 2012
Ferrell, Claudine L. The abolitionist movement E441 .F47 2006
Williams, Heather Andrea American slavery: a very short introduction E441 .W723 2014
Sublette, Ned The American slave coast: a history of the slave-breeding industry E442 .S82 2016
Stiles, T. J. Custer's trials: a life on the frontier of a new America E467.1.C99 S76 2015
McDonough, James L. William Tecumseh Sherman: in the service of my country: a life E467.1.S55 M348 2016
Masur, Louis P. The Civil War: a concise history E468 .M155 2011
Stokesbury, James L. A short history of the Civil War E468 .S86 2011
Badger, Anthony J. The New Deal: the Depression years, 1933-40 E806 .B24 2002
Hiltzik, Michael A. The New Deal: a modern history E806 .H557 2011
Calloway, Colin G. The victory with no name: the Native American defeat of the first American army E83.79 .C35 2015
Meacham, Jon Destiny and power: the American odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush E882 .M43 2015
Hersh, Seymour M. The killing of Osama Bin Laden E907 .H48 2016
Savage, Charlie Power wars: inside Obama's post-9/11 presidency E907 .S3674 2015
Cameron, Catherine M. Beyond germs: Native depopulation in North America E98.P76 B49 2015
Rosolie, Paul Mother of God: an extraordinary journey into the uncharted tributaries of the western Amazon F3451.M2 R67 2014
Moon, David The plough that broke the steppes: agriculture and environment on Russia's grasslands, 1700-1914 GB578.55 .M66 2013
Harcourt, A. H. Humankind: how biology and geography shape human diversity GF41 .H375 2015
Begun, David R. The real planet of the apes: a new story of human origins GN281 .B435 2016
Ridley, Matt The evolution of everything: how new ideas emerge GN360 .R525 2015
Eldridge, Lisa Face paint: the story of makeup GT2340 .E54 2015
Cheever, Susan Drinking in America: our secret history GT2883.U6 C54 2015
Arnold, Rebecca Fashion: a very short introduction GT521 .A765 2009
Walsh, David Seven deadly sins: my pursuit of Lance Armstrong GV1051.A76 W35 2015
Seibert, Brian What the eye hears: a history of tap dancing GV1794 .S44 2015
Hoffman, Brian S. Naked: a cultural history of American nudism GV450 .H64 2015
Sowell, Thomas Economic facts and fallacies HB171 .S7133 2011
Fong, Mei One child: the story of China's most radical experiment HB3654.A3 F66 2016
Bruner, Robert F. The Panic of 1907: lessons learned from the market's perfect storm HB3717 1907 .B78 2009
Reich, Robert B. Saving capitalism: for the many, not the few HB501 .R359 2015
Stiglitz, Joseph E. Rewriting the rules of the American economy: an agenda for growth and shared prosperity HC106.84 .S75 2016
Lindert, Peter H. Unequal gains: American growth and inequality since 1700 HC110.I5 L5624 2016
Kapur, Akash India becoming: a portrait of life in modern India HC435.3 .K36 2013
Burnard, Trevor G. Planters, merchants, and slaves: plantation societies in British America, 1650 - 1820 HD1471.N7 B87 2015
Susskind, Richard E. The future of the professions: how technology will transform the work of human experts  HD8038.A1 S87 2015
Czerniawski, Amanda M. Fashioning fat: inside plus-size modeling HD9940.A2 C94 2015
Karsten, Margaret Foegen Gender, race, and ethnicity in the workplace: emerging issues and enduring challenges HF5549.5.M5 G459 2016
Sivulka, Juliann Soap, sex, and cigarettes: a cultural history of American advertising HF5813.U6 S55 2012
Berger, Jonah Invisible influence: the hidden forces that shape behavior HM1176 .B47 2016
Isenberg, Nancy White trash: the 400-year untold history of class in America HN90.S6 I84 2016
Cleves, Rachel Hope Charity and Sylvia: a same-sex marriage in early America HQ1034.U5 C54 2014
Slaughter, Anne-Marie Unfinished business: women, men, work, family HQ1075.5.U6 S57 2015
Fitzpatrick, Ellen F. The highest glass ceiling: women's quest for the American presidency HQ1236 .F49 2016
