Research & Statistics

The reports, tables and summaries below contain PVCC's most recent data. For reports not included or linked here, please contact IRPIE.

County Profiles

The most recent county profiles for Albemarle County, Buckingham County, City of Charlottesville, Fluvanna County, Greene County, Louisa County, and Nelson can be found HERE.

Economic and Workforce Development

Economic Overview (New Report, July 2016)
Industry Table (New Report, July 2016)
Highest Ranked Industries (New Report, July 2016)
Occupation Table (New Report, July 2016) 
Job Postings by Location
Job Postings by Company


Faculty and Staff (UPDATED)
Service Region(UPDATED)

Enrollment Summaries

Annual Enrollment and FTE (UPDATED)
Annual Enrollment Summary (UPDATED)
Enrollment by Curricular Structure (UPDATED)

VCCS Review of Academic Programs: Enrollment and FTE (SCHEV Productivity)
2011 2012 2013 2014

Enrollment by Term

Fall 2015 End-of-Term Student Enrollment
Spring 2016 End-of-Term Student Enrollment
Summer 2016 End-of-Term Student Enrollment
Fall 2016 End-of-Term Student Enrollment (NEW!)

Enrollment by Subject

Unduplicated Headcount by Subject (UPDATED)
Enrollment by subject by academic year (UPDATED)

FTE by Subject and Academic Plan

2015-2016 (NEW)

Service Region Enrollment

2016 Fall Enrollment of Regional High School Graduates (New!)
Annual Regional Public High School Graduates at PVCC(UPDATED)
Student Enrollment by Residence and Population Participation Rates(UPDATED)

Dual Enrollment

Fall 2015 Summary
Spring 2016 Summary
Fall 2016 Summary (NEW!)
Annual Summary

Distance Learning

Profile of Distance Learning Enrollment (UPDATED)


Retention Summary (UPDATED)
Annual Retention by Academic Program (UPDATED)
Non-Returning Students: Intent and Outcomes (Updated)

Course Characteristics

Course Load (UPDATED)
Class Size (UPDATED)
Grade Distribution by Course (2015-16)
Grade Distribution by Course (2014-15)
Grade Distribution by Course (2013-14)


Graduate Awards by Curriculum: 2011-12 to 2015-16 (UPDATED)
Follow-up Survey of Graduates: Class of 2014-2015(UPDATED)
Graduate Exit Report

IRPIE also prepares 5-year summaries of Graduate Exit and Graduate Follow-Up Survey Transfer and Employment Data. These reports are used in academic program review and are available from IRPIE.

Transfer and Subsequent Enrollment

Subsequent Enrollment of Graduates 2010-2011 through 2015-2016 (Updated)
Piedmont Virginia Community College Transfer Report

Postsecondary Enrollment and Employment

        Career and Technical Education Programs Employment Report: Class of 2014-15(New!)
        Report examines the following key questions:
              -Are PVCC CTE Graduates getting jobs?
              -Are those eligible for licensure getting licensed?
              -Are the PVCC CTE Graduates happy with the education that PVCC is providing them?

Students and prospective students may find the information resources of the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) of use in planning for college and careers. SCHEV has created an institutional profile for each Virginia public college and university, and for each independent college or university participating in the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant Program. This is in compliance with HB 886 23-9.2:3.04. Our profile is available here.


Virginia Employment Commission and Employment Areas for PVCC Students - Nov 2013
Impacting Student Success Through Enrollment Status - June 2014

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