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Workforce Services

NBC29 Video: Champion Teams up with PVCC to Teach Beer-Oriented Classes

NBC29 Video: Champion Teams up with PVCC to Teach Beer-Oriented Classes

Workforce Services provides programs for industry certifications, professional development and continuing education, and youth career education and learning.

Workforce Services 2014 Fall Class Schedule

WFS Spring 2015 Class Schedule
Workforce Services
2015 Spring Class Schedule


Workforce Services
2014 Fall Digital Class Schedule


Upcoming Workforce Services Classes

The Roots of Fine Wine 11/1/2014
Cyberforce Superiority TM 11/3/2014
The Psychology Behind Successful Entrepreneurs: The Real Reasons Why Businesses Fail 11/3/2014
The Digital Darkroom: PhotoShop & Lightroom Integration 11/4/2014
Access Beginner 11/4/2014
Breads & Pastries Basics 11/5/2014
The Science of Prana 11/5/2014
New Solutions to Arthritis Pain 11/5/2014
Fashion Design: Design the Dress 11/7/2014
Basic Contractor Business Licensing 11/8/2014
How to Get Noticed on LinkedIn, Facebook and Web Sites 11/8/2014
Fermentation & Racking 11/8/2014
Selling on eBay for Fun & Profit 11/10/2014
Certified Professional Food Managers Review and Exam 11/10/2014
Adobe InDesign Workshop 11/11/2014
Five Secrets to Permanent Weight Los 11/12/2014
Healthy Relationships 11/15/2014
CLUCK 11/20/2014
Winery Start-Up 11/22/2014
New Solutions for Fibromyalgia 12/3/2014
Fashion Design: Sew the Dress 12/5/2014
Five Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss 12/10/2014
Introduction to Welding 12/20/2014

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