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Computer Science

Degree Type: 

Associate of Science Degree

Minimum Total Credit Hours to Complete: 


  • Transfer
    Transfer Degree
  • STEM
    STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

The Associate of Science degree in Computer Science prepares you for transfer to a four-year college or university to complete a bachelor's degree. The program emphasizes the study of the science of computing and the use of computing in a scientific setting. PVCC has guaranteed transfer agreements with top colleges and universities that guarantee admission to PVCC graduates who meet specific academic transfer criteria. 

Jobs this program prepares you for: 

  • Computer Operator
  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Science Teacher
  • Computer Scientist
  • Computer Specialist
  • Database Administrator
  • Software Engineer
  • Support Specialist

Required Courses: 

Linked classes are classes that are currently available in the class search.
CSC 201 Computer Science I / 4 Credit Hours
CSC 202 Computer Science II / 4 Credit Hours
MTH 286 Discrete Mathematics / 4 Credit Hours
Humanities Electives
Social Science Electives
Science with Laboratory Electives
Health or Physical Ed Elective

Additional Program Information: 

Graduation Requirement

Students entering all transfer degree programs are required to take one Writing Intensive Course in order to graduate.  The Writing Intensive Course prerequisites are ENG 111 and ENG 112.  Approved Writing Intensive Courses (sections MUST be specified):  ENG 242, ENG 253, ENG 243, HUM 201/202, PHI 100, HIS 101, SOC 200, ART 101, CHM 242, CHM 244, CHM 260, BIO 256, ITE 182.


  • List of courses that fulfill the requirement for Humanities, Social Science, and Science w/Laboratory Electives can be found in the Computer Science Degree Requirements.
  • To meet the humanities elective requirement for this program, no more than one introductory foreign language course (101 or 102 level) may be used.

Industry Certification Exams

Printable  Computer Science Degree Requirements.