Steven Ashpole

Steven Ashpole
Adjunct Instructor of Accounting
Business, Mathematics & Technologies
Main Building:


  • ACC 211 - Corequisite: ACC 213.
    Presents accounting principles and application to various businesses. Covers the accounting cycle, income determination, and financial reporting. Corequisite ACC 213. Lecture 3 to 4 hours per week.
  • ACC 222 - Intermediate Accounting II
    Continues accounting principles and theory with emphasis on accounting for fixed assets, intangibles, corporate capital structure, long term liabilities, and investments. Prerequisite Completed ACC 221 or equivalent. Lecture 3 to 4 hours per week.
  • ACC 212 - Principles of Accounting II
    ACC 112 - Accounting II Covers fundamental accounting concepts and principles governing the accounting cycle, journals, ledgers, working papers, and preparation of financial statements for sole proprietorships. A laboratory co-requisite (ACC 114) may be required as identified by the college. Lecture 3-4 hours per week. 3-4 credits
  • ACC 214 - Principles of Accounting Laboratory II
    Provides problem solving experience to supplement instruction in ACC 212. Corequisite ACC 212. Laboratory 2 hours per week.
  • ACC 261 - Principles of Federal Taxation I
    Presents the study of federal taxation as it relates to individuals and related entities. Includes tax planning, compliance, and reporting. Lecture 3 hours per week.
  • ACC 213 - Prn Acc Lab I
    .ACC 213 - Prin. of Accounting Laboratory I Provides problem-solving experience to supplement instruction in ACC 211. Co-requisite: ACC 211 may be required. Laboratory 2 hours per week. 1 credits