Future Great Expectations Students

Who is eligible for the Great Expectations program?

  • Individuals who are, or were, affiliated with the Virginia foster care system
  • Youth adopted from the Virginia foster care system after their 13th birthday
  • A special needs adoption

To be able to access the services Great Expectations provides, please complete the following items and submit them to the Great Expectations Advisor:

  1. Fill out a Great Expectations application.
  2. Provide a letter on DSS's letterhead verifying your foster care history. This can also come directly from DSS.
  3. Schedule an appointment with La'Tisha Jackson, Great Expectations Advisor, either via email at ljackson@pvcc.edu, or, you can call her at the following number to schedule an appointment: 434-961-5314. Please ensure you receive a confirmation of the appointment time and date from your Great Expectations program.