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Our mission is to help PVCC students strengthen their writing skills in any discipline. We aim to help you discover your ideas and then communicate them clearly to others. Come to The Writing Center at any stage of the writing process to:

  • Discuss how or where to begin an assignment
  • Get help finishing a draft
  • Begin revising a draft or receive feedback on a complete draft
  • Learn tips for proofreading
  • Discuss your instructor's comments

Schedule an Appointment or Drop By

To schedule your first visit with a writing tutor, you may simply come to the front desk in The Writing Center or call 434.961.5499. If you can't come to campus, you might try submitting your paper to the Essay Center of our online tutoring partner, SMARTHINKING. You will get feedback on your work in 24 hours.


We periodically offer writing workshops for students and will announce them here.


Organize and Plan Your Essay

 Organize an Argument
PDF icon Developing Your Thesis
 Thesis Statement Checklist
PDF icon Five Paragraph Essay
 Prewrite and Plan

Cite and Research Your Essay

 How to Start Research
Analyzing Your Evidence
PDF icon Incorporating Research: Summarizing & Paraphrasing
PDF icon Incorporating Research: Direct Quotes
PDF icon Plagiarism
MLA Citation Playbook
APA Citation Playbook
PDF icon Comparing MLA & APA
Chicago Manual of Style
Other Citation Styles

Writing Intensive Courses (WIC)

 Writing Rubric

Revise and Proofread Your Essay

 Revise an Argument
Avoiding Plagiarism

Grammar and ESL

PDF icon Five Useful Ways to Join Ideas
PDF icon Independent & Dependent Clauses
PDF icon Articles--A, An, The
 Verbs and Verb Agreement
PDF icon Apostrophes
PDF icon A Brief Guide to Commas

Writing Under Pressure

Mid-Terms, Finals, and Other In-Class Writing
Writing When You Can’t Think Straight

Writing Resource Handbook

PDF icon Writing for Success Handbook



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