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Work-study allows students to work part-time at PVCC while attending college. Among the many benefits of participating in the work-study program are:

  1. A regular paycheck for college expenses and extra spending money
  2. Convenience of working on campus where you take classes
  3. Practical job experience to enhance your resume and marketability
  4. A unique behind-the-scenes look at the operations of a community college

Types of Jobs and Pay

Work-study students typically work 10 to 20 hours per week at PVCC. The current wage is $9 an hour, which is paid through federal funds earmarked for the program. Job placement depends upon available jobs at the College and student qualifications. Some approved off-campus jobs in area nonprofits are available for reading and math tutors. The rate of pay for these off-campus positions are a little higher.

How to Qualify

When you apply for financial aid, the Financial Aid Office will automatically determine if you qualify for work-study and if you do, this will be noted in the award letter that you receive from PVCC. You are not required to participate in work-study, although is it highly encouraged to help offset your college expenses and to enhance your resume and marketability in the future.

If you have been awarded work-study and would like to participate, you are required to follow the Guidelines for Work-Study Employment.