Skilled volunteer work makes job applicants look more appealing to hiring managers.

What is Service-Learning?

Service-learning is a teaching and learning strategy where PVCC faculty and students get together with community organizations to solve real-world problems and improve their communities by combining class content and community service. But, service-learning isn’t just volunteering for college students. The community service opportunities that are part of service-learning projects are directly related to the topics, concepts and skills taught in class, providing students with hands-on learning experiences, usable job skills and a meaningful way to interact with members of the community.

Students! Service-learning provides a number of tangible benefits for you!

  • Gain confidence in your ability to make an impact on complex social challenges, problems and needs.
  • Gain valuable problem-solving and communication skills.
  • Gain awareness of your communities, leading to a greater sense of civic engagement. 
  • Interact directly with local organizations in ways that may lead to future employment.
  • Students who participate in service-learning are more likely to be feel that their coursework is meaningful.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Why get involved with Service-Learning?

According a recent survey of 202 human resource executives, “skilled volunteer work...makes job applicants look more appealing to hiring managers." In fact, 80 percent of executives surveyed said they would be more likely to hire a graduate with skilled volunteer experience. 

How do I get started with Service-Learning?

1. Make sure you have the time. Classes with service-learning components often require a larger investment of time from students than traditional classes and many may require students to travel to off campus sites to complete community service.  Before you decide to take a service learning class, make sure you have the time and flexibility to do so.
2. Search the PVCC class listings for classes with a service-learning designation. These classes are designated with an XX in the course number.  You can also click here for a description of current and upcoming PARTNERS classes.   
3. Enroll through MyPVCC using the Student Information System (SIS). As long as class prerequisites have been met, any student can register for PARTNERS classes. Students can get help registering in the Admissions and Advising Center.

What is Service Honors and how do I earn it?

Students who choose to make service-learning a significant part of their educational experience at PVCC are recognized with Service Honors and receive special recognition on their diplomas and PVCC transcripts.  This recognition can be a valuable resource for students seeking careers in the nonprofit sector, healthcare, government, advocacy, and religious and charitable organizations.  Further, students working to transfer to four-year institutions will have a demonstrable record of their engagement outside the classroom.

To earn Service Honors, students must:

  • Graduate with a 3.0 grade point average or above
  • Complete 12 hours of service-learning credits
How do I apply for Service Honors?

Students who are interested in earning Service Honors should contact J. Nikol Beckham, the Service-Learning Coordinator, for information.

J. Nikol Beckham
PVCC Main Building, M614A
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
Humanities, Fine Arts & Social Sciences

How do I earn Service-Learning credits?

Service-learning credits are earned by taking officially designated service-learning classes. These classes are designated with an XX section number in the College Catalog and Student Information System (SIS). Depending on the design of the class, students may earn between 1 and 3 service-learning credits for successfully completing service-learning projects.