Am I expected to come to class every day? What if I  have to work?

Your attendance is crucial to your success in this short, five week summer semester program. That said, we understand that life’s events can get in the way of the best laid plans, but you should make plans to be in class every day. 

What kind of extracurricular activities will I be able to participate in?  How much will it cost?

We will go on several local adventures to do things such as go bowling, play putt putt golf, or experience a nearby park.  We will also be participating in a retreat south of Charlottesville for a day of leadership building and fun outdoor activities.  In addition, you can expect the occasional cookout or on campus activity.  Finally, there will be a big closing ceremony to honor your achievements, families welcome!  All at no expense to you.

Can I work and be a part of Piedmont Advantage at the same time?

We designed the program with your summer job in mind.  The program is only for five weeks of the summer, three days a week, on Monday’s Wednesday’s and Thursday’s, from 11:00am to 3:15pm.  This schedule was designed to allow you to work an evening shift on days you have class or most anytime on the 4 days a week you’re not in class.  Please contact us if you’re concerned about your work schedule interfering and would like some additional assistance or information, we’re happy to help.