Summer Academies @ PVCC

KidsCollege @ PVCC 2017 Summer STEM & Arts Academies

June 12-Aug. 11
Rising 3rd-10th Graders

Location: Piedmont Virginia Community College
Fee: $135-$199 per academy (Scholarships available)

KidsCollege @ PVCC Academy Status Table

Week 3: June 26-30
Time Code Academy Title Grades (Rising) Status
A.M. 7390 Create Your World: Freestyle Rap, Poetry & You! 3rd-6th Open
  7355 App Attack 6th-9th Open
  7432 Makey Makey Makers with Scratch 6th-9th Closed
P.M. 7350/10466 App Attack All Ages Open
  7397 Architecture & Building 3rd-6th Closed
  7448 Robot Challenge Course 6th-9th Open
Week 4: July 10-14
A.M. 7352/10415 Creative Design & Robotics All Ages Open
  7433 Kinetic Art: An Automata Workshop 3rd-6th Open
  7366 Star Wars Stop Animation 3rd-6th Open
  7401 Let's Move & Dance-Everywhere! 3rd-6th Open
  7391 Sculpey Clay Design 6th-9th Open
P.M. 7426 Buy Me! Buy Me! 3rd-6th Closed
  7399 Fun with Photography 3rd-6th Open
  7398 Ready, Set, Draw! 3rd-6th Open
  7400 Photography: Eyes on Your World 6th-9th Closed
  7348 Creative Design & Robotics 3rd-6th Open
  7359 Code Breakers 6th-9th Open
  7449 Act It Out! Improv & Acting 6th-9th Open
  7419 Board Game Design 6th-9th Open
Week 5: July 17-21
A.M. 7367 Make Your First 2D Video Gam 3rd-6th Open
  7422 3D Terrain Exploration 3rd-6th Open
  7444 Drones: Flying, Exploration & Competition 3rd-6th Open
  7434 3D Art Studio 3rd-6th Open
  7402 How Stuff Works: Small Engines 6th-9th Open
  7382 Minecraft Modders 6th-9th Open
  7409 Fashion Designers for a Week 6th-9th Open
P.M. 7368/10416 Make Your First 2D Video Game All Ages Open
  7383 Minecraft Modders 3rd-6th Open
  7411 Let's Draw Fashion Designs 3rd-6th Open
  7420 Ink & Coloring for Comics & Manga 3rd-6th Open
  7413 Get Out! Sculpture with Nature 3rd-6th Open
  7431 Buy Me! Buy Me! 6th-9th Closed
  7446 Drone Search & Rescue 6th-9th Open
Week 6: July 24-28
A.M. 7369/10468 Video Game Apprentice All Ages Open
  7393 New Inventions with 3D Printers 3rd-6th Open
  7414 Dance Jam 3rd-6th Closed
  7435 Makey Makey Makers 3rd-9th Closed
  7353 Code Breakers 3rd-6th Open
  7447 Drone Search & Rescue 6th-9th Open
  7415 Drawing & Design 6th-9th Open
P.M. 7404 Hablas Espanol? Spanish Adventures All Ages Open
  7384 Minecraft Designers 3rd-6th Open
  7403 Sculpey Clay Creations 3rd-6th Open
  7445 Drones: Flying, Exploration & Competition 3rd-6th Open
  7423 Invent Your World with 3D Printers 6th-9th Open
Week 7: July 31-Aug. 4
A.M. 7416 Ni Hao: Let's Explore China! All Ages Closed
  7377/10467 LEGO Comics: Design Your Own Adventure! All Ages Open
  7436 Kinetic Art: An Automata Workshop 3rd-6th Open
  7375 Design Lab 6th-9th Open
P.M. 7373 Lego Video Games All Ages Open
  7378 Toy Design Lab 3rd-6th Open
  7412 Sound Lab: Music Composition & Audio Engineer 6th-9th Closed
  7407 BizKid$ Money Adventure 6th-9th Open
Week 8: Aug. 7-11
A.M. 7379/10468 Minecraft Animators All Ages Open
  7437 Let's Build It: It's Electric! 3rd-6th Open
  7443 Ink & Coloring for Comics & Manga 6th-9th Open
  7385 Make Your First 3D Video Game 6th-9th Open
P.M. 7380 Minecraft Modders All Ages Open
  7381 Make Your First 3D Video Game 3rd-6th Open
  7427 Kodu Game Lab Challenge 3rd-6th Open
  7438 Let's Build It: It's Electric 6th-9th Open


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  • Over 100 enriching, fun and educational hands-on morning and afternoon workshops.
  • Weeklong and project-based Academies provide an in-depth exploration into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) and Arts areas.
  • Taught by experienced instructors with expanded support from summer counselors.
  • Half or full day! Bring a lunch and stay all day with our After-Academy Club.
  • Last day student presentations. Students receive a Certificate of Completion and a PVCC student ID.
  • 10th-12th Grade ACE (Assistant Counselor Education) leadership program.
  • Academies located at PVCC and CATEC.

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