Steinem, Gloria My life on the road HQ1413.S675 A3 2015
Dicker, Rory Cooke A history of U.S. feminisms HQ1420 .D55 2016
Fontanella-Khan, Amana Pink sari revolution: a tale of women and power in India HQ1743 .F66 2013
Zoepf, Katherine Excellent daughters: the secret lives of young women who are transforming the Arab world HQ1784 .Z64 2016
Patterson, Charlotte Handbook of psychology and sexual orientation HQ23 .H3296 2015
Blum, Linda M. Raising generation Rx: mothering kids with invisible disabilities in an age of inequality HQ759.913 .B58 2015
Haerens, Margaret Single-parent families HQ759.915 .S189 2016
Dawson, Juno This book is gay HQ76.26 .D39 2015
Lasky, Jack Birth control HQ766 .B4794 2016
Lemish, Dafna Children and media: a global perspective HQ784.M3 L46 2015
Marschark, Marc How deaf children learn: what parents and teachers need to know HV2391 .M257 2012
Penilla, Adan R. Signing for dummies HV2474 .P46 2012
Duck, Waverly No way out: precarious living in the shadow of poverty and drug dealing HV4045 .D83 2015
McGirr, Lisa The war on alcohol: prohibition and the rise of the American state HV5089 .M354 2016
Nelson, David Erik Teen drug abuse HV5824.Y68 T43 2011
Belenko, Steven R. Drugs, crime, and justice HV5825 .B434 2015
Gray, James P. Why our drug laws have failed and what we can do about it: a judicial indictment of the war on drugs HV5825 .G6954 2012
Leonard, Eileen B. Crime, inequality and power HV6025 .L446 2015
Rawlence, Ben City of thorns: nine lives in the world's largest refugee camp HV640.4.K4 R39 2016
Shane, Scott Objective Troy: a terrorist, a president, and the rise of the drone HV6430.A5 S53 2015
Levin, Adam Swiped: how to protect yourself in a world full of scammers, phishers, and identity thieves HV6675 .L48 2015
James, Stuart H. Forensic science: an introduction to scientific and investigative techniques HV8073 .F5835 2014
Mays, G. Larry Essentials of corrections HV8665 .M39 2014
Oaks, Laury Giving up baby: safe haven laws, motherhood, and reproductive justice HV881 .O15 2015
Chesney-Lind, Meda Girls, delinquency, and juvenile justice HV9104 .C39 2014
Gerdes, Louise I. Juvenile crime HV9104 .J8319 2012
Lasky, Jack America's prisons HV9471 .A49 2016
Currie, Elliott Crime and punishment in America HV9471 .C87 2013
Gottschalk, Marie Caught: the prison state and the lockdown of American politics HV9471 .G667 2016
Sheridan, Matthew J. Exploring and understanding careers in criminal justice: a comprehensive guide HV9950 .S545 2016
Tonry, Michael H. Punishing race: a continuing American dilemma HV9950 .T667 2011
Jennings, Chris Paradise now: the story of American Utopianism HX653 .J46 2016
Goodin, Robert E. The Oxford handbook of political science JA66 .O97 2011
Castles, Francis Geoffrey The Oxford handbook of the welfare state JC479 .O94 2010
Ritchie, Donald A. The U.S. Congress: a very short introduction JK1041 .R58 2010
Coppins, McKay The wilderness: deep inside the Republican Party's combative, contentious, chaotic quest to take back the White House JK2356 .C69 2015
Valelly, Richard M. American politics: a very short introduction JK275 .V36 2013
Merino, Noël Privacy KF1262 .P739 2015
Bryant, Jonathan M. Dark places of the earth: the voyage of the slave ship Antelope KF228.A673 B79 2015
Feinman, Jay M. Law 101 KF387 .F45 2014
Merino, Noël The legalization of marijuana KF3891.M2 L43 2016
Amar, Akhil Reed America's Constitution: a biography KF4541 .A87 2005
Bray, Ilona M., U.S. immigration made easy KF4819.85 .B73 2015
Hirshman, Linda R. Sisters in law: how Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg went to the Supreme Court and changed the world KF8744 .H57 2015
Schiff, Stacy The witches: Salem, 1692 KFM2478.8.W5 S35 2015
Cohen, Martin Critical thinking skills for dummies LB1590.3 .C64 2015
Carlson, John S. 101 careers in education LB1775.2 .C38 2016
Lasky, Jack Sexual assault on campus LB2345.3.R37 S487 2016
Lewis, Amanda E. Despite the best intentions: how racial inequality thrives in good schools LC212.2 .L486 2015
Jones, Ricky L. Black haze: violence, sacrifice, and manhood in black greek-letter fraternities LJ51 .J66 2015
Goodall, Howard The story of music: from Babylon to the Beatles: how music has shaped civilization ML160 .G58 2014
Stanley, Bob Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!: the story of pop music from Bill Haley to Beyoncé ML3470 .S73 2015
Seabrook, John The song machine: inside the hit factory ML3790 .S382 2015
Zanes, Warren Petty: the biography ML410.P3135 Z36 2015
Heartney, Eleanor Art & today N6490 .H365 2013
Doss, Erika Twentieth-century American art N6512 .D598 2002
Hessenberg, Karin Sculpting basics: everything you need to know to create fantastic three-dimensional art NB1170 .H47 2005
Winslow, Valerie L. Classic human anatomy: the artist's guide to form, function, and movement NC760 .W53 2009
Bierut, Michael How to use graphic design to sell things, explain things, make things look better, make people laugh, make people cry, and (every once in a while) change the world NC999.4.B44 A2 2015
Raden, Aja Stoned: jewelry, obsession, and how desire shapes the world NK5550 .R33 2015
Nissenberg, Gilda Complete Spanish grammar PC4112 .N57 2016
Horobin, Simon How English became English: a short history of a global language PE1075 .H67 2016
Garner, Bryan A. The Chicago guide to grammar, usage, and punctuation PE1106 .G35 2016
Payne, Thomas Edward Understanding English grammar: a linguistic introduction PE1109 .P39 2011
Beason, Larry A commonsense guide to grammar and usage PE1112 .B39 2015
Harris, Muriel Prentice Hall reference guide PE1112 .H293 2015
Straus, Jane The blue book of grammar and punctuation: an easy-to-use guide with clear rules, real-world examples, and reproducible quizzes PE1112 .S773 2014
Woods, Geraldine English grammar for dummies PE1112.3 .W66 2010
Crichton, Jonathan English made easy. Volume one: a new ESL approach: learning English through pictures PE1128 .C773 2015
Payne, Lucile Vaughan The lively art of writing PE1408 .P3 1969
Wysocki, Anne Frances The little DK handbook PE1408 .W975 2016
Stevens, Chris Written in stone: a journey through the Stone Age and the origins of modern language PE1574 .S75 2015
Velie, Alan R. American Indian literature: an anthology PM197.E1 A4 1991
Saleh, Naveed The complete guide to article writing: how to write successful articles for online and print markets PN147 .S24 2013
Richie, Donald A hundred years of Japanese film: a concise history, with a selective guide to DVDs and videos PN1993.5.J3 R47115 2012
Cherry, Brigid Horror PN1995.9.H6 C44 2009
Bogle, Donald Toms, coons, mulattoes, mammies, and bucks: an interpretive history of blacks in American films PN1995.9.N4 B6 2016
Taylor, Chris How Star Wars conquered the universe: the past, present, and future of a multibillion dollar franchise PN1995.9.S695 T39 2015
Brewster, Karen Fundamentals of theatrical design PN2091.S8 B6675 2011
Clegg, Brian Ten billion tomorrows: how science fiction technology became reality and shapes the future PN3433.6 .C536 2015
Anderson, Chris TED talks: the official TED guide to public speaking PN4129.15 .A53 2016
Kovach, Bill The elements of journalism: what newspeople should know and the public should expect PN4756 .K67 2014
Petit, Zachary The essential guide to freelance writing: how to write, work, & thrive on your own terms PN4784.F76 P48 2015
Sundaram, Anjan Bad news: last journalists in a dictatorship PN4793.R39 .S86 2016
Hitchens, Christopher And yet--: essays PN4874.H52 A5 2015
Michaeli, Ethan The Defender: how the legendary black newspaper changed America: from the age of the Pullman porters to the age of Obama PN4899.C395 D55 2016
Brodman, Barbara. The supernatural revamped: from timeworn legends to twenty-first-century chic PN56.S8 S87 2016
Lee, Stan Amazing fantastic incredible: a marvelous memoir PN6727.L39 Z464 2015
Whitehead, Colson The underground railroad: a novel Popular Whitehead
Wokler, Robert Rousseau: a very short introduction PQ2053 .W64 2001
Gilbert, Sandra M. Feminist literary theory and criticism: a Norton reader PR1110.W6 F46 2007
Newton, Michael Victorian fairy tales PR1309.F26 V49 2015
Eby, Margaret South toward home: travels in Southern literature PS261 .E39 2015
Hammer, Langdon James Merrill: life and art PS3525.E6645 Z674 2015
Carver, Raymond What we talk about when we talk about love: stories PS3553.A7894 W4 1981
Karr, Mary The art of memoir PS3561.A6929 Z46 2015
Flynn, John Off to the next wherever: stories PS3569 .F5966 2016
Strand, Ginger Gail The brothers Vonnegut: science and fiction in the house of magic PS3572.O5 Z858 2015
Nesteroff, Kliph The comedians: drunks, thieves, scoundrels, and the history of American comedy PS430 .N46 2015
Wootton, David The invention of science: a new history of the scientific revolution Q125.2 .W66 2015
Munroe, Randall Thing explainer: complicated stuff in simple words Q173 .M964 2015
Welling, Luke, PHP and MySQL web development QA76.73 .P224 2017
Chinnathambi, Kirupa JavaScript: absolute beginner's guide QA76.73.J39 C47 2017
Levenson, Thomas The hunt for Vulcan: ... and how Albert Einstein destroyed a planet, discovered relativity, and deciphered the universe QB605.2.V85 L48 2015
Baggott, J. E. Origins: the scientific story of creation QB982 .B384 2015
Musser, George Spooky action at a distance: the phenomenon that reimagines space and time--and what it means for black holes, the big bang, and theories of everything QC173.59.S65 M88 2015
Nye, Bill Unstoppable: harnessing science to change the world QC981.8.G56 N94 2015
Morris, Peter John Turnbull The matter factory: a history of the chemistry laboratory QD51 .M68 2015
Dvorak, John The last volcano: a man, a romance, and the quest to understand nature's most magnificent fury QE22.J2 D86 2015
Prothero, Donald R. The story of life in 25 fossils: tales of intrepid fossil hunters and the wonders of evolution QE723 .P76 2015
Mesler, Bill A brief history of creation: science and the search for the origin of life QH325 .M378 2015
Goldman, Lee Too much of a good thing: how four key survival traits are now killing us QH366.2 .G63 2015
Slack, J. M. W. Genes: a very short introduction QH447 .S585 2014
Scales, Helen Spirals in time: the secret life and curious afterlife of seashells QL405 .S33 2015
Coppinger, Raymond How dogs work QL737.C22 C64 2015
Tuttle, Merlin D. The secret lives of bats: my adventures with the world's most misunderstood mammals QL737.C5 T896 2015
Safina, Carl Beyond words: what animals think and feel QL785 .S14 2015
Olinger, Anthony B. Human gross anatomy QM23.2 .O33 2016
Dyer, Janyce G. Anatomy & physiology made incredibly visual! QM25 .A488 2014
Rohen, Johannes W. Anatomy: a photographic atlas QM25 .R55 2016
Davies, Jamie A. Life unfolding: how the human body creates itself QM603 .D39 2014
Bender, David A. Nutrition: a very short introduction QP151 .B383 2014
Platoni, Kara We have the technology: how biohackers, foodies, physicians, and scientists are transforming human perception, one sense at a time QP441 .P53 2015
McFadden, Johnjoe Life on the edge: the coming of age of quantum biology QP517.Q34 M34 2014
Luck, Martin Hormones: a very short introduction QP571 .L835 2014
Montgomery, David R. The hidden half of nature: the microbial roots of life and health QR111 .M63 2016
Zott, Lynn M. Alternative medicine R733 .A4587 2012
Béland, Daniel Obamacare wars: federalism, state politics, and the Affordable Care Act RA395.D44 B45 2016
Marmot, Michael The health gap: the challenge of an unequal world RA418.5.P6 M385 2015
McNeil, Donald G. Zika: the emerging epidemic RA644.Z56 M36 2016
Merrill, Ray M. Introduction to epidemiology RA651 .M47 2017
Agus, David The lucky years: how to thrive in the brave new world of health RA776.5 .A39 2016
Lacerda, Daniel 2,100 Asanas: the complete yoga poses RA781.7 .L33 2015
Greger, Michael How not to die: discover the foods scientifically proven to prevent and reverse disease RA784 .G7584 2015
DeVita, Vincent T. The death of cancer: after fifty years on the front lines of medicine, a pioneering oncologist reveals why the war on cancer is winnable--and how we can get there RC275 .D48 2015
Sacks, Oliver On the move: a life RC339.52.S23 A3 2015
Laskas, Jeanne Marie Concussion RC394.C7 L37 2015
Marchant, Jo Cure: a journey into the science of mind over body RC489.M53 M36 2016
Agronin, Marc E. The dementia caregiver: a guide to caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease and other neurocognitive disorders RC521 .A38 2016
Donvan, John In a different key: the story of autism RC553.A88 D67 2016
Colgrove, Kathryn Cadenhead Med-surg success: a Q&A review applying critical thinking to test taking RD99.25 .C65 2017
Ricci, Susan Scott Maternity and pediatric nursing RG951 .R533 2017
Hockenberry, Marilyn J. Wong's essentials of pediatric nursing RJ245 .W46 2017
Seifert, Kathryn Youth violence: theory, prevention, and intervention RJ506.V56 S458 2012
Gersch, Carolyn J. Pharmacology made incredibly easy! RM125 .N846 2017
Martinez de Castillo, Sandra Luz Calculating drug dosages: a patient-safe approach to nursing and math RS57 .D433 2017
Gatford, J. D. Nursing calculations RS57 .G38 2016
Carpenito-Moyet, Lynda Juall Nursing diagnosis: application to clinical practice RT48.6 .C39 2017
Gersch, Carolyn J. Medical-surgical nursing made incredibly easy! RT51 .G477 2016
Lisko, Susan NCLEX-RN questions & answers made incredibly easy! RT55 .L5756 2017
Knecht, Patricia Success in practical/vocational nursing: from student to leader RT62 .K543 2017
Black, Beth Perry Professional nursing: concepts & challenges RT82 .P755 2017
Sethi, Simran Bread, wine, chocolate: the slow loss of foods we love S494.5.A43 S425 2015
Buchmann, Stephen L. The reason for flowers: their history, culture, biology, and how they change our lives SB404.9 .B83 2015
Williams, Wendy The horse: the epic history of our noble companion SF283 .W55 2015
Dickey, Bronwen Pit bull: the battle over an American icon SF429.P58 D53 2016
Alred, Gerald J. Handbook of technical writing T11 .B78 2015
Smith, Jennifer Adobe Creative Cloud design tools all-in-one for dummies T386.A36 S65 2013
Lyons, Mary E. The Blue Ridge Tunnel: a remarkable engineering feat in antebellum Virginia TF238.B6 L96 2014
LeVine, Steve The powerhouse: America, China, and the great battery war TK2945.L58 L45 2016
Moore, Alannah Create your own website the easy way TK5105.888 .M6577 2016
Prelinger, Megan Shaw Inside the machine: art and invention in the electronic age TK7870 .P678 2015
Jain, Anil K. Introduction to biometrics TK7882.B56 J35 2011
Obermeier, Barbara Photoshop elements 14 for dummies TR267.5.A33 O254 2015
Krebs, J. R. Food: a very short introduction TX355 .K74 2013
Belitz, H.-D. Food chemistry TX545 .B3513 2009
Wilson, Bee First bite: how we learn to eat TX631 .W548 2015
Osseo-Asare, Fran The Ghana cookbook TX725.G4 O873 2015
Fears, J. Wayne. The wilderness cooking handbook TX823 .F422 2016
Duclos, Andrea And yet--: essays TX837 .D77 2015
Jacobsen, Annie The Pentagon's brain: an uncensored history of DARPA, America's top secret military research agency U394.A75 J33 2015
Altschuler, Glenn C. The GI Bill: a new deal for veterans UB357 .A65 2009
Moore, Janelle The wounded warrior handbook: a resource guide for returning veterans UB363 .P55 2015
Spiers, Edward M. A history of chemical and biological weapons UG447 .S65 2010
Johnston, Andrew K. Time and navigation: the untold story of getting from here to there VK555 .J64 2